What is classical electromagnetic theory

The electromagnetic field

For all electrical engineers and for a large part of the physicists, electrodynamics is the basis for their professional training. In addition, this area of ​​physics is also used by scientists in other disciplines because of the clarity, indeed the downright aesthetic form of its mathematical formulation, which in the special dimensions J. CI. Thanks to Maxwell is appreciated. It is now asserted by many authorities that the classical theory of the electromagnetic field has become a scientifically closed area that is no longer problematic in the century that has passed since Maxwell's historical work. On closer study of the literature, however, it turns out that this view cannot be accepted; For example, there are a number of open problems in the field of force attack by the field on matter and in the related questions of energy and impulse, and the author hopes to have made some contributions to clarifying them . Interestingly enough, even with the definitions of the very important vectors of electrical and magnetic polarization or magnetization, which describe the behavior of matter, divergent views can be found, and there is even an inappropriate definition for the magnetic polarization vector J as "inner I." Induction of matter Bi "found its way into international standardization; Similarly, the electrical polarization P is often wrongly defined as "additional electrical displacement of matter".