Why is your friend sad today

Friend has little time for me and I can't handle it!

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Planet love is home
And that doesn’t change the fact that I’m alone now, for God knows how many times.
The SMS also says that he is hoping for another chance ...
Of course I'll give them to him. (Blind with love ...) But I won't give in just like that! Not again!
Don't hold it against me, but I think you're getting into the drama a bit right now. It all sounds very emotionally charged to me - "One more chance!" "Blinded by love!" etc., you're not in a bad romance movie

I understand that as a couple you also want to spend the weekends together. And I also understand that it annoys you if it doesn't work out the way you thought it would.

But: Your friend is not responsible for your personal amusement! I would find it anything but attractive from my partner if he sat bored at home with every one of my activities and texted me plaintively because he was "alone again". I would expect him to be self-absorbed, to have hobbies and interests to pursue.

If you then realize that there is not enough time for the relationship, you can discuss it. But the way I see it, he's busy, has hobbies and interests - and his frustrated and defiant friend sits at home. I would - to put it bluntly - prefer to be somewhere else because that would be much too tight for me, much too stressful. To me, your introduction to the topic sounds as if you weren't busy and dissatisfied with yourself. The goal would be for you to say to yourself on such a beautiful Sunday: "Hey, a day for me - today I'll finally do everything what else is left lying around! " I can really only give you the advice.

My darling was working yesterday and today he's at university. Yesterday I tidied up, sorted and set up Ikea things, set everything up, cleaned and made beautiful. Then I overtook myself from head to toe, watched a stupid series, juiced fruit, cooked and met friends. Today I'm going to play Diablo, lie in the sun, read, do a little sport, learn something. I totally enjoy it. And when my boyfriend is back tonight, we'll make ourselves comfortable. The couple time is much nicer than when you just sit on your skin!