Who likes tight clothes


Clothing often has a special meaning for autistic people:

  • it has to be comfortable
  • it gives protection from the environment
  • it must be known
  • it shouldn't be too varied
  • the choice doesn't have to be great
  • it must be easily accessible (I wear what is on top as much as possible)

Our brother concludes, for example. B. always wear the top button on the shirt or wear a sweater that can be closed at the neck. You will hardly see him any differently at school or when dealing with other people. But if he feels well, then he opens his button or zipper. But this almost only happens at home and for us it is a measure of his well-being. He doesn't need to protect himself then.

Everyone wants to be comfortable in their clothes. Often a few parts are sufficient for autistic people. Too many confuse them. As a parent, you have to learn to accept this. Two pants, four tops, two sleeper prints - that's enough. (Some would like more: four or five). You can also buy two of the same parts or different sizes for the future as a stock. This then saves problems in the future. If there are a few parts in the closet you have to wash more often, but buying a few parts is easy on the wallet. How much parents have to argue with their children because they still need their twentieth sweater. These discussions are spared with autistic people.

However, a big problem arises when you need new clothes. This is often pure stress for everyone involved. We have put together some tips:

  • announce the purchase in good time
  • it has to be done quickly, so maybe check out the shop beforehand to see if there is something suitable
  • Let the child choose, even if they are still young
  • if you like, buy two of the same size and / or a larger size
  • choose something in the catalog with the child, then you can try it on at home
  • Don't impose a part that only leads to conflict
  • Allow time for shopping, anticipate problems and stay calm as possible
  • convince the child of the need for new clothes. If they themselves feel that the jacket is too small, then they are more likely to understand that they need a new one. But then you also have to accept that the child will still wear the tight jacket a little, because it is not too small for them. It may give special protection because it is tight.
  • Say goodbye to your own ideas: what parents perceive as beautiful, all children usually do not find beautiful - what is modern, parents usually get used to because many wear it. But autistic people are not like many - not even in their clothes. They often have their own taste and you can get through life calmer if you accept them.