Is Kanye West a winner

Presidential election: Kanye West gives up - or is it?

The race for the presidency between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has not yet been decided. One loser in the 2020 US election is already clear: Kanye West. But the rapper still doesn't want to give up.

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His belief in himself seems unshakable: Kanye Westran for the US Independence Day on July 4th Presidency announced via Twitter. Even then, the multi-billion dollar fashion designer earned quite a bit of head shaking. Nevertheless, he let himself be set up with the ominous "Birthday Party" - and failed terribly.

So many Americans voted for Kanye West

Kanye West only met the requirements for twelve of the 50 states to be eligible. Since his candidacy came so late, his name was not on many of the ballot papers. That already gave him a chance to move into White House not realistic from the start.

The musician got a few votes at the ballot boxes. According to the Associated Press national election results, Kanye West got 60,000 votes.

One of these votes goes to his own account. In one Twitter video showed the 21-time Grammy winner on Wednesday writing his name as a "Write-In" candidate on the ballot paper.

He passed on former Trump supporter that this is the first vote in his life.

Kanye for President 2024?

Even if the result for Joe Biden and Donald Trump is still pending, that Kanye West was out of the running, it became clear on Wednesday. But Kim Kardashian's husband does not seem to be discouraged by this. On Wednesday night he tweeted: "KANYE 2024".

Looks like he's planning to run as a candidate in the next election. It remains to be seen whether his chances are actually better.

The USA have voted, and there is still no winner. After Trump had unjustifiably declared himself the winner on Wednesday morning of our time, Biden was now sure of victory. Click through the most important quotes about the US election. (awa / lh / msc / dpa)

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