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Species-appropriate nutrition for dwarf rabbits

A species-appropriate diet naturally also belongs to species-appropriate husbandry. This not only ensures a long and healthy life, but also prevents obesity, digestive and dental problems.

Dwarf rabbits are vegetarians and feed primarily on fresh, good hay and green fodder such as grass, meadow herbs and lettuce. But vegetables and some fruit should also be on your menu. A ratio of around 70 percent green fodder, 20 percent vegetables and a maximum of 10 percent fruit is recommended. If the dwarf rabbits live outside in the meadow, a large part of the green fodder requirement is already covered, because here they can eat as much grass, dandelion and clover as they like. You can also offer them fresh lettuce leaves and herbs such as parsley. Broccoli, spinach, parsley roots, zucchini, celery, fennel, chicory as well as carrots and fodder beets are suitable for daily vegetable ration. When it comes to fruit, the little long-eared ears tolerate apples, pears, stone fruit (without seeds!) And sweet berries. It is important that all food, from green fodder to vegetables and fruit, is fresh and that withered remains are removed from the cage every day. The hay, which should always be available in a feeder, also has to be renewed every day.

Every now and then you can give your dwarf rabbits commercially available compound feed or pellets. However, since these often contain too much grain, calcium and sugar, you should only feed them in small amounts (1 tbsp per day). Basically, all feed that was previously unknown to your rabbits should only be introduced slowly. Dwarf rabbits have a complex digestive system and quickly develop digestive problems when they have eaten something new or wrong. By the way: do not be irritated if your dwarf rabbit eats excreted parts of its feces. It is the so-called appendix excrement, which is very important for the absorption and utilization of important nutrients and vitamin B.

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