How to cook leeks

Tender cream onion



You can't get enough of these delicious pizokels. Everyone is happy to use this recipe.


Zigerchrapfen is a typical Swiss dish. This recipe is easier to make as it is made with puff pastry.

Geneva pear cake

The Geneva pear cake is an original Swiss recipe from the canton of Geneva. The pear cake is also called escalade.

Real Bernese sausage salad

Quick, easy, delicious: This recipe is really great, because the tasty, real Bernese sausage salad is not only a hit in Switzerland!


The recipe for meringue is a Swiss delicacy. Only a few ingredients are required and the taste is excellent.

Mushroom and ham raclette

The delicious mushroom ham raclette is guaranteed to succeed with the following recipe. A great dish for the whole family.

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