Are Italians bad drivers

The Italian and driving a car

Somehow I increasingly get the feeling that the Italians already in the Driving school learn different things while driving than we do in Germany.

There is no other way I can explain why the Italian itself (mostly men, but also more and more women) like that comes close to the bumperno matter how fast you are driving. I always think you can immediately hear the scratching of the sheet metal…. But you can just do it ... I don't hear anything!

A Fiat 500 can also push you off the road

It's strange, but whether old or young, if a Ferrari, an old Fiat Panda, a Uno or 500who have favourited Italians sooooo tight so that you can hardly see the radiator of the car behind you. I even think that the driver behind me wants to get into my car right away.

And then overtake them in the narrowest and most dangerous places. That seems to be a special kick for her. (Unfortunately I have to say that my husband always loves driving here because he drives the same way).

That must be something with them Hormones have to do with and for Italians to be something completely natural.
I always can't understand that and at the beginning I thought, ok ok, maybe I'll drive to slowly or mine The car has too little horsepower or it's mine blonde hairthat they want to get up a bit and let the macho hang out.

In the meantime, however, I've learned that the classic Italians like that with everyone. And everyone who doesn't race like him will regarded as a brake or an obstacle and needs to be overhauled. It's just normal.

I firmly believe that you can learns the same way in driving school here in Italy. That is definitely part of the test of driving up as close as possible without touching the vehicle in front….

Well Italy is and remains different.... and this aspect is not one of my favorite Italian traits.

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