Why does Kavanaugh's nomination get so complicated

It's over. Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed in Washington as Supreme Court judge by the US Senate with a narrow majority. After a week-long mud fight that was degrading for all sides.

It will be a while before the full extent of the damage that Democrats, Republicans, US President Donald Trump, Kavanaugh himself and almost everyone involved in this unprecedented nomination process can be assessed. But it is already clear that none of Trump's confused speeches, none of his insane outpourings on Twitter could do what this process did: It destroyed the last bit of trust that the citizens of the USA might still have in their parliamentary representatives .

In the end, Kavanaugh was all about himself

There are no winners in this - it must be said so clearly - filthy game. Brett Kavanaugh will begin his lifetime job in the US Supreme Court. But its reputation is ruined. Not just because of the allegations that he sexually molested three women in his youth. He will have to find out whether the allegations are true with himself and his family. There is nothing left to prove. It is above all his disastrous appearance before the Senate in the matter that has shown that this man does not have the necessary size of character for the office.

As a judge in the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh will have to make decisions that can affect the lives of all Americans. How are people supposed to trust a judge who fails to deal honestly and truthfully with his past in such a hearing? He will be reminded of these weeks in summer 2018 for decades to come. In the end, he wasn't interested in the country. It was only about himself.

Christine Blasey Ford, the Senate witness who described how Kavanaugh and one of his friends almost raped her, went to great lengths to show her face. It didn't do any good. But she didn't expect that, as she said herself. It is thanks to the Democrats that it is still in public and is exposed to death threats. A leak in their ranks has presumably made the letter public in which she confidently described her experiences to the Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein.

The Democrats wanted revenge, the Republicans wanted power

In this process, the Democrats have deepened the division of the country. They have vowed to themselves and their followers to prevent Kavanaugh, no matter what the cost. They really wanted to get back at the Republicans for cheating them out of a Supreme Court judge in Barack Obama's last year in office. You did not hesitate to use the witness Blasey Ford as a tactical weapon against the Republicans in this fight. All because they still haven't cope with the fact that they lost the 2016 election. That doesn't mean uncritically standing on the sidelines. But it would have helped to acknowledge these realities first. It was no longer about the country for the Democrats. They wanted revenge.

The Republicans, for their part, did everything they could to get Trump's candidate through. Cost what it may. Psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford was the only witness they wanted to hear. And only by necessity. Their appearance was extremely credible. But the Republicans didn't want to take them seriously. If they did, they should have recommended Kavanaugh to withdraw from the trial.

The nomination is not a judicial process in which the guilt or innocence of a defendant would have to be proven. It's a job interview for the main court in the country. Even the smallest doubts about the honesty of a candidate should lead to non-employment. Also for his own protection. For the Republicans, however, it was not about a fair trial, it was about securing the conservative supremacy in the Supreme Court for decades.

Everyone involved, except for Blasey Ford, failed

US President Donald Trump made things worse. First he declared that Blasey Ford was believable. Then he mocked her at an election rally by telling false things about her. For example, that she supposedly couldn't remember anything, except that she had a beer that evening. That is not true. She could remember a lot, including details. But it is typical for traumatized victims of sexual violence that they simply do not remember some details that would be important from the investigator's point of view.

Trump's disrespect for Blasey Ford is the least surprising. But it is frightening how all decency has been lost in the Senate, on all sides. Facts were twisted, witnesses twisted the words in their mouths, each other was insulted, mocked and beaten down. The US Constitution obliges politicians to cooperate in a non-partisan manner. This impartiality is what made the country so great. All those involved failed in this task. Blasey Ford expressly excluded.