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11 apps to help you set up

By Sabine Winkler | October 28, 2020, 2:33 p.m.

Chaos is inevitable with a new room design. What color, what style should it be? Finding an answer to this is not always easy and often tedious - after all, you want to see how the new look works in your own four walls. Digital helpers can help. myHOMEBOOK shows you which apps are good for something.

In the Apple Appstore and in the Google Play Store you will find an infinite number of programs that should help the kitchen, bedroom or living room to appear in a new splendor. So that the space available can be used in the best possible way and you can see which new living trends best suit you. Many programs use Augmented Reality (AR) for this. With the help of your camera on your smartphone or tablet, objects, fabrics and colors can be virtually placed at the desired location. You can see what the interior idea looks like on your mobile device. Here we present 11 apps that can be of great help when setting up.

11 apps to help you set up

It can be very difficult to not lose track of things. Nobody has time to test all the apps. That's why myHOMEBOOK has picked out a few apps that can be really useful when setting up.


The app is available free of charge from the Google Play Store for all Android devices, but also for all Apple devices in the App Store. With more than 75,000 designer products, the app is a pool of inspiration for everyone who likes unusual, high-quality design.

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The app doesn't just provide ideas for furnishing. It also has a purchase function, which you can use to order your desired products directly online. There is also the latest trends and insights into the work of selected furniture designers. This app is a treasure trove for all those who do not yet know how to set up.

Paint tester

Yes, it is not that easy to find the ideal wall color for a room. Often it fails because of the imagination of how the color will work in the room and in interaction with the furniture. "Paint Tester" (for Android and Apple) can change that.

Simply take a photo of the room, choose the right color and your bedroom will appear in the new color - without even having to pick up a brush. It's pretty easy. Sometimes the image processing is a little inaccurate, but it is tolerable

The app is free and in English. However, some functions are only possible with in-app purchases. However, the free functions are completely sufficient for a simple decision-making aid.

Set-up apps: Houzz, Homestyler, yourhome and IKEA Place

If you are one of those who absolutely cannot imagine how a piece of furniture would look in a certain place, you can find your holy grail in one of these four apps. One thing in advance: none of the apps mentioned are independent. "Yourhome" (Android and Apple) is the interior design app from mail order company Otto. “IKEA Place” (Android, Apple) from the Swedish furniture store. With both you can, for example, cheerfully place sofas back and forth using AR technology. However, this takes some practice. If you want, you can then order the products directly or browse through other furniture.

With the Ikea app, you can even take pictures of objects that you think are pretty - thanks to artificial intelligence, similar products are then recommended from the entire catalog - with the ulterior motive, of course, that you buy them from the company. But you don't have to. The feature only works to a limited extent.

The “Homestyler” (also Android and Apple) works in a similar way - here everything comes from the Chinese interior supplier “Easyhome”, which was founded in 1999. With the app, you can also order the trend pieces, which are admittedly quite inexpensive, to Germany. Or just try out what something would look like. You can also exchange ideas with a community about the furnishing plans.

"Houzz" is a platform from the USA that collects various interior offers and companies. In the app for Android and Apple devices, you can search and find everything from roof to basement, everything you need for the house. However, it is not possible to place furniture and decorative objects directly in your home using a camera.

magicplan, Roomle and Room Scan

All three apps can be used to create floor plans for rooms and apartments. They also help to calculate the amount of tiles, laminate, paint and co. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, in the end it is a matter of taste which one decides on. With “magicplan” (Android and Apple) and “Roomle” (Apple) you have to register and log in with a user profile before you can start. With "Room Scan", however, this is not necessary, but the app is only available for iPhone or iPad users.

All three tools can use augmented reality with the mobile phone camera to create 3D floor plans and even take measurements in a tour of the respective room. These set-up apps definitely make visiting the hardware store and furniture store easier. With "Roomle" you can even try out your first ideas for furnishing.

Kitchen atlas

If you need a new kitchen, planning is the be-all and end-all. Almost every kitchen studio and manufacturer now has its own planning software, with which you can get a comprehensive picture of design, functionality, design and costs before you buy a kitchen can make.

However, if you do not want to commit yourself to one provider, you can use the “kitchen atlas”. The kitchen planner is available free of charge as a web-based browser program and combines several kitchen studios. In the 3D view you can then experiment with the dimensions of your new kitchen.

Moving helpers

Who does not know it? When moving, you have to organize all sorts of things. What you have to pay attention to and what you can do best when moving in and out, the "Moving Helper" app helps. This is an offer from the real estate platform Immowelt (Note d. Ed .:Part of Axel Springer SE as a majority stake. MyHOMEBOOK is also part of Axel Springer SE).

The move planner can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store. In addition to creating checklists, a box calculator and a moving company finder, there is also a large guide section in the app.

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