When were marbles invented?

Playing marbles with grandpa and grandchildren

Marble games come in many different designs.
With glass or plastic marbles, as a marble run or as a classic marble game in which the children compete against each other.

Even in grandfather's time, marbles were popular, many also know marbles as "barter goods" from the schoolyard.

The mere possession of the colored glass marbles was something special and some were so valuable that they weren't even played with for fear that they might break.

That is of course not the point, so in the following we present everything you need to know about the game of marbles.

About the marbles

A few thousand years ago, marble games were known as children's games.
However, the glass marbles that we use today are far from being well known; in the past, stones or seeds from plants were used.

Nuts and mussels were also popular "marbles", although different things were used for marbles depending on the region.

Today, however, there are marbles with a perfect spherical shape made of different materials, in different sizes and colors.

By the way:
In addition to the different designs, there are also very different names for the balls: Klicker, Märbel or Schusser are just three examples.

And if your grandson thinks that playing marbles is out:
That's not true!
After all, there are even world championships in marbles.

Playing techniques while murmuring

There is no “one” playing technique with murmuring, but many different ones.
However, some of them are well known and we will therefore briefly introduce them again at this point: