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Constanze Hintze sums up financial knowledge for wealth planning in her new guide | Book presentation and interview with herMoney founder Anne Connelly at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 18, 2019

Frankfurt | Wiesbaden, October 8th, 2019

The financial world and with it investment decisions have changed massively in recent years, writes Constanze Hintze in her non-fiction book just published by Springer Financial petits fours: "We live in an exciting time that is developing at a rapid pace." Globalization and digitization have reached every corner of the financial world, which means that old principles have lost their importance and trust in institutions is also waning. Since stocks are supposed to take the place of interest, investors have come into contact with an opportunity-oriented asset class, even though they may not originally intended to do so. Constanze Hintze's appeal: "Information, orientation and motivation are more necessary than ever." Handelsblatt-Column-based book with a foreword by former Federal Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger brings financial knowledge to the point and is (not only) a valuable advisor for wealth planning for women. On October 18, 2019 from 11:30 a.m., Hintze will share her knowledge with Anne Connelly, founder of herMoney and co-initiator of the fund women, who want to take their financial future into their own hands. The event will take place on the EDU Stage (Hall 4.2 C94) at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

“Ultimately, the new challenges cannot be mastered with the old recipes. Those who want to make more out of their money need different answers today than they did 10 or 20 years ago, ”says Constanze Hintze. For the managing director of Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen financial services for women in Munich and Frankfurt am Main, there is no such thing as “the woman” or “the investor”. Therefore, individual strategies are always required. “I still remember the time when Svea Kuschel founded the first financial services company for women, which I am now responsible for and which I run with great pleasure. In an industry that was - and still is - dominated by men and women were still a foreign word for start-ups, their focused and refreshingly modern approach stood out visibly, ”continues Hintze. The most frequently asked question at the time would have been whether women really needed advice that was different from men. Today nobody asks this question anymore. Why should I, so Hintze further: "Special advice from women for women has long been established, even if some of the offers are more like a marketing offensive, and their need remains high."

Most women have long since realized that marriage is not a lifetime pension and that the German pension insurance can hardly keep its promise of secure old-age provision. Ever since then, more and more women have actively organized their own financial planning and made their own arrangements in order to be financially secure in old age. "Nevertheless, the non-carers are unfortunately still in the majority," warns Constanze Hintze. Although women earn more today and therefore have greater wealth than they did 30 years ago, they still often set different priorities. The author therefore continues to encourage women: “Go your own way! Follow the beacons and avoid the will-o'-the-wisps that promise you quick wealth. ”Instead, wealth and financial independence can be reached - and the nice thing about it:“ You have (almost) everything in your own hands. "

Hintze's financial advisor deals with current (for example “minus interest”) as well as general topics and specific financial products (for example “Riestern - yes or no”). With the title Financial petits fours the author deliberately anachronistically swears up the tranquility of French patisseries: "That is exactly the right way: devote yourself to the important questions of your investment and retirement provision with calm and care, little by little and with competent support." Financial petits fours are clearly structured and filled with up-to-date financial know-how. They meet the demands of advanced investors, but are just as easy to understand for first-time investors.

Constanze Hintze is an asset expert and managing director of Svea Kuschel + Kolleginnen financial services for women in Munich and Frankfurt am Main. She has already published a large number of topics on women, finances, pensions and assets - among other things in a column in the Handelsblatt - and has been advising women and men on financial issues for more than 30 years.

To Financial petits fours the following event takes place:

Interview with Constanze Hintze by Anne Connelly (founder of herMoney and co-initiator of the fund women)
Friday, October 18, 2019, 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt EDU Stage: Hall 4.2 C94
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Constanze Hintze
Financial petits fours
2019, 368 pp.
Softcover € 19.99 (D) | € 20.55 (A) | CHF 22.50 (CH)
ISBN 978-3-658-26406-2
Also available as an eBook

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