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Indiana Tribune, Volume 21, Number 269, Indianapolis, Marion County, June 17, 1898 - Page 2

Vndiana Arivüne. Appears daily nud SomUözv.

The daily tribune costs by IcnXtfscx J Qcstl per week, the from? .Tag, rribae '? Cent e, Zoche. Both sä IS Tt ,,, k et ptx Rftt. Vtx V f ierhalb Citd lgchitt Im Butxl9ttltna V, JaH. CflUti 10 Oüd vlsbama OtreJt. Zadianapolik, Ind., 17 Zuni 1898 kTZaschln engewehre DK Battle of Atbara has drawn ut attention to the BN) affection of General Kitchener's troops, -the next one. 7.5 centimeter Feldaeschlltz (machine cannon) also carried larger number of machine guns. Both the artillery and the machine guns, which were particularly successful with General Gatacre's infantry detachments, were all manufactured by Vickers Sons & Maxim in London, and had proven themselves to be the best. Recently, parallel tests were carried out between the Hotchkiß and Maxim machine guns, which in turn have shown that the Mazim machine gun is by far superior to that of Hotchkiß and is for the time being the only usable machine gun. As proof of this, it must be suggested that the shape of the Hotchiß rifle, as well as the choice and treatment of the used raw material, is still immature, so that it completely collapsed during the tests and will hardly be able to compete with Mazim again in the foreseeable future. A certain number of shots was required for the parallel attempts. On the first day precision shooting was carried out with short series of slower shots. while a permanent shoe should take place on the second day of the week, but with Hotchkiß. to which various indispensable parts of the weapon broke, bc.ld fell out of bounds after he had only one. small fraction! the ßIfordektu: series had made. AZ May in the machine gun did not just shoot a series of shots, but still a thousand shots over the required number without the mechanics having failed in any way or the precision having suffered. After a series of 4000 shots, the barrel cooled by the water jacket in the Mazim showed 120 degrees Celsius. . Kiss at Hota. who has no water jacket, but where the barrel is exposed, had not yet fired 1000 shots, which, due to various disturbances and inhibitions when inserting the cartridge from the side, could not even be fired one after the other, when the temperature was nf 440 degrees Celsius rose, so that touching the weapon was quite impossible, even with protective equipment. It would therefore also have been impossible to load the Hotchkiß rifle onto the pack saddle of a horse or carrier immediately after this bombardment, for which the machine gun must above all be defeated; it was almost three and four-quarters of an hour before the barrel cooled down to the temperature of the Maxim coat. It should be noted that the Maxim machine guns only fire in santerie rifles and that grenades and shrapnel are reserved for the guns, that is, cannons; therefore the Mazim rifle must also be viewed as a substitute for infantry and not as a substitute for artillery, as the use of the Maxim-Maschinenae-Wehrs in the battle of the Atbara proves. Incidentally, the Vickers & Sono factory has also designed a 3.7 centimeter Mazim gun as an automatic machine gun, which is intended for airborne use and which recently achieved complete success in the shooting tests held in Norway. Refinement and Suicide in Jtlie. It hardly needs to be stated in print that with the advancing culture the general mortality decreases, while the number of suicides increases. Statistics have already provided sufficient evidence for this phenomenon, and the deeper reasons for it. are cheap, like the blackberries. From a recently published book by Niceforo. Jtalia Barbara, there are quite considerable data in this regard for Italy and its various parts of the country. Dc; after per 1000 inhabitants died: in Obeitalien in 1875 28.7, in Mttielüalien 30.8, in Lower Italy with the islands 32.7. In 1895: in Oberitalken 23.7. in central Italy 24.0. in southern Italy with the islands 29.0. In the. In the last 20 years, therefore, mortality has decreased in general; it was and is highest in southern Italy and lowest in northern Italy. The situation is completely reversed in the case of the suicide statistics. For every 1,000,000 inhabitants there were suicides: in Northern Italy from 1864 1877 45.2, in average !! al! En ​​37.7, in Unkeritalien with the islands 11.8. In 1895 in Upper Italy 85.8. Central Italy 63.6, in Unieritalken with the islands 34.2. AlS is generally known to be allowed to do so. It should be stated that with regard to the deepening and generalization of the spiritual as well as the material culture, the Italian landscapes from north to south form 'a descending' scale. m '77 year old E'oen SZugen who worked at Falls Vranch. Fayette County. W. Va., Who lives, is shot over a fence by I. VL Huddelston during an exchange of words.

Uniform and badge. In the Ver. States are undoubtedly many thousands who have never seen a regular Arnie soldier, let alone that they are able to distinguish between the uniforms of the various branches of service and the insignia of rank. We therefore give a brief description of the badges as prescribed in the regular army and navy, with the caveat, however, that the militia troops, even if they wear essentially the same uniform as the federal military. but often show significant deviations in the denomination of rank. The uniform of the land and seafarer is blue, and the coat is much darker than the trousers. The cavalry wears two crossed sabers, with the regimental number in silver as a badge. The artillery has crossed cannons, the infantry crossed rifles, both with the relevant regimental number. The staff officers wear other insignia instead of the warlike badge on their hats, etc. J.A. means the Judge Adrocate. Q. M. Quartermaster. S. D Catering Industry (Susbsitence Dep.). M. D. Stab. P. D., purser. These letters are embroidered in silver in Gothic script. The type of troops can also be recognized by the advances, paspoils and trouser strips. Infantry is white, artillery is scarlet. Genie - Corps scarlet with white, witness Carmoisin red. Cavalry. Yellow, Hospital-Corps emerald green with white. Most of the quarters? Sergeants wear buff-colored stripes, Commissary Sergeant of Cadet wear green stripes, and musicians wear two half-inch stripes. For special purposes such as B. in warm weather, you also wear white uniforms. For the current war in the tropics, the uniforms are made from what is known as the "khali", a dull brown canvas fabric that has particularly proven itself in the Indo-British army. Such uniforms have the inestimable advantage of being under the glowing rays of the tropical sun, as in the cooler north perform equally well, in the latter case, of course, only if suitably heavy underwear is worn. The officers of the land army have to wear three sets, a parade uniform, a service uniform and a field uniform.

rmeofficiere only need to have one more, because they have: large parade uniform, parade uniform, evening uniform and service uniform. The latter can be converted into filling stress and stress, depending on whether the epaulettes are attached

or not. With the man it is said to take a number of white outfits with you. but since there are no laundries on the ships, there is soon a serious shortage of clean uniforms. if the ship is at sea for a long time. If you look at the ranks of generals, general - lieutenants, admirals. Vice-Admirals, since at the moment no one is wearing these high ranks, the officers wear badges on their epaulettes, resp. Shoulder pieces or skirt collars: Army. Marine. Badge, eneral. Major. (Rear) Admiral. Two stones. Brgade General. ommodore. A star. Oberft. apitän. Fly, looter. Obtrst'Lieut .. commandec. Syllable Oak leaves. Maior. Lteut.'lommander, pay. Oak leaves, apitän, Lieutenant, two clasps. First Ltent., Lieut lnied. Ranges) I clasp. Second Lteut .. gühnrtch. a badge. As far as the Navy is concerned, only the line officers have real rank, the staff officers (officers in staff), including the doctors. Paymaster. Machinists. Construction officers and the civil junior corps have only a relative rank. While every line officer wears a silver anchor on his armpit next to the badge of rank, in the medical corps the distinguishing mark is an oak leaf embroidered on matt gold and a silver acorn on it, in the purser corps a silver oak circle; with the machinists four silver oak leaves; with the construction officers two oak leaves with acorn; the professors wear silver oak leaves with acorns and the civil engineers wear the letters C E in silver. Furthermore, all officers wear golden braids or braids on their sleeves, which indicate their rank. All lines - officers. In addition, the cadets, helmsmen, boatmen and fireworkers wear a five-pointed gold star embroidered on each sleeve, which is a quarter of an inch above the last strip. If there is no strip, as with the helmsman, etc., it is Star four inches from the edge of the sleeve. The skabs - officers wear the stripes as well as the officiere lines, depending on their rank, but instead of the star, they wear colored cloth stripes between or above the gold braid: the doctors wear dark brown velvet, the purveyors white cloth. Cin true proverb. "Nothing is as successful as success." This claim is never particularly proven as by the success of Dr. Bull's cough syrup. The wonderful medicine cures every case of colds, coughs and tans in the shortest possible time and always with success. Mrs. EW Richards, 2214 E Cumberland Str., Philadelphia, Pa., Writes: "I have had Dr. Bull's cough Syruvius since September 9th Years of use and found it a sure remedy for tanning. I used it in the worst cases and told all mothers to do the same. " Dr Vull'S Hustm Syrup only costs 25 cents, does not try any other remedy but stays with the old and proven Dr. . Bulrs cough S57ÜP U5) her ndtt Ti ltmijt f

the machinists rolyeö aucn, ntt Con structions - Officiere dark purple cloth, the math professors olive green cloth and the civil engineers light blue velvet. Blue caps and three-masters form 'the head covering' of the navy officers, the rank can be recognized by the latter on the braids, namely Rear Admirals and Commodore have gold braids on the edge, the others black braids. The cap is made of navy blue cloth, with a round top and a sun shield. All officers and the cadets wear a silver shield on their hats and a silver eagle over them. The shield rests on two crossed gold embroidered anchors. From the Commodore upwards, the visor is also edged with gold braids. Ship's chaplains don't wear uniform. In the army, other badges of rank sometimes apply. The general of the army wears two rows of twelve buttons on his coat, grouped by four; the lieutenant general is grouped in groups of three at the top and bottom, four in the middle; the major general nine in a row, grouped into three; the Brigade General 8 each, grouped in twos. Colonels, lieutenant colonels, and majors wear two rows of 9 buttons each, equally grouped, and captains, and the subaltern two rows of 7 evenly spaced buttons. All in the general rank have dark purple cuffs. Officers of the infantry. Artillery and cavalry wear gold-plated convex buttons with the eagle and the letters I. resp. resp. C. With the Genie - Corpö, the eagle has a scroll in its beak with the inscription: Lssaon, while in the background a fortress with an embrasure and surrounded by water and the rising sun are visible. The weapons system has two crossed cannon barrels with a grenade and a roll on which "Ordnance Corps" is written. The Coll. Nal - Corps has two signal flags and a torch. The technical troop officers wear the above-mentioned badges, namely fortress resp. Grenade and signal flag also on the epaulettes and on the skirt collar. NtU 'Germany in Katal.

In the Capcolonie there are many German settlements which, as Sir Gordon Spriggs once said, have created little paradises in the country. A brilliant example in this direction is the so-called Vlagte near Capstadt, where German farmers who came to the Colonie indigent at the expense of the Cap government, turned a desert to the vegetable garden of Capstadt and, through honest, tireless work, converted their own hardship into prosperity. What deserves the highest recognition is that the people strictly maintain their German manner and the German language and, with great sacrifices, maintain German churches and schools. The situation is similar in Natal, and one of the oldest settlements in the garden colony "celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding two weeks ago. This is new - Germany not far from Pinetown. More than 50 years ago an English society in Germany became farmers with their Families recruited to grow cotton in Natal, which had been hunted from the Boers at the time. The matter failed; a second attempt deeper in the country also failed, and since society did not feel like sending the people back at their own expense, and those If people themselves did not have a mustache to go through the terrible, month-long sea voyage (at that time still by sailing ship) and to return home poorer than they had left there, a way out that was satisfactory for both parties was found. The government was given one for the immigrants larger area even deeper in the country, and the company provided them with wagons and oxen and something for the first egg establishment and establishment of a settlement was required. In March 1838 the 23 German families began their journey to their future home, ew Zug, which the few survivors still remember clearly. Natal was not then what it is today. it wasn't the garden colony. but a wilderness made unsafe by them. martial Zulus and even more so by the multitudes of lions. Leopards, rhinos and especially large herds of elephants, not to mention poisonous snakes. One dark, rainy night was New - Germany was about to be nipped in the bud, as a herd of elephants broke in and began to live badly, but when they found nothing to eat, they left peacefully. After several weeks of dangerous hike, however, the designated area was reached and the founding of the new home was vigorously started. This is how New Germany came into being, as the brave German farmers call it, New Germany. as it is officially called. It is a real German farming village with a German language, German convictions and manners, German character, German school and church, which the poor people built before the well-being had moved in with them. 'The first pastor of the congregation, Father-Posselt, as the people called him', who worked there for 30 years, did great service. Well over 100 Germans from other German settlements and many English people flocked to the celebration, whereby the warm and friendly understanding between English and Germans that existed in most of the English Eolönkeen took place. The English also insisted on helping to cover the costs. the two-day celebration. ' This turned out to be a true folk festival, which

also those who belonged to the neighboring German mission station were brought in. On this occasion, the Kaffirs started all over the place. plus some choirs and. German and English songs, the performance of which gave teachers and students the greatest honor. A few days after the celebration, Pastor Glöckner received the following letter on behalf of the governor from Pietermaritzburg, the translation of which reads: Revered Sir! I am instructed by the b: Ministry to offer you, as representatives of the settlers of New Germany and their descendants, the warmest congratulations on the anniversary celebration of the founding of New Germany, which you have celebrated so successfully these days. It is enough for the negation of this colony to show the exemplary leadership, industry, economy and perseverance of the German settlers in Natal, as well as to testify of their loyalty to the government of the country of their choice. Such qualities, as displayed by the people you represent, have contributed greatly to the development and progress of this colony, and it is gratifying to know that the endurance of the settlers has been rewarded by prosperity and well-being. I have the honor of drawing myself as your obedient servant, Henry Bale. Attorney - General.- With the prosperity of all new settlers in Germany, however, particularly now after the rinderpest afflictions, it has its good ways. Many just have their livelihood. The tragedy of the poets.Of the events that accompanied the shooting of the Spanish traitor Don Jos Rizal in Barcelona, ​​a correspondent there drafts the following description: Don Jos Rizal, a young man of about thirty, one of the oldest families in the Castilian Sprouted from the aristocracy, he had already made a name for himself as a scholar and poet in his fatherland. He lived mostly on his possessions in Manila. A meek nature, he felt pity for the fate of the insurgents, and so he wrote a few poems in which this pity The poems, which were the expression of a purely poetic mood of the soul, were read by the insurers. The fact that a Spanish poet had such accents had a twofold effect. The poems were circulated in numerous copies , some of them even sung as folk songs. The military governor in Manila heard about it and sat h in it high treason. He had the poet arrested the moment he was with his bride. Miss Louise Taufers, the daughter of the Manila-based German Consul General a. D. Friedrich August Taufers, and some friends' wanted to go on a trip to Hoilo on a steamer: Herr Tau ferö and a number of prominent personalities in Manila intervened in vain with the military governor. Don Joso Rizal was transported to Barcelona on the warship Cortilla. There he was before the military court! and sentenced to death for spreading seditious songs. Three days before the execution of the death sentence, the bride and the sisters of the unfortunate arrived in Barcelona. It was a shocking reunion. The young couple had found each other in passionate love. When the fate struck the bridegroom, IT had been busy preparing for the wedding. And now the unhappy bride found the beloved man in a dungeon cell, broken in body and soul, condemned to death by powder and lead. The martyr now had only one wish: to be married to his bride before he died. The General Procurator of Barcelona granted him the fulfillment of this heart's desire. That had a miraculous calming effect on the unfortunate man; the poet in him awoke. And everything that moved his soul in pain and sadness he poured into his last poem, which he wrote the night before the wedding. JH1 Ultimo pensamiento "My last thought. This is the title of this gossip, from which the poet's woes can be heard with moving warmth. Jos6 de Rizal was married in silence to Miss Louise Taufers in the military prison in Barcelona. After the ceremony was over He was stopped for a few minutes to say goodbye to a fine poor woman. They both stood there silently, their eyes dipped into each other, until he cried around her with the words Mi ultirno pengiero ". dropped her neck, quickly broke out of her embrace, and walked to the place of execution with her head held high. He died like a hero. 'This too will blame the Spanish government on the forthcoming great one. Liquidation will be offset.

3sTÄt. ! The Bethlehem Jron Company in Bethlehem, Pa., Has. the largest cannon barrel ever made in America. completed. and after the 'Father Vllet Arsenal. New gok, sent. The Ror belongs to the group of 16-inch guns that were ordered for Sandy Hoöt. There was a similar failure. Destiny of Ensign Bagley. the one on the Winslow torpedo boat. fell, with the fine father S. The latter, Major Bagley. was the first officer to fall in the civil war; he was at Bethel Church, before the Battle of Bull. Run dead, Ensign Bagley, as a senior officer, had to go to the present day Kri: his life for the fatherhood

IT 'd'll. Should be in the Ver.! States don't give many families like the 'DrudyL in Muncie, Ind. ! who are represented by 4 sons in the front line. Martin and Thomas Drudü serve under Admiral Dewen

namely the former as a gunner on the Concord and the latter at the same Eiaensckaft on the "Vetrel". Patrick Drudy is - in the McKinley regiment - and the fourth brother, Joyn by name, was recruited these days for the standing army is the 17? labre old Levy Simonson in Paterson, NI He was bitten a month ago by a Saint Bernard dog that was chained in a yard nec. (r L! CV.rniü ven ver eiocllsuvllt ouuiia Sirnvson Young man who, along with 1 '., I' cn. Fi, attacked others nnaven neven oer aoni au. The wound on the leg was burned out, and only a few days ago symptoms of water aversion appeared. Simonson was brought to the hospital, where he soon afterwards ftslrfi. The doctors definitely declare. that the patient had died of hydrophobia. SfXtsn an unusual accident the one in Hickman? 2 r rr:. cv Cv.sC County, 2enn., anianige xyun I Arnold was affected. The man wanted to n , lZ naked the city and for this awakening his roast coat "along with it. 11 ..? R aJPvI t (4drr rtn - the associated uiiuuifiuiuv "Un. Kr unhooked the lekteren in the chamber and drove in with his legs to pull the leyleren osori back amidst shrieking screams. An animal had it with claws and teeth It turned out that a cat in its trousers had cuddled up in its puerperium and there had given birth to eight kittens. Elndrlngilng yane 'lama puss with claws and teeth waited for the young man but it is nonetheless a fact that in the State Department of our Federal Government a generally accepted and highly practical invention has not yet been put to use.It is the typewriter which despite the efforts of State Secretaries Olney and Shetman there is frowned upon because the foreign offices of the foreign government have not yet made use of them, only when the latter have decided to adopt this innovation close, our State Department will follow. Until then, however, all the typing in the latter is done by hand, in spite of the fact that the machine work would reduce the costs involved by a third. One of the diminutive men is Mayor Lang in Paducah. Ky .. and it is by no means uncommon for his physical tinyness to lead to comical incidents Aeranlassuna. The other day the representative of a foreign company wanted to win the mayor over for an expensive hernia and was expecting it very early in the morning. Honors in his office. Only one "boy" was present, and after a long wait the stranger had no hesitation in expressing his displeasure over the lateness of the Mayor in absolutely unspecified terms. At this turn of things the cub introduced himself as Mayor Lang and exclaimed puzzled now the stranger: the cuckoo should fetch me if I didn't think you were the runner! " But nothing came of the brazen. The prosecutor Craig of Pleasants County, W. Va., Wants to put a judicial stop to a wet "ferry boat on the Ohio between two dry" counties in West Virginia and Ohio. On the boat Mary C. Campbell, "which runs between St. Mary's, W. Va .. and Newport. O. says, the splendid paragraph eleven applies and only under the protection of a federal license, since the places mentioned are in dry counties that do not grant bar licenses. The prohibitionists now claim that the boat is nothing more than a floating pub and only make his journeys in order to cheat the laws of prosperity. Judge Tavenner in Parersb'irg has temporarily forced the "Maii) C. Campbell" to stop their journeys by issuing a temporary stop order. One is generally curious about the final decision of the interesting process. ,,,. From abroad. ; At a tre! Bhunt near Schwaz in Tyrol, Gcaf ThunHohellstein, son of the field marshal, lieutenants, hunted a mighty bear L-iT 7 feet tall. This bear had already made the area oer Noldtiroler Kalkalpe'n unsafe for vkr years and it had been found on him in vain during the whole time. the. On the Hähnelstrasse in Dresden, a woman furrier tried to harm herself and her children, a four-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl. kill. The mother had cut off a child's hand. Mother and children were found badly injured in the shared bed and were taken to the hospital. The mother and a child would hardly be able to get away with their lives. There was great excitement in the Czech Theater in Prague at the performance of "Romeo and Julie". The actress who played Julie, Mrs. Benoni, was given a sharp, sharp dagger instead of the worn theatrical dagger; she struck her chest with naturalistic fidelity, the sharp steel penetrated the body through the dress and bodice, causing a bleeding wound, and the doctor leaved a bandage on and



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My work as a school teacher often brings on a state of intensc nervousness, which prevents digstion and results in severe headaches. I have found that by watching my fcelings and taking a jfi ft & apaons TalMflfle when I fcel rnyself becorning tired and nervous Iget relief at tne tirne and prevent further trouble


ÜH7 explained. The wound is not a cause for concern. Two brothers live in the village of Ventkau near Trebnitz, the farmers-cut owners Jbscher, who are both married but run a common household. A few days ago a service boy who had been dismissed by the brothers reported to the police that one of the brother's 42-year-olds had been detained in an inhuman way for years. A house search confirmed this information. The mentally weak woman was found lying on rotten straw in a narrow room of the move-out house; The Vedauernswerthe was emaciated to the skeleton, stared with dirt, and was wrapped in rags. The unfortunate woman was sent to the local hospital. In the village it was no secret that the brothers acted so cruelly against the sick, but they did not want to report because they feared trouble. The investigation against the brothers has started. The largest barometer is located in the St. Jacques tower in Paris, which has been used for a long time for meteorological observations. It has a height of 12.65 meters with a diameter of 2 centimeters, was made in St. Denis t r r, uno by iecys Äroeiier m - one. strong wooden frame brought to Paris with great care. In the tower, the interior of which is 40 meters high, the precious instrument had to be wound up with ropes. The barometer is intended for special experiments and is of course not filled with mercury, but rather with colored water, which at the top is sealed off from the air by a layer of thick oil to prevent evaporation. Large barometers were similarly erected by Daniell in London in 1830, by Jordan in Kiev in 1870 and by Mills in New York in 1886, but the last two were filled with glycerine. These three were all inferior in size to the latest giant barometer. An unpleasant story is the 3rd Brandenburg Train Battalion in Spandau Passirt. A one - year - old volunteer from this group from Berlin had been given leave but had not returned to the battalion. However, he was arrested soon afterwards and severely punished for violating his holiday. He then informed his father of the reasons for which he had shied away from returning to his unit; he said that he had no longer been able to use his means to cover the expenses that came up to him, especially for gifts to advocates. He also named a number of NCOs and sergeants who accepted gifts and yearlings who had given them. The father reported this to the Eommando, and there were over 30 advanced and one-year-olds with arrest sentences of 3 to 1 day.

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j? Up to 4Boute. 6 3c to Shelbyville, Greensburg and CDiIniiiL rmnnautknZ iS Voim töoli; 415 Vorm. tiiaiick: TOO Borm with the exception of Sunday; ! 0üLorm with uenayme from Sunday: 1 45 xam. taatt 2U?! aam tagltcy. Connection in the university, n train station with Q. & C, L B. & O.S.W and C. & O. in all directions south, southeast and east. Sleeper car to Washington on that daily at 6.20 a.m. departing train. For tickets and full information, speak to Big Ticket Ojfice in advance. No. l east w'hington street and unlon aynyof. H. M. Bronson. A. G. P. A Cincinnati Trains! C.H. & RE, E. Indianapolis Exit, Exit 8 458m. 8 05 m, 10 4LBm, 2 4öM, 4 4SNM. 7mim Arrivals Cincinnati Arrivals 7 $ 80, 11508m, i2SM, 6 0091m, 7 4KNm 10 509131 Dayton trains. C. H. & D. R. R. Departure Arrival Indianapolis Dayton Departure 8 05 $ 10 458m, 2 4591m 4 45NM m 7 ooiJm n? Ft li03Pm ZttN 6 2092m 7UNm 11 lm Toledo & Detroit Trains. C. H. k D. R. R. Departure. Arrival Arrival Jnd'plS: Toledo: Detroit Departure l458m nk'ftSNm nl "ft840Nm iwiim- iwen IS) Except Sundays. Ticket Office: Union Station and No. 25 West Washington Street, corner of Meridian. The popular lM'lN !, ' WM) t '"iltTf! is according to the booklet line according to S. I EG G. Vier Aü ge! enact Indianapoli. .Z gpnkuft.hie.go jjZW 'M' "..meet here ....... j.ZoZ Z Aukaen daily. Sunday. The latest derbefferteOestibuls pliers, Wngnsr Schlnfwngen elegant yarlor carriage and (5ß vague. LokalScklafaae In Adtaval tktht 8 0 evening ready ... received Shtcag 2 45 morning, at any time after 9 80 b, d bektzt 25 Wek kZalhinsto t? trabk Ticket-OfficeS: fÄWSfÄ etraßi: Geo. W. Hayler.2X 33. ff. W fmrmfh mytimg.W. lUn ym., Ruk.To ant mref Eaar

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