Have you ever been the other man

Translation of "Have you ever been" in French

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Have you ever been with a criminal?
Have you ever been just a girl's friend?
Have you ever been with a violent crime?
Have you ever been... shocked by your own behavior?
Have you ever been at war, Rufus?
Have you ever been in the battle? - no
Have you ever been previously in a boat?
Have you ever been... in a big white house in Zenith?
And you? Have you ever been with a man?
Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didn't know if it was your own, the Walker's or your friends'?
As-tu déjà été recouvert de tellement de sang que tu ne sais plus si c'est le tien, celui des rôdeurs ou celui tes amis?
Have you ever been in love with mom?
Have you ever been in love with Aunt Brooke?
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