Has a professional golfer ever cheated

Donald Trump golf record - journalist claims: "He cheats at the highest level"

16 of the last 19 US presidents have played golf. And Donald John Trump (72) is - how could it be otherwise - the best of them. With distance. On paper.

But the former columnist for Sports Illustrated magazine Rick Reilly now claims: Trump only manages his good golf record with fraud!

"To say that Donald Trump is cheating is like saying Michael Phelps is swimming," Reilly writes ironically in his new book "Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump" explained").

“He cheats at the highest level. He cheats when people watch. He cheats when they don't see it. He's cheating on you whether you like it or not, ”claims the sports journalist, who has been on the pitch with Trump several times.

Reilly spoke to dozens of players - including professionals and celebrities. Some claim to have watched Trump cheat ...

One of Trump's most brazen lies: his alleged handicap 2.8!

The lower the handicap, the better the player. Everything in the single-digit range is extremely strong. In plain language: Trump is not only the best US president since Abraham Lincoln - he is actually also clearly the best golfer under the sun. Rick Reilly: "If he has a handicap of 2.8, Queen Elizabeth is a high jumper."

Some allegations in the book:

► Immediately after he was sworn in, Trump played with Tiger Woods, world number one Dustin Johnson and ex-PGA pro Brad Faxon. A round in which good behavior should be a matter of honor. But not for Trump: When he sank a ball at a hole in a lake, he simply dropped another ball and hit it again. Bad luck: back in the lake.

Only then did he accept a penalty stroke and drop the new ball where the rules provided it.

► Actor Samuel Jackson also played with Trump and then wondered about his "insidious methods". Jackson: “We saw clearly that he hit the ball into the water on his place in Bedminster. But then his caddy came and said he had found the ball. "

► Boxer Oscar De La Hoya and Alice Cooper also watched Trump's tricks. And the player Suzann Pettersen of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) also says: "No matter how deep he hits the ball into the forest, it appears in the middle of the fairway when you move on," she is quoted in the book.

► Trump does not limit himself to manipulating his own balls. Famed sports presenter Mike Tirico (NBC) played with Trump before winning the election. He delivered the stroke of his life, and the ball landed on a raised green he couldn't see. But he knew the place and knew that the ball was right next to the hole.

When he came to put on the green, the ball was gone. He appeared 15 meters away in a "bunker" (sand trough). Tirico: “Trump's caddy later told me that the ball landed only three meters from the hole. Trump had thrown him in the bunker. "

History of Trump's Golf Courses Exaggerated?

On the "Trump Washington" facility on Lowes Island is a civil war monument that reminds players how many soldiers from the northern and southern states are said to have died here.

But: According to Reilly, several historians say that a battle never took place near the monument.

At his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, there is a sign with a quote from legendary golf course architect Tom Fazio. It says: "This is my best design." Fazio: "I don't remember saying that."

Worry about hair?

Reilly makes observations on the golfer Trump, which say a lot about the person Trump. After the end of the round, he never takes off his cap to shake hands, although this is part of the etiquette of elite sport. He also leaves them on in the golf club. Reilly speculates: "He's probably worried about his head of hair after a sweaty round."

Another bad habit of Trump: driving the golf cart onto the putting green. Rick Reilly: "It's like hanging your laundry in the Sistine Chapel."

The question remains: why does Trump actually need this? Because even professionals like Tiger Woods confirm that he is a very good player. The author of the book: "Golf is like cycling shorts: They say a lot about a man ..."