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The Australian mega-YouTuber at BYou | Why Troye Sivan
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He is one of the top YouTubers in the world: BYou meets Troye Sivan (20) in Berlin!

He has just been to Germany for his first tour, and Troye's debut album (“Blue Neighborhood”) is now out. The Australian YouTuber (3.7 million subscribers) has made his dream come true.

Troye to BYou: "I wanted to release an album when I was a toddler."

► His sound: soft pop, with electronic elements.

► His story: Troye Sivan uploaded the first video to YouTube eight years ago. It all started with a few songs in front of the webcam. A lot has happened since then.

A big step was coming out of millions on YouTube.

Troye: "It showed me that I can help others and give back what the internet gave me when I needed it."

BYou meets the YouTube star from Down Under. And: Troye reveals why he would date a fan!


BYou: It's your first time in Germany, you said at your concert. How do you find it here?

Troye Sivan: “It's great. I haven't seen much of Berlin, but it's very beautiful. The city has an interesting history, I learn a lot. "

What was the best you saw

Troye: “We went to Museum Island, went around and visited the museums. I just like walking around here. It's cold and I was wearing a coat that I don't wear in Australia. "

You travel the world a lot. If you could choose, where would you stay for the rest of your life?

Troye: “Oh, what if I couldn't travel anymore and had to stay in one place? I would probably choose Australia, Sydney. I love australia. It's my home, warm, the weather and the people are great. "

You made it from a YouTuber to a professional musician. Do you think the internet makes it easier to get attention for your talents these days?

Troye: “Definitely yes. I think it's an exciting time to be a musician. You can come from the farthest corner of the world, anywhere from Perth in Australia. You don't have to live in L.A. anymore to realize yourself. You simply upload a song to SoundCloud or Tumblr or YouTube and you will be found. If not from a record company, then from people. "

Now your first album is out. How does that feel?

Troye: “I'm so excited. I wanted to release an album when I was a toddler. I'm in Berlin, played a concert, my album is coming out soon - if I could take a picture now and show it to myself three years ago, I would be pretty excited.

Why did you call it "Blue Neighborhood"?

Troye: “This is a place that I made up in my head, inspired by where I come from in Australia. It's like a home, cozy, with a lot of love and warmth. But at the same time you're curious about what's out there and want to get to know the world. "

How did you find your own style of music? Who inspires you

Troye: “I like Lorde, Frank Ocean and Amy Winehouse. Ciara is pretty stunning too. I listen to music regularly and try to find new sounds. It all influenced me in some way. "

You also produced a song with Zedd from Germany. Have you had the chance to get to know him personally in the meantime?

Troye: “We shared a song, but never met. I have to do that sometime. We just missed each other in Las Vegas. "

Which star would you like to do a song with?

Troye: “I say that all the time, but I would like to work with Lorde. I think if I keep telling this in interviews, she'll hear it at some point and answer me. "

His coming out in front of millions of viewers

You came out on YouTube two years ago. What has changed since then?

Troye: “I'm a much happier person. And I've made an indescribable bond with a lot of my fans who have been through similar things. It feels like it opened those doors completely and showed me that I can help others and give back something that the internet gave me when I needed it. "

Are you in a relationship right now?

Troye: “I don't know. Are you in a relationship?"


Troye: “No? Okay cool. Yes, I don't know. "

Would you date a fan

Troye: “Would I date a fan? Yes, I believe that the person you meet should also be a fan of your work. Otherwise she wouldn't understand what you are doing. So yes I would. "

And another YouTuber?

Troye: "Yes, I think so."

Do you read the messages and tweets that fans send you or write about you?

Troye: “Yes, I do. Always."

What's the craziest tweet you've gotten?

“The craziest tweet I've got is probably Tailor Swift's. She wrote that she liked my music and that was my highlight of the year. "

What did your parents think when you started YouTube?

Troye: "In the beginning they didn't understand, but now they understand better than I do."

Do you want to continue your acting career someday?

Troye: "It's not my top priority at the moment, but if I was offered the right role between two albums, I think I'd like to act again."

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Troye: "I would probably - and this is such a boring answer - wish for good health for my entire family and forever."