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Android: Remove Unwanted Pop-up Ads - How It Works

“Congratulations, you've won another iPhone!” - messages like this keep appearing on the screen of a smartphone too. If a popup suddenly appears on your mobile phone screen, you have won nothing, just an annoying advertising message on the screen.

In brazen cases, messages of this kind block your browser or even your mobile phone. We'll show you how to remove the annoying popups on your Android phone and not fall into the malware or subscription trap.

Block pop-ups and advertisements on the home screen

Most of the time, messages of this kind appear to appear out of nowhere. Annoying variants block keyboard entries or play sounds on your mobile phone. After closing, annoying popups appear again and again, even if you don't make any entries on the mobile phone. Even worse overlays let you take out expensive subscriptions. Normally, these displays are accessed by advertising networks that are integrated into websites or infected apps. It often happens that the pop-ups appear after visiting an actually trustworthy website.

This is how you get rid of the annoying overlays:

  1. In most cases, the advertisement appears automatically if there is still a website open in the background through which the message is being smuggled in. So close all tabs in the browser app. If that is not possible, shut down the browser completely.
  2. Also clear your cell phone's cache.
  3. Control the settings of your browser app. You delete the cookies in the data protection settings. The option is hidden in the settings for some browsers personal data.
  4. If you use several browser apps on your mobile phone, you have to delete the settings for each app separately.

This is how you get rid of annoying malware

Annoying ad pop-ups are also caused by infected apps. Check if you last installed a suspicious application and quit or delete that app. In order to curb the installation of malware or ad-contaminated apps, you should only install applications from known sources as APKs and usually use the official app stores. Unfortunately, it cannot be completely avoided that infected apps can also be found in the Google Play Store.

Use the Popup Ad Detector application to track down annoying apps that, for example, display advertisements on your home screen. The next time the advertisement appears automatically, the detector will strike. This is how you delete the culprit from the cell phone without a long search.

Many aggressive advertising popups are not even recognizable as advertising at first glance, but disguise themselves as false reports about problems on the cell phone. If a warning suddenly appears on the screen, informing you about security problems, a virus or other malfunctions on the cell phone, you should be skeptical. Often such alleged security warnings tempt you to install an expensive app or take out an alleged security subscription without a problem with your device.

You can often recognize such fake warnings by clumsy expressions or misspellings. Ignore such warnings and instead use a trustworthy security app to identify correct malfunctions with your mobile phone.

As a last resort to get rid of annoying ad pop-ups and malware on your phone, reset your device to factory settings.