What is a rhetorical equation

Rhetorical medium

Linguistic means


Additional information



Match in the initials of two or more words

Urgency, makes it easier to remember

Mars makes you mobile! - I drink ouzo. What are you doing? (1) Accelerate. Saving money (initiative group natural gas & environment) - performance out of passion (Deutsche Bank)


unusual word order, also: inversion, Change of the usual sequence of clauses


So small, they'll see the world with different eyes (1)

(obsolete expression)

Outdated linguistic expression that a) no longer belongs to the active vocabulary b) has an outdated meaning c) has an outdated syntactic form (e.g. (finite verb form)

calls poetic, pathetic or ironic Connotations forth; also for ideological reasons; serves for variety and alienation; requires an educated audience

Alete food for the child


Repetition of the At firstword in successive sentences, verses or stanzas

Urgency, enhancement of the impression

JET FUEL is not exactly exciting: Always the same quality, always meticulously controlled and always equally good for the engine. (1) Special forms. Special materials (Rado) - Good to Heaven. Good to earth. Good for cooking: our natural gas - for the love of football. For the love of photography (Canon) - you follow your friends. They follow their noses. They don't follow any rules (caravanning) - don't just be their man. Be her talisman too. (Wempe)


hidden reference to a connection, a person who the addressee knows


I only put water and CD on my skin (5)


Opposition of concepts and thoughts; also breakdown of a generic term into its opposing components


Don't race - travel! (4), loved and drunk cold; Difficult to explain. Easy to recognize (Renault Scenic) above and below; yesterday Today; this morning,


Consonance between at least two or more words; often only related to vowels;

Creation of a melodic (reading) rhythm; is easier to remember and remember

Whole nuts in abundance. (Ritter Sport)


Stringing together of co-ordinated words, groups of words, parts of sentences or sentences that are not connected to one another with conjunctions (linking words); Function: either the expression of an uncomplicated, informal way of speaking or for a pathetic-looking style enhancement (e.g. as a climax or also as an antithesis)


Ritter Sport. Square. Practically. Well. (5) performance. Prestigious. Innovation (Breitling)


List of e.g. product properties or product features

support z. B. the factual appearance or the factuality of the linguistic text

Also in series: electric windows, automatic air conditioning, central locking
successful, BBS light alloy wheels, 195 mm wide tires, leather steering wheel and much more. - 65,000 km of tracks. 31,000 bridges. 86,000 points. There is nothing more you can do for a long-distance relationship. (The train)


Imperative twists

Controversial in effect, as it may provoke a backlash

Buy - march, march! (Mediamarkt).
Be humble. Avoid understatement (Chrysler) - try tobacco that has no additives (Natural American Spirit)


Crossing of syntactically or semantically corresponding parts of the sentence


Dor: Takes away the dirt - keeps the shine (2) Time flies. The wrinkles too (Eubos) - Performance needs logistics - Good logistics need Gefco - Buy at Spar - Save when buying!
First prima giro, then prima ballerina (Volksbank advertising)

Direct form of address

direct address of the reader; also direct addressing of things; often formulated as an exclamation or a question

Establishing a supposedly personal relationship with the recipient; looks intimate; Recipient may feel valued

Trust Your Intuition (Wilksinson Sword) - Ford Mondeo. You already knew that it was safe.

Triple figure

The statement is condensed to its decisive elements

creates its own rhythm that makes remembering easier; dramatizes and illustrates the content

Square. Practically. Well. Knight sport; The new type of soap La Fram: So invigorating - so caring - so natural. (4) Pilots who are well trained. Mechanics who double-check every screw. Flight attendants who will make you dream to an end. (Lufthansa) - Your neighbors envious yellow, your new pool azure blue, your construction financing: desert red


shortened sentence construction by omitting a word or part of a sentence; can be understood as a short sentence from the context of meaning; however, there is a risk of misunderstanding

(explicit form: omissions are indicated by three ellipses)

stimulates the recipient to think because he has to replace what has been left out; can underline the authenticity of what is spoken, but may appear unintentionally staged;

possibly leaves the impression that what has been said is general, timeless statements

A trip that is worth it.
instead: This is a trip that is worthwhile.
Like our fuel: Boring, but hard to improve (1) Blues - a scent full of sparkling musicality. (2) Freshly colored? Nope. Freshly washed! (Doe)


Emphasizing a word by means of its tone of voice, tone intensity, etc. in the form of an emphatic emphasis that triggers certain ideas (connotations) in many recipients

Often already by rearranging parts of the sentence in a sentence; but also use of exclamation marks

Bingo! (1) Get all the freshness - the freshness of Credo (2)


linguistic glossing over (including taboo expressions)

is hardly used today, direct naming is usually better received (tampon advertising)

Ramend laxative tea: Ramend helps - with purely herbal ingredients - gently by nature when something is disordered (1)

Technical language / technical acronyms

technical terms and expressions

Transition sometimes fluent; creates a semblance of competence and science

Airbag, notebook, ABS, UMTS

Foreign words

Words from a foreign language, smooth transition to loan words


High tech, megapixels


a term is expressed by two equivalent words connected with "and" (mostly nouns, nouns) instead of using these in their logically more correct syntactic subordination (e.g. noun + adjective or genitive attribute);


Contrex mineral water. Refreshed and refreshed (5)


something other than what is said is meant


And after dinner a little peasant (CMA. Best from the farmer) - Immersion is a man's business (IWC Aquatimer) - He brings the sharpest curves with him (Opel Astra) - Nobody takes away the quickies! (James Dean guy with one black eye - West) - In one way, Porsche is outdone by all other makes of cars. With the amount of depreciation. - Ikea - the impossible furniture store (1)



often tripartite form

Egg like fine - baby fine (2)
Simple flip. Double Rittberger. Triple too-loop. - Increased pulse. Accelerated breathing. Fresh air helps (Chrysler Crossfire Roadster) - Fresh. Pure. Beck's


Comparative form of the first stage of increase

is intended to enhance a certain product; empty comparative emphasizes advantages over competition without naming them;

Nokia is better than Siemens.
Nokia is better. (empty comparative) - Good, better, Paulaner - Always a moment sportier. (Honda Civic)

Onomatopoeia (onomatopoeia)

Word formation by imitating sounds or noises


Igo cream spinach - the one with bubbly! - Diesel connoisseurs would say it had oomph. (Opel Signum)


negative counter-term; Often understatement: instead of superlative or elative, negation of the opposite is used

is sometimes also considered an expression of modesty

“Not exactly a little” instead of “quite a lot”; Nothing is impossible (Toyota) (1)


visual comparison by adding words that actually do not belong together (visual transfer)

can also look like "pulled by the hair"; has a high memory value;

The best care for your second skin, (Bosch) - Roth-Händle adds flavor (2)


Renaming, transfer


Citroen - Intelligence on Wheels (2) - A devil in the desert. An angel on asphalt (Mitsubishi)

Neoplasm /

Word creation

a) real neologism (unknown in all language communities b) new compounds (Momentary compounds)


Have a good appetite! (McDonalds) (2)
Kodak color processor chip - Without Utra-Mini-Mega-frippery - The "We clear the way" principle (Volksbanken, Raiffeisenbanken) - Light shaft (Magnum Light Langnese) - I kneipp myself gently (Kneipp Care)


rhetorical device; two ideas are connected which do not correspond or even exclude each other


Traditionally innovative (Auto Becker) (1)


apparently nonsensical statements that nevertheless prove to be useful

stimulates thinking

Art is not always art. "(To be added: real art)
The future today (5) - From deep up in Switzerland (Valser mineral water)


Humanization of an abstract concept (world, love, death), of collectives (cities, countries), natural phenomena (rain, sunset, rivers), animals (see fable), object or, in the case of advertising, a product; special form of anthropomorphization or allegory

should enable identification with the product; Product and person meet like friends, partners

Because our skin is thirsty for health (1)
Citroen - Intelligence on Wheels (2) - Small touch, big effect (Samsung)


Consonance of a verse in the lyric; a) Alliteration: the same initial sound of stressed stem syllables, hence also: letter rhyme b) End rhyme: consonance of words starting from the last stressed vowel


It's all in the milk (2)

Rhetorical question

in terms of content: pseudo-question; The question is actually not supposed to be answered at all; a clear answer is assumed

acts like a rearranged assertion that already implies its answer; intensifying effect; wants to evoke the recipient's consent to the utterance in the subconscious

Do you aim high? Do you want to take to the skies? Do you want to go to the Caribbean?
Are you not doing your banking at home? (1) Colt. And what do you want to experience? (Mitsubishi)

Sentence break

Sentence construction that is not completed as expected; Disturbance of the sentence structure, which is not built up grammatically consistent; often stylistic error as well; serves as a rhetorical means to imitate a socially or emotionally determined way of speaking

often with the dash visually separated from one another by a dash, forcing a clear break; also: illusion of spontaneous speech and impression of improvisation

He will turn many heads. But not the neck.


also: letter rhyme; See alliteration, identical initials of stressed stem syllables


One moment please! (2)

Superlatives / Elatives

grammatically the maximum level / 2nd level of increase in the increase (comparison), which expresses a gradual difference between more than two compared values; Superlative has the highest value; if the comparative values ​​are not expressed, one speaks of the elative

Elative: absolute superlative, which is formulated using adverbial paraphrases (does not require a comparison object);

state-of-the-art technology


Mixing or amalgamation of stimuli belonging to different sensory perceptions and sensory organs; In reality, certain sensory impressions (e.g. the teacher's fingernail scratches while writing on the blackboard) can cause a different sensory reaction (e.g. goose bumps); literary often with metaphorical description (screaming red, hot rhythms, colored sounds ...)


Your ears will be amazed! (1)

Tautology / pleonasm

tautology Representation of a term by two or more others that have the same meaning (synonyms)


The "female woman" (Pleonasm) - "The woman is feminine." (Tautology)

Exaggeration (hyperbole)

strong exaggeration; obviously implausible; most of the time an object is enlarged or reduced inappropriately

serves to alienate and to evoke emotions; should be recognized by the recipient as an exaggeration

The Citroen C3 Pluriel - The whole year is beautiful - hair like new and shines like never before (1)


Linking the common content of two areas

often incomplete

Nothing moves you like a Citroen. - Each of our Chardonnay is like an encounter (Vin des Pays des France) - Tough and more attractive as it ages. Like a man. (IWC Spitfire double chronograph)


Compilation of words that sound similar but have different meanings, creating funny effects

serves to highlight the content; can trigger associations; looks surprising, funny, humorous; creates a humorous or sympathetic attitude in the recipient; original; creative; high entertainment value

Aral. Everything great. (5)
And after dinner a peasant. (CMA best from the farmer)


Standing expressions (phraseologisms, idioms), proverbs, song texts, quotes from other advertising slogans
a) Phraseologisms b) Proverbs c) proverbial saying: d) Sentence:

Quotes seem familiar, relaxed, not stilted and authentic; create incentives to read; signal a claim to credibility and truth

A car “runs like a fire brigade. - You are a stunner! -

Figure of two