The vehicle contains a bicycle

Cyclists watch out: rules and fines

Whether cyclists, pedestrians or drivers - everyone has rights and obligations in traffic. Anyone who thinks a violation as a cyclist is not so bad is mistaken: There is a risk of fines and the driver's license is in danger.

  • Fines and points also for cyclists

  • If you ride a bike under the influence of alcohol, you risk your driving license

  • no priority at pedestrian crossings with zebra crossings

If the catalog of fines no extra Includes offenses for cyclists, reduced the intended Fine rule rate by half. An example of a separate fine for cyclists: Red light violation costs 60 euros and means one point.

Riding a bike under the influence of alcohol - what is the penalty?

That will expensive: From 1.6 per mille or if the cyclist can obviously no longer control his driving style, driving under alcohol is a criminal offense. There are points and a fine of around 30 daily rates for this. In addition, a medical-psychological examination is carried out from 1.6 per mille (MPU) arranged. Who does not pass this also loses his driving license.

Which traffic lights apply to cyclists on cycle paths?

Cyclists have their own or combined light signals at traffic lights with cycle traffic guides or, where these are missing, the light signals for driving traffic.

Is it allowed to overtake cars parked at the red light on the right?

Yes, as a cyclist you can carefully and slowly at standing Vehicles drive past when enough space therefor is available. Slowly rolling Vehicles are allowed Not overtaken on the right.

Can I drive on the sidewalk?

No. Cyclists are only allowed to come with the following symbol Walking pace drive on the sidewalk or in the pedestrian zone.

Can I push my bike on the sidewalk?

Yes, provided you do hinder no pedestrians. If the pushing interferes with the sidewalk or hard shoulder traffic, you have to enter the right edge of the road dodge.

Up to what age are children allowed to ride bicycles on the sidewalk?

If there is no built cycle path, have to Children up to the age of eight, up to the age of 10 allowed to Children use the sidewalk. Particular consideration must be given to pedestrians. These always have priority and must not be endangered. The children are therefore only allowed to drive slowly on the sidewalk.

Can I accompany my child riding a bicycle on the sidewalk?

A Supervisor from 16 years allowed children under 8 years also accompany you by bike on sidewalks.

Is there a statutory helmet requirement for cyclists?

No. But every cyclist should have a helmet recommend. If cycling is practiced as a sport and if it is about ambitious speed, then the cyclist also wears one in the event of an accident Joint liabilityif he does not wear a helmet, even if he is not otherwise at fault.

Can I use headphones while driving?

Yes, as long as you don't listen to music too loudly or maybe just use a headphone plug and thus the Driving traffic around you perceive easily can.

What applies when crossing a pedestrian crossing?

Priority at a pedestrian crossing with a zebra crossing (sign 293) applies exclusively to pedestrians and wheelchair users. Therefore must be a cyclist dismount and his bike across the zebra crossing push or scooter if he wants to take advantage of this privilege. If he cycles over the zebra crossing, he must be careful of the traffic crossing the road (but also on the cycle path).

Driving in the one-way street against the direction of travel?

Cyclist are only allowed in one-way streets exceptionally Drive in the opposite direction if the entry ban (No. 267) is due to the Additional sign "Bicycle traffic free" (No. 1022-10) is added.

What is a cycle lane?

Cycle lanes are special routes for cyclists. They are not allowed to drive on other vehicles. The traffic area is separated from the road by a solid white line, sign 295, and marked with sign 237. Cyclist have to then such a cycle lane to use.

What is a protective strip for cyclists?

The protective strip is one Traffic area for cyclists. It is marked on the right by a broken white line (sign 340). Cyclists must use it because of the right-hand drive requirement if they have a sufficient safety distance to the right-hand edge of the lane. Only at requirement allowed to other vehicles the Run over guidelineif you z. B. have to evade at short notice and not a cyclist endangered becomes.

What should you watch out for when using cycle paths?

All vehicles are generally allowed to use the lane. Therefore have to Cyclists should only use cycle paths if they are marked by the traffic signs 237 (cyclists), 240 (shared pedestrian and cycle path) and 241 (separate pedestrian and cycle path).

Exceptions only exist when using the bike path unreasonable is (through obstacles such as piles of leaves, scaffolding, snow and ice, parked motor vehicles etc.). Right-hand cycle paths that are not marked accordingly may, but must not, be used. If a cycle path running to the left is released in the opposite direction by the traffic signs mentioned, it is mandatory to use it in this direction of travel. With the additional sign (1022-10), a left cycle path that does not have to be used can be released.

Can I ride next to another cyclist?

It is allowed for cyclists side by side to drive if this causes the Traffic not affected becomes.

Can I lead a dog from a bicycle?

Yes, but it is Leash and let the dog run around next to the bike Character of the animal to consider. Larger, fast-running dogs may be carried by bicycles, as long as this is compatible with the Animal Welfare Act. Dogs that on Obey the call, do not necessarily have to be on a leash, as far as there is a possibility of influence.

ADAC bicycle tournament: Mobile and safe by bike

The ADAC bicycle tournament is a nationwide free practical driving training for children. The bicycle tournament can be requested by schools or organizers of private and public events directly from the traffic departments of the ADAC regional clubs.

Here you will find all information about the ADAC bicycle tournament and contact options for your regional club.

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