What is Dr. Strange

Doctor Strange (2016)

I also watched the film in the cinema earlier and just wanted to type my opinion as a comment.

To put it briefly: I liked Doctor Strange a lot and Marvel was able to boast again with the ease that was recently lacked in the Avengers or in Captain America. The movie came across like Ant-Man in that regard and was just plain fun.

For me personally, one would have been more interested in the history of Dr. Strange can keep busy, Cumberbatch is just a good performer and the role suited him well, but so be it. Furthermore, it gave me too much hocus-pocus in the end, but that didn't really bother me either. One problem I see, however, is when this superiority is now linked to the other Marvel characters ... Vision and the witch were already much too strong and Strange now goes one better ... But that's not supposed to be the problem of the film, but be the follow-up films.

What struck me, however, and about which I would like to hear other opinions: I claim that the film Doctor Strange (presumably involuntarily) positioned itself on the subject of organ donation

In the opening scene, von Strange's colleague does not want to continue treating a man because he is as good as dead; he would rather go to the donor organs. Only a second doctor, apparently more motivated to save life, devotes himself to the matter.
In this country, this can raise the question: Do I have an organ donor card and I am as good as dead but not dead, people would rather try to get to my organs instead of continuing to save me? This is of course a topic in itself which does not need to be discussed here either, but I noticed that a lot. Perhaps a somewhat unfortunate move in terms of script for an entertainment film. Or am I just a little too critical of the whole thing?

In any case, this matter did NOT affect my rating of the film.

Overall, Doctor Strange gets 7 out of 10 points from me and is one of the must-see films in the Marvel universe.

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