Why is the iPhone 11 hot

iPad / iPhone iPhone gets hot - that helps


A high power consumption on the iPhone puts such a strain on the device that it can heat up. The reason for the development of heat is usually the device's battery, which is under great strain. The first thing to try is to turn off iPhone and put it aside for a while. This allows it to shut down and the battery is relieved. Of course, the device will also get hot if it is in a warm environment or if the sun shines on it. If the device warms up to over 45 degrees (e.g. when it is in the car in summer), the iPhone switches off automatically and can only be restarted after it has cooled down. If your iPhone heats up abnormally in a cool environment but when you switch it on again, try the following tips:

End apps in Task Manager

Apps like Games or Music player require high battery power. Even if you are not currently using them, they are in Background active and can strain the battery. Open the Task manager (up to iPhone 8 by double-pressing the home button and on iPhone X by swiping from the bottom of the screen to the center) and close all apps thereby swiping it up. This will stop background activities and the apps will no longer draw power from the battery.

Deactivate automatic screen brightness

A real burden on the battery is also one screen brightness set high. For example, if you often use your iPhone outside in summer, the device automatically turns the brightness to 100%. The iPhone gets warmer anyway due to high outside temperatures, and if the battery is then additionally burdened by the bright screen, the temperature increases further. So if possible deactivate the automatic screen brightness. You can find this in the Settings under "Generally" > "Accessibility" > "Display adjustments"and put the switch next to"Auto brightness" on "OutYou can find detailed instructions on how to do this in our article "iOS 11: Switching off auto-brightness on the iPhone"

Reduce transmission speed

You may find yourself in a location with particularly poor reception if your iPhone is heating up more than usual. Are the mobile data switched on and is above all LTE / 4G when roaming activated, the iPhone constantly tries to establish the best reception. If you are now in an environment with very poor reception, the antenna tries to compensate for this by increasing the transmission power. Even if you are not using the iPhone at all, the antenna acts in the background with a constant search for good Deactivate alsi LTE / 4G, to the Reduce transmission speed. The battery is thus relieved and the device no longer heats up as much. Of course, you can also receive messages on WhatsApp or Facebook at a lower transmission rate. Data is only loaded less quickly. You can reactivate LTE / 4G when you are in an environment with better reception.

Factory data reset iPhone

When you've tried all the options and your iPhone still heated up excessively, you still have the option to keep your iPhone on factory settings reset. This allows any software errors that put a lot of stress on the battery to be corrected. To do this, follow our instructions "Erasing iPhone: How to remove all data from your smartphone".

If that doesn't help either, your iPhone may have damaged the battery. To fix this, you should contact an Apple Store or a certified partner to seek outwho can replace the battery.