What does a man want

What men want: This is what men want from a woman

After a few years of life experience (and one or the other relationship), most women gradually become clearer what exactly they actually need in a partnership and what they expect from their husband. But what about the men? Do men only pay attention to a woman's appearance? What do men find attractive about women? And you can make general statements at all what men want? We believe: partially. Of course, every man is unique, but there are also more in common than you might initially think. Becoming aware of these desires and longings can save you a lot of heartache and yoursOnline datingfacilitate. So what is it that men want? We enlighten you!


What do men find attractive about women? - The 3 most important properties

You wonder what do men find particularly attractive in women? Of course, there is no general answer for all men on earth, but there are still a few Properties that almost all men find good. Come here the 3 most important:

1. Naturalness

When it comes to hair color, cup size, or clothing style, men's preferences are often fundamentally different. However, most of them mention one keyword when asked about their absolute dream woman: Naturalness.
But what does that actually mean? Applying as little make-up as possible and doing without any styling? It is clear that the foundation shouldn't be visible from five meters away, but the truth is also: What the average man perceives as "natural" has cost the average woman at least 30 minutes in the bathroom. Actually, the exact amount of make-up is not the point.

What looks natural and self-confident is mainly dependent on the woman who wears it.
An enthusiastic party-goer in costume can look just as unnatural as the boulder with gaudy lipstick. If you remain yourself, on the other hand, you will appear natural on your own and score points with the men who really suit you.

2. Independence

We women like to give a new partner our full attention. There is a risk that we will neglect our friends and / or hobbies. However, we are giving the man to understand that he is becoming the focus of our lives - and that scares many men. So keep meeting your friends regularly and pursuing your hobbies. Men like women who are self-employed and independent.

3. Humor

The most common answer to the question of what men find attractive is definitely humor. We can understand that well because GBeing able to laugh together is essential. And a constantly serious counterpart can even be really exhausting. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to agree on every comedian and lie on the floor laughing all the time. But try to relax with him and see if you are roughly on the same wavelength in this area.

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5 qualities men don't like in women

In addition to the qualities that men particularly like in women, it is also not wrong to know what men find totally unattractive or? These are the 6 things you shouldn't do if you can impress a man want:

1. Talking badly about the ex

Men don't want women who constantly gossip about their ex. It makes them feel like you haven't gotten over him yet.

2. When you turn on “hard to get”

Many men like it when they can conquer a woman. But if you have the feeling it is made extra difficult for you and the woman is playing with you, then most men find it a bit unattractive.

3. Men find women unattractive who do not have their own opinion

“Yes, I will find sweetheart too!” “I think everything is good, what you think is good too, my darling!” Sentences formulated in this way or similar do not go down well with men. Because Men find women unattractive who don't have an opinion of their own and always speak to them by their mouths. The same applies the other way around.

4. Too much makeup

To please men, women like to put on an extra portion of make-up. Psychological studies now show: Exactly the opposite is the case. Many men find too much make-up to be more restrictive than attractive.

5. Compare with previous partners

Just as little as gossip about the ex Men do not like it when women compare them to their former partners. You should save these topics of conversation for the next girls' evening with your best friend.

How do men want to be addressed?

What do men want? - Be addressed by women! Men are happy when you not always those are who have to take the first step.For women, however, the whole thing is more of a challenge. The convenience of the man speaking to you has become entrenched in most people's minds.
In times of emancipation, women should also be able to take the first step. This not only shows self-confidence, but he will be completely surprised, because it is not that often that men are spoken to. But what is the best way to do this?

Addressing men in 5 steps:

  1. Stay charming and confident
  2. Make eye contact with him
  3. Do you smile at the man - does he reciprocate? Perfect!
  4. Make casual small talk and appeal to his willingness to help
  5. Did you start a conversation with the man? - As a thank you, invite him to a café

The man will be happy that you spoke to him and who knows - maybe this is him first step into a potential relationship.

What do men want from a woman? - The top 10

1. Being allowed to be yourself

Unconditional love is one of the most beautiful parts of a fulfilling relationship. In the initial phase, we are very successful in expressing this love and simply overlooking the other person's mistakes when in doubt. As the relationship progresses, our partner's inadequacies become more apparent and we want to help them improve.
In the long run, the poison for a relationship. Men usually know for themselves that there are areas that they need to work on. A Mixture of well-formulated impulses and lots of love becomes clear move more in itas if they wanted to turn it into your "project" by force. Men like womenthat they do not want to fundamentally change.

2. Simplicity

You hear one thing from men over and over again: They just don't understand us women. And you can't really reproach them for it, because we often don't do it ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that in and of itself - you can get emotional or get a little confused. But: don't make it any more complicated than it has to be! Men love it when women know what they want. So if you know where to eat - speak up! If something does not suit you - say so clearly too! A "Hm, I don't know, you decide" don't like men at all.

3. Interest in his hobbies

This does not mean that you have to become an IT or Bundesliga expert. Men still like it when you take his interests seriously. So if he tells you about it, ask for, and try to find out more about it. You too will certainly pursue hobbies that your date or partner will not find interesting. It is all the nicer when he is still open-minded.

4. Free space

Most men need a fair amount of freedom, both in life and in a relationship. Treat him therefore his hours in the hobby room or with friends in the pub. Give him the independence he needs and enjoy yours! Developing a healthy mix of closeness and freedom together will benefit you too - just like your relationship.

5. Get on good terms with your friends

His Friendsare a man holy - therefore men like women who get on well with their friends. So approach them openly, especially at the beginning of the relationship try to get to know them better. You will be able to confirm it yourself: If your partner and your own friends get along well, meetings together are much more pleasant for everyone.

6. Being allowed to be a hero

Even in kindergarten, they love knights, pirates and adventurers more than anything. Whether that is cause or effect, most men long to a hero to beto fight, to win and to win the princess over. Also in their partnerships they want to feel strong, valued and needed.
Rather, it's about the little things in everyday life: Show that you appreciate him courting you and say thank you with a smile when he carries your bag or fixes something around the house. Tell him that you feel safe and secure around him. He will carry you on his hands!

7. Respect

Men want women they respect! Because being respected by those around you is absolutely essential for a man. There is hardly anything worse than ridiculing him in front of strangers or friends.
Therefore: Take him seriously. Especially when others are there. Don't tease him with his supposedly unmanly quirks and do not spread intimate details in front of his friends. No matter how much you like to call yourself a bear or a rabbit - favorite nicknames and instructions on household chores always have time until you are alone. Really.

8. Friendship

After the first three months at the latest, a partnership no longer consists of sex, romance and unusual dates, intense looks and butterflies in your stomach. Sooner or later everyday life beginsin which a couple also has to deal with difficulties. It is important that your relationship is built on a strong foundation of friendshipthat can carry you through difficult times.
Be So not only his beloved for him, but also quite deliberately a best friend - someone to laugh with, watch movies with, build closets and steal horses with. It is these things that make you irreplaceable in the end.

9. Get something back

Sure: it's great to be courted. Your date will hold the door for you, he'll call you, maybe he'll pay for the food here and there. But if he remains the only one who takes the initiative for too long, he will quickly get the feeling that you are actually not interested in him at all.
Make it clear that you care about him. Men also want to be courted. Be the first to call every now and then and come up with something for the next meeting. That gives him the required securityto keep looking after you. And by the way, it really is no longer a shame to contribute to the costs of a date as a woman - at the latest from the second or third date.

10. Future potential

Lots of men are looking for more than just a quick affair. You want to find a future wife or at least a long-term partner. That is why it is of course important that your counterpart has the prerequisites for a long-term functioning relationship.
The hook? It can mean something different for every man.For some, character is what counts, some have other criteria on the list - desire for children, cooking skills, your attitude towards money. It is therefore important: From the beginning, be as honest as possible about what defines you and how you envision your future or a partnership. This is the only way for both of you to find out whether you really are a match.

How do men want to be conquered?

Now that we have learned what qualities a man wants from women and what he wants in a relationship, the question arises as to how man wants to be conquered. The most important facts you'll find here:

  1. Take the first step and speak to him.
  2. Find a balance between flirting and positive signals.
  3. Listen to him that shows great interest.
  4. Pay compliments to the man you want to conquer.
  5. Your independence makes you attractive - don't let him pay for everything.
  6. Make him feel like he's conquering you.
  7. Show him that you feel safe around him.
  8. Men love women with class - say what you want.