Why don't we become a nomad society

Job nomads

The job market is turning faster and faster. The industrial world of workers and employees is dissolving. There are more and more self-employed individuals and temporary workers. In many major German cities, the supply of apartments for those with flexible jobs is growing. The tenants come and go on a weekly basis. The business flat share is presented as the dream home for all job nomads. A shared apartment is nothing more than a public toilet. Everywhere rubbish, bacterial cultures and fungal colonies on all surfaces and indefinable leftovers in the corners.

Job nomads are employed people who jump from one job to the next (job hopping). They exist among the highly qualified and the low-skilled. In the past, 30 years of service was the norm. It was a sign of solidarity with the company. Working for such a long time with one employer today can be disadvantageous. The employee is considered to be operationally blind.
Often an employee is simply no longer needed.

Today's world is increasingly becoming a modern nomad society. For many companies, the ideal employee is versatile, flexible and always has his suitcase packed. But many working people want a permanent position and a regular evening.
Migrant work and contract work can be exciting for academics. For workers with no or unneeded training, this path is often a single humiliation.

Job nomads are desired subjects in the economy. In the past, nomads were people who lead a non-sedentary way of life for economic reasons. But progress only came with the development of sedentarism. This should now be abolished for many in order to make a few happy.

Favorable factors for this development:

  • Customization
  • globalization
  • digitalization
  • Project work
  • increasing flexibility and mobility of the working population

That leads to more and more:

With the introduction of a European labor authority, Brussels wants to better protect the labor nomads. It sounds like mockery and mockery.

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