What is your favorite camping knife

Bring a camping knife to Japan

While this question is specific to Japan, there really is an answer that fits all.

If you have the slightest doubt , Do not do it .

Even if you've followed the law closely and measured your knife to make sure it meets the requirements, you run the risk of:

  • A customs broker having a bad day. If he says, "This is not allowed" and you argue with him, things may go bad for you. You may not be arrested or detained, but you may not be allowed into the country either.

  • The person answering your question might be wrong or have outdated information. This also applies if you ask someone who works there. People make mistakes. Don't make someone else's mistake, especially if it is a weapon.

  • Undergo an additional examination of an item that you can easily purchase there.

When it comes to immigration, customs, laws about what you can and can't bring in or out of the country - always be on your guard. I visit several new countries in Asia every year when I pack - I pack to make sure nothing on or around me attracts the attention of someone who has the authority to make my day pretty bad. For example, I don't even bring my Swiss Army Knife key fob because you really never know the mood or disposition of the person who is tasked with letting you into the destination country.

If you really want to take it with you, mail it to someone who can keep it for you, then mail it on Home, before you leave. Either way, it sounds like a gamble to take something that obviously means a lot to you.


That is good advice indeed. Personally, I bring my knife with me when I travel in Asia (since I live here, that's a lot). However, Japan is the only place I have experienced undue discrimination from immigration. I suppose I'll just leave it.