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The Sims 4 skillsComplement your Sims 'hobbies, careers, and personalities with appropriate skills, improve your Sims' creative, physical, mental, and social performance and perfect their skills - a complete listing of all skills in The Sims 4

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Everyday life and career make numerous demands on your Sims. In order to get a grip on their life and for professional success, they have to constantly learn new skills. These are broad and cover creative, physical, mental and social aspects. We'll show you which skills your Sims can learn:

Show skills in The Sims 4

Open Sims 4 Skills tabIn the user interface, you can find the skills in the lower right corner of the skills tab.
You can also open and close it using the L key.

The Sims 4 skills at a glance

Here we summarize all The Sims 4 skills from the skill diary (Sort and filter table):

abilityminimum age level (requirement)constructionideal moodgame
fishingChildren (mental)Fishing from excellent fishing spots
Ability Object: -;
Fishing Books 1 to 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
Work ethic
EmployeesInteractions Praise, criticism, scoldingThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Get to Work Icon
to bakeTeenAbility Object: Stove (Oven), Cake FactoryInspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Get To Work Icon
charismaChildren (social)Interactions with Sims
Ability Object: Mirror
Charisma Books 1 to 3
Self confidentThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
ComedyTeenfun interactions with Sims
Ability Objects: Microphone Stand, Computer
Comedy books 1 to 3
PlayfulThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
DJ mixingTeenDJ pultInspiredThe Sims 4 Friends Time
Gourmet cookingTeenPrerequisite: Cooking level 5
Ability Object: Fridge, Stove, and Kitchen Appliances;
Gourmet Cooking Books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
fitnessTeenAbility Object: Exercise Machine, Treadmill, Sandbag;
Workouts without equipment, with a music system / television or on sports equipment
Fitness books 1 to 3
EnergeticThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
photographyChildren (creative)Ability Object: Smartphone, CamerasInspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Get to Work Icon
GardeningTeenAbility Object: Flower Boxes, Bonsai Tree;
Gardening and harvesting fruits;
Gardening Books 1 through 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
violinChildren (creative)Ability Object: Violin / Violin;
Violin books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
paintingCreativeAbility Item: Easel;
Painting books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
skillTeenAbility Object: Carpenter's Table;
Skill Books 1 to 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
guitarTeenAbility Object: Guitar;
Guitar books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
pianoChildren (creative)Ability Object: Piano;
Piano books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
CookTeenAbility Object: Refrigerator, Stove and Kitchen Appliances, Cake Factory;
Cooking home cooking
Cooking books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
creativitychildren onlyAbility Object: Creative Arts Table, Easel, Children's ViolinInspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
HerbalismTeenAbility Object: Stove;
Herbalism Books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4 Ourdoor LifeThe Sims 4 Ourdoor Life Icon
Store maintenance
EmployeesActions fill and cleanThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Get to Work Icon
logicChildren (mental)Ability Object: Chess Table, Game Table, Microscope, Telescope;
Logic books 1 to 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
Mentallychildren onlyAbility Object: Science Table, Chess Board, Game TableConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
MixTeenAbility Object: Bar;
Mixing books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
Motor skillschildren onlyAbility object: climbing frame, play tower, computer, play mat, lump of clayPlayful, energeticThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
ProgramTeenSkill Object: Computer;
Programming books 1 to 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
Space technologyTeenAbility Object: Rocket Steampunk Flying Object;
Space books 1 to 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
rogueChildren (social)mischievous interactions with Sims
Ability Object: Tablet, Vodoo Doll;
Rogue Books 1 to 3
Playful, angryThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
WriteTeenSkill Object: Computer;
Writing books 1 to 3
InspiredThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
To singChildren (creative)Self-interaction, shower, microphone, guitar, piano / keyboardInspiredThe Sims 4 City LivingThe Sims 4 City Living
Socialchildren onlyAbility Object: Dollhouse, Soft Toys, Computer, TabletPlayful, confidentThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
To danceTeendance floor?The Sims 4 Friends Time
EmployeesActions customer advice, cashing inThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Get to Work Icon
Video gamesChildren (mental)Ability Object: Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, Play Mat;
Video Games Books 1 through 3
ConcentratedThe Sims 4The Sims 4 Icon
WellnessTeenAbility Object: Yoga Mat, Meditation Bench, Massage Table and Chair;
Wellness books 1 to 3;
Yoga courses in wellness centers
ConcentratedThe Sims 4 Spa DayThe Sims 4 Spa Day Icon

Show and sort the ability bar in The Sims 4

Sort sims 4 skills on the tab

The window size of the ability tab can be changed by holding the left click on the upper edge by moving up and down. You can also sort all skills either by name or by level. To do this, click on the headings. Capabilities that have already been maximized are shown in golden yellow. If your Sim is currently working on an ability, it will be displayed with a green background.

Skill Books in The Sims 4

There are again three skill diaries for all skills. These can no longer be bought in the bookstore. Instead, they can buy your Sims right from any bookshelf. In the purchase menu you can find all skill books under the penultimate tab Skills. The costs are:

  • Skill Book 1: 75 Simoleon - Level 1
  • Skill book 2: 150 Simoleon - from level 4
  • Skill book 3: 250 Simoleon - from level 7

All level 1 skill books can also be read by your Sims for free in the library.

Sims of all levels can now always scroll through all three books. If the book is too far above your level, you will not learn anything from it, but will be confused.

Learning Skills in The Sims 4

As before, Sims can mainly build up their skills by using skill objects. You can find these in construction mode in the purchase catalog by function under Hobby and Skills. If the ability object is known, you can also have it displayed via the search.

There are also suitable TV channels for some skills: while watching cooking shows, new recipes and cooking skills can be learned. The garden channel builds up gardening, comedy can be learned with the comedy channel.

The skill learning courses known from The Sims 3 are no longer in The Sims 4.

Skills for kids in The Sims 4

Skills for kids in The Sims 4Children cannot learn a single one of the Teens and Older Sims Skills at first. Instead, they have their own creativity, mental, motor and social skills.

In some cases, they can improve their own skills with the interactions typical of the skills (e.g. funny interactions) and activities (e.g. fishing) of the grown-ups. If a Simkind maximizes one of their skills, they will learn all the skills in this category more quickly from the teenage years. For example, children with motor skills level 10 will be able to build up fitness more quickly.

With the exception of motor skills, maximizing the other three skills also allows the learning of general skills:

  • Creative: violin, piano, singing
  • Mental: fishing, logic, video games
  • Social: charisma, rogue

Hidden Skills in The Sims 4

In contrast to The Sims 3, there are no hidden abilities with the base game. First hidden abilities are now with the Sims 4 expansion get to work came into play: The own shops require the shop activities work ethic, shop maintenance and sales, compare Sims 4 Own Business - Manage Employees.

The Sims 4 Skills from A to Z

Additional The Sims 4 information

Here you can find all topics The Sims 4 and our The Sims 4 tutorials. In our Sims 4 subject index from A to Z you will find all Sims content sorted alphabetically. Among ours Sims 4 FAQs you can ask questions about previously missing topics.

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23 thoughts on "The Sims 4 skills

  • loh

    Thank you very much for your praise, I was very happy :-). You have recognized the right thing: just in the logic, the constant addition of old articles and lists, as well as the linking there are several hundred hours of working time in which no new articles are created. I always think to myself: This is time that I invest so that not every reader has to do it in the form of searches :-).
    I also thank you for your hint. I have now linked singing in the table and in the listing under the skill articles.

  • Heiksken

    Hello, I am an avid user of your site and would like to first thank you very much for your great work. This site is so unbelievably well and logically structured, there is sure to be a lot of work! EXCELLENT!
    Therefore I would like to help briefly, so that everything stays so nicely tidy;): the article “Ability to Sing” was not yet linked under the skills.
    best regards
    Heiksken (or Natalia in the Simsforum)

  • aurelia_aurita

    About the two new skills from "Time for Friends":
    - DJ mixing: requires the mood Inspired, can be learned and practiced on the DJ desk, tips are sometimes paid, but not enough to keep you going
    - Dancing: requires the mood to be self-confident, can be practiced on any device that can play music and also in front of the full-length mirror and on the dance floor. The gain from this is mostly in the entertainment value, it's fun to watch. Figures can talk while dancing, but I have not yet managed to get them to dance together, that is, as a couple dance. A significant benefit is that while dancing, all Sims who are dancing on the dance floor at the same time develop relationships with one another. That means, even without entertainment, the social need is met and if you need a lot of friends, this is a good option.

  • Noromas

    Does anyone know anything about the ability to paint? I have the feeling that the general ability “painting” and also the individual painting genres need practice. So e.g. my Sim is lvl. 8 in painting, but if he is supposed to paint an abstract painting now, there comes a stick man lvl. 1 Gewurschtel out. With the types he paints more classic paintings and pop art, everything looks great.
    Any ideas, would also be a "hidden" ability like with homework, a mixture of ability and period / practice with different types of images.

    MFG Noromas

  • loh

    On the subject of homework, I have news and I don't think it's embargoed on the An Die Arbeit producer event. I just asked producer Azure about her homework and her answer was as follows: When I auditioned The Sims 4, I noticed that it's boring when a child becomes a candidate and there is no further development at all. That's why they introduced the different options. They are not based on a hidden ability, but more on a system of how long which performance was achieved and maintained.
    So the riddle is solved!

  • loh

    I agree with you that the brilliance really comes late. I just looked at my Sims children ... seem to have caught a few hard-working ones. Although they have been left to their own devices for a long time, three of the siblings are one candidate. For all three, the performance indicator is in the right, dark green section and all three can shine. Now a brother has just sprung from the cradle and has so far been a student of two. I'll keep an eye on him sometime. I now assume that shining is reserved only for the 1+ students - those with the highest performance indicator.

    It can't be due to the highest performance indicator either. My youngest has once again made it all on his own to become a candidate with a performance indicator as good as possible, but only has the option "do homework". The name of the option does not depend on emotions either. Now I am almost inclined to believe in hidden abilities.
    / edit

  • aurelia_aurita

    @loh: That's what I thought at first and with the first child it was actually the case that it only did homework with links from a one onwards. The two current ones already had the one before and now they are brilliant. The change from “doing homework” to “doing your homework brilliantly” took place entirely as a first-grade student. So I figured out whether it could be a hidden skill. I'll look at it again when they get older, then I'll have it all over again as a teenager.

  • loh

    My theory is that the way you do homework depends on your school grade. I asked Sims producer Lindsey directly about the existence of hidden skills at Gamescom last year. She said no. However, I got the impression that she didn't know exactly what I meant by hidden skills. Maybe she wasn't aware of the concept from Sims 3 at all, or at least wasn't in her head at the moment. Overall, I haven't come across any possible hidden abilities in Sims 4 yet. A typical case would be dancing or swimming.

  • aurelia_aurita

    Do you know if there are any hidden abilities in Sims 4? I suspect that is the case with homework. My Sims children initially had the “do homework” action, at some point it became “do homework with links” and it went faster, now it is “brilliant at homework” and only lasts a few Sims minutes. In my opinion, it is not related to skills, because I already had a Simskind with significantly higher skills (logic maximized) and that only got up to the 2nd "level". I mean it's a matter of time and practice. My current two time a lot because I temporarily turned off aging.

  • loh

    @Julia Lehninger
    This plant has the longest, a really loaaaaaaaaaaaa long growth cycle. Show more patience and you will see it grows!

  • Julia Lehninger

    I have the "intergalactic growth pod" in my garden, but nothing happens. it should actually get bigger because I saw a picture somewhere. my cow plant and all the other plants have grown for about 2 weeks but the blue thing remains on the middle level. does anyone know why? (I am writing this because there is still nothing to do with gardening)

  • Shaitana

    tomorrow you; D

    tell me, what can actually be achieved ???
    (except fishing)

    unfortunately there is no own fred for fishing (yet ???),
    so I put my question here ^^

    I already have fruits, violins, cow plants and
    caught fish of course ...
    also caught his emotional potion
    (what is this part for ??? Ö.Ö)

    can you catch anything ??? someone knows
    already wat closer ???

    oh yes: thanks for the teas explanation,
    was again extremely informative: D

  • Drool

    To try it out, I once cheated on all the skills and there was also the “reaping” skills. Something was babbled about because of soul, death, etc. and that one knows about it. Does anyone know what this is all about ..?

  • loh

    Thanks for the tip. We thought so, but our children are still working on the 10th level for creativity and mentality. Logic at the chess table may also work there.

  • Catherine

    It's not just about Charisma with the children .. my Sims boy was able to continue with level 1 violin after lvl 10 creativity (on the children's violin).

  • loh

    @ Er-Zader
    Thank you, I corrected it except for the capital letters. I didn't find whole sentences, only lists.

  • Er-Zader

    In the Sims 4 skills overview, logic says chess and not chess table, programming should be programming, and comedy and rascal should be written in capital letters when building up.

    In the ability display in The Sims 4 complete (times?) And sort is link (s) click

    When learning skills in the Sims 4 it says: Is that the skill object….

    I hope I could help.

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