Why are you afraid of China's future?

Thank you Trump!

You, the Americans, showed us after the war what generosity is. What forgiveness and trust mean, even if you have made many sacrifices. With your nonchalance, your emphasis on freedom, your music, the wonderful Hollywood films. Associated with this was a vision of empathic modernity - reason, enlightenment, pragmatism and feeling. That was what it stood for kennedy, that's what rock'n'roll, the blues, the road movie with its rebellious heroes stood for. Breaking out of the narrowness. Coolness as the will to inner sovereignty. Of Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca" up to Peter Fonda in "Easy Rider". Not to mention the immortal Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” - you can see the final sequence today. And cry.

America always stood for tomorrow, for the hope for a better world. A world in which the individual can develop and great shared dreams can become reality. This vision led up into space, into worlds that no human has ever seen.

There was always two Americas - just as there were two Germanys. On the one hand that cosmopolitan, future America, which wanted to unite humanity beyond ethnicity, religion or class; the communitarian America of communities and neighborhoods, a civil society that we have long wanted. And on the other hand that dark, reactionaries or even lynchy America; America of fanatical sects, slavery, CIA, cold and cruel wars. And in the midst of it all, America of disillusionment, of unacknowledged disappointment, of desperation on which you, Trump, are building your reign of fear, proliferated.

We Germans have had to deal with the abyss in our history. For my generation, which grew up during the Cold War, I can say: We tried hard to face the truth. With your help, your protection, we may even have succeeded in doing this reasonably well. I can still remember when the film series "Holocaust" came on television. We were successful in looking at the monstrous in German history where we understood that the dull, the regressive and the evil also reside in ourselves. That it is not on the outside, but on the inside.

Today, we would like to say modestly, Germany is a country where democratic civilization has really gained a foothold based on this knowledge. Even if we have our own Trumpists who are shouting in Parliament today. We are and will remain deeply grateful for what you Americans have given Germany and Europe. We suffer all the more from this new American tragedy. This infantilization, the relapse into the dull tribal.