Why do people invest in condominiums condominiums

Are real estate a sensible investment?

You will hardly get rich with an apartment building. Unless you buy a property in a location that is suddenly trendy, for example because a new S-Bahn line opens up the location. Returns are stable but tight. The bottom line is a net return of 2 to 3 percent at the beginning, nothing more. But that's not so bad compared to negative interest rates.

Houses and apartments as capital investments

Do you own property that you no longer live in because the children have moved out and the house is too big or because you have moved for professional reasons? It might be worth renting out the house or apartment. Here, too, it is important to evaluate the effort, return and risks fairly. The return must be higher than the return on risk-free government bonds because the effort and risk are greater. The calculation usually works out in large cities, agglomerations or holiday resorts, where houses and apartments with a high standard of fit-out are in demand. Important to know: If you have financed your residential property with pension fund money, you usually have to repay this amount within one year.

If you do not own a residential property but are looking for an alternative investment, a condominium in a good location is definitely worth considering. Especially in times of negative interest rates and volatile stock markets. The marketers of new apartments confirm that more and more apartments are being bought as capital investments and not even inhabited.