Who is your favorite crypto currency YouTuber

The 11 best crypto YouTubers - YouTube channels about Bitcoin, Blockchain and Co.

My favorite crypto YouTubers: Bitcoin is at USD 50,000 and many are asking, is this the beginning or the end?

Every day there are new coins, new success stories and stories from crypto millionaires. A few months ago I met the “broker I trust” and he was on fire for the current Bitcoin hype.

Then I started to deal with the crypto topic again. My first official act was the 11 best crypto blogs and crypto sites so that I have a few sources to read. Then I have my account with Binance* reactivated and even found a few remains of coins - the joy was very great!

After reading the first posts and buying crypto coins, I also looked for interesting crypto YouTubers and also subscribed to a number of them directly.

I have listed my current favorite YouTube channels that deal with bitoins, cryptos and blockchains here.

If you know of other interesting channels, please link them in the comments.


My favorite YouTube channels - Bitcoins, crypto and Co.

1. Dr. Julian Hosp (absolute recommendation)
His talent is to explain complicated things in a simple way. His vision is that by 2025 at least 1 billion people will know and understand the blockchain through him. Its mission is to make the world #CRYPTOFIT so that people are prepared for the coming wave of decentralization. Millions of people have used its materials and products.


2. Sheldon Evans
Sheldon Evans is a South African born professional photographer and youtuber. His channel is now followed by almost 400,000 subscribers, who follow his tips with great attention.


3. The moon
“The Moon” focuses on its channel on news, updates and the current Bitcoin prices. Both for beginners and traders who want to stay up to date. He also creates useful analyzes that support you in trading cryptos.


4. Block trainer
On this channel, the big topics of blockchain, decentralization and also Bitcoin are brought closer to you in an understandable way. This is also a German YouTube channel.


5. BitBoy Crypto
“BitBoy Crypto” always has the latest crypto news ready, shows projects and gives advice on trading cryptocurrency. He conveys a lot of knowledge about all possible crypto currencies.


6. JRNY Crypto
The YouTube channel contains everything you need to know about Bitcoin, Altcoins and finance. Here you can always stay up to date with the latest news.


7. Coin Bureau
In the “Coin Bureau” all information about the “crypto currency galaxy” is recorded and compiled for you. They take you on their “ship” and show you what cryptocurrency really means.


8. MDX Crypto
“MDX Crypto” is one of the leaders when it comes to news. The channel covers a variety of useful areas, e.g. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, crypto games, new technology and engineering.


9. Ivan on Tech
Ivan tells you everything he knows about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He is an international trainer and speaker on the topic of blockchain.


10. Crypto Banter
“Crypto Banter” is one of the first channels that also streams live. Viewers can also get involved while the reporting is running. The idea was to accommodate the banter of all media in a stream format for the best added value.


11. Flow of funds
The German channel Finanzfluss makes weekly videos that explain the financial world, show ways to save and invest and make you financially fit.


2 product recommendations for everyone who wants to get started

I have picked out two really good recommendations for you so that you can get in and get started safely and effectively.

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Crypto Trading Academy Master Earning Online Training *

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For training: Crypto Trading Academy master's profit online training *


The current crypto broker of my choice

After my last post on this topic, I was often asked where I buy or trade my coins. I am not an expert and there may be better providers, but I am currently with them Coinbase* (here I have a savings plan) and Binance* (here I trade from time to time) very satisfied!