Is Justin Bieber overrated

Barton: "Neymar the Justin Bieber of Football"

England scandal player Joey Barton has compared the Brazilian international Neymar with teen pop star Justin Bieber. The Olympique Marseille midfielder thinks the youngster is overrated.

Barton was unfazed by Neymar after watching Brazil's friendly against Russia (1-1) on Monday. "Neymar is the Justin Bieber of football. Brilliant on YouTube, in truth cat piss," wrote the 30-year-old on "Twitter".

"It's amazing what YouTube material can do," continued Barton. The Englishman in the service of Olympique Marseille admitted that Neymar was one of the more conspicuous players against Russia, but the Brazilian is not in the same "stratosphere" as Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

Criticism of the Brazilian league

Barton also had a bad head on the Brazilian Serie A: "Just stop scoring in the Brazilian league. I scored 77 goals in my first season in the Rainhill and Byrne U14 league and that was more difficult."

After Barton's first attack a month ago, Neymar said he had never heard of Joey Barton. At that time, Barton described him as "overrated" and assessed a possible transfer of over 50 million euros as overpriced. It remains to be seen whether Neymar will even react to the Englishman's renewed criticism.

Joey Barton in a profile

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