Has a serial killer ever been freed

The worst German serial killers in the last 100 years

Volker Eckert (1959 - 2007, symbol picture)

At the age of 15, he committed his first murder in Plauen in 1974. Volker Eckert strangled a 14-year-old classmate, but was able to successfully disguise the act as a suicide. In 1987 Eckert was sentenced to twelve years in prison for attempted murder for two near-fatal attacks against women. In 1994 he was released from prison. Eckert, who last lived in Hof, worked as a truck driver. In France, Spain and Italy, according to the police, he killed at least seven prostitutes between 2001 and 2006, committed port mortem on them and finally photographed his victims. During his last act, on November 2, 2006 in northern Spain, the police were able to fall back on images from a surveillance camera. It showed Eckert's truck and the laying down of the naked corpse next to a parking lot. Eckert could be identified via the truck. A few days later, the police arrested the truck driver near Cologne. In his interrogations Eckert confessed to six murders, including that of his classmate in Plauen. In July 2007 Eckert hanged himself in his cell. The police later found three other murders on him. However, the number of victims of the "Strangler von Plauen" is likely to be even higher, the investigators believe.