FIFO is a queue

First in - first out (short FIFO) is used as a technical term in the fields of Goods management, production technology and IT used.

In the Merchandise management refers to the stocks of goods stored. In the The term production technology refers to the processes. In the Informatics, the FIFO method is about the so-called queues (Queues). In all areas, however, the meaning of the term is the same.

"First in - First out" is synonymous with the saying "First come first serve". Elements that were dropped first, will too first removed again.

Structure and functionality of First In - First Out (FIFO method)

FIFO method in inventory management

In the Inventory management, the FIFO method is the common procedure. The goods or data records of the merchandise management system are dealt with in sequence.

The The oldest goods, which were stored first, are the first to leave the warehouse and taken from the database. A Perishable goods are an exception. These are treated according to the FEFO principle (First Expired - First Out).

The most perishable goods are the first to be removed.

FIFO process in production technology

In the Production technology becomes the FIFO method applied to To be able to better link processes with one another. The respective The successor process controls the predecessor process. The goods that arrived first are used first.

First in - first out in IT

In the Computer science is this "First in - First out"-Procedure a method of storing data and calling it up again. It will be a Queued up (Queue), which after the Handled the FIFO principle becomes.

All Elements of this queue become retrieved in the exact order, in which they "queued". At Operating systems are called pipes.

Example of First In - First Out (FIFO method)

At Controllers from IT comes that FIFO principle basically applies.

For example be Entries via the keyboard and mouse clicks are processed using this method. With PCs, that's that serial interface RS232 port. The incoming bytes are buffered one after the other. They are then processed again in exactly this order.

Otherwise the inputs would by the user are not processed in the specified order.