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The ultimate Clickfunnels test - Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to a marketing tool called Clickfunnels, which is relatively unknown in Germany.

I have now been a Clickfunnels customer for over a year and can tell you that I am completely enthusiastic and convinced of what Russell Brunson and his team have put together.

So what is Clickfunnels anyway?

It's not that easy to describe, because Clickfunnels takes so many tasks off your hands as an online marketer that it cannot be explained in a few words.

To get started, the simplest explanation might be if I tell you it's a landing page editor with an attached funnel option.

Many in Germany now know and use LeadPages, but LeadPages cannot be equated with Clickfunnels.

Just like Lead Pages, Clickfunnels also provides a large number of ready-made templates that you can change and adapt to your taste.

At Clickfunnels you get a selection of really good-looking sites so that you don't have to hire a designer or programmer.

The whole web application is really easy to use.

Over the past few years, there have already been a number of tools on the market to easily create landing pages.

I started with Optimizepress 1.x at that time.

I had saved myself the change to Optimizepress 2.x due to the bad rating of the system's speed.

I then switched directly to LeadPages and had an annual package there.

LeadPages really does a very good job and is an excellent web based tool.

Many American marketers were talking about Clickfunnels even before the launch.

As an online marketer you always stay up to date, I looked at the matter right from the start and considered whether I should extend my contract with LeadPages or whether switching to Clickfunnels would be the better solution.

At that time I was looking for a good membership solution. I had looked at WordPress-based member areas, among other things, I found aMember pro very interesting and Kajabi or Kajabi Next was also on the agenda.

For me, the solution with Clickfunnels, with an integrated member area, everything in one system, was just right.

Since I have not yet made a post about a - Clickfunnels Review - want to put it online, I thought to myself, I'll summarize for you all the information there is already on the net.


The posts and click funnels themselves are in English. If your English isn't the best, use Google's own translator. Hopefully this will help you at least understand the basics. If you have any questions, you can write to me or leave a comment below. I will then be able to help you.


10 sources with which you can quickly form your opinion on Clickfunnels and which provide detailed tests and the comparison of Clickfunnels vs. Leadpages


1. Stephen Esketzis shows a great overview and comparison of the two providers on his blog of the same name He updates his contribution with every new feature of the Clickfunnels software.



2. Rasmus also provides great insights on his blog A comparison with Optimizepress 2.x is also listed here.



3. On Kinley McFadden shows you his insight into the Clickfunnels software. He does not give a detailed comparison, but provides a great overview with pictures.



4. The topic is also discussed extensively in the Warrior Forum.



5. A whole web project was launched on



6. Ryan Hauser delivers his review on YouTube.



7. A separate YouTube channel for a review or the comparison of Clickfunnels vs. Lead Pages



8. On, Carl Taylor writes what he doesn't like so much about Clickfunnels.



9. Clickfunnels is also an issue on LinkedIn.



10. And finally, I have a comparison from Jo Barnes. He compares Leadpages vs. Thrive vs. Themes, OP2 vs. Click Funnels on


You should now have a good overview of the possible software solutions for your landing pages and funnels.

I can only tell you, just try the 14 day trial period. You will be amazed by what is offered to you.

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Links and further sources (in English):