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GMAT test: tips for preparation

Contrary to some opinions, it is GMAT respectively Graduate Management Admission Test not an intelligence test, but an English-language, standardized and computer-based logic and language test. Anyone at a prestigious Business school or want to take part in an MBA study program worldwide, must generally do well in this test and submit it with the application. Since the bachelor-master system was also introduced in Germany, more and more universities in this country, especially for business administration master’s programs, have been demanding the successful Completion of the GMATto be able to apply. For quite a few potential business school students, the GMAT represents a high hurdle within the admission process. Especially because the applicants are often already working and the necessary math skills are a while ago. Nevertheless: with good preparation it is Graduate Management Admission Test easy to master.

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

How to Pass the Graduate Management Admission Test

The GMAT was designed by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), an association of American business schools based in the US state of Virginia.

Whether and how well someone completes the test, of course, also depends a little on their talent. Nevertheless, everyone should plan at least four weeks of preparation time. Test cracker even recommend around ten weeks - In any case, graduates achieve the best results with this test preparation time.

But that only works if you really do it good workout plan, in which you not only adhere to daily learning phases, but also, for example, reserve and reserve the weekends for longer test trainings and trial tests.

Ideally, you should divide the preparation time into Stages on. And of course, right at the beginning is the selection of the right reading material and preparatory literature.

Extra tip: The Official Review-GMAC books include former ones Original questions from the GMAT and are simply indispensable for preparation. However, they are not sufficient for a top score of 650 points or more, as the questions asked are too simple for that.

How is the GMAT structured?

The test is divided into four parts:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning Section (networked thinking)
  • Quantitative Section (Mathematical Thinking)
  • Verbal Section (linguistic reasoning)

The basic principle is as follows: The examinees have to answer questions selected by a computer under time pressure. The level of difficulty depends on the answer given by the participant; if the question asked was answered correctly, the following question is more difficult - and accordingly also the question Score higher.

Became a Wrong answer to question, the next question is easier, but the number of points to be achieved is also lower.

For the Analytical Writing Assessment an essay (in English of course) on a topic of argument must be prepared. In this 30-minute part of the exam, students have to write an essay that analyzes and interprets a specific topic.

The Integrated reasoning section in turn tests the ability to interpret data from various sources such as charts, graphs and tables. This part of the exam also lasts 30 minutes and consists of twelve questions about these data sources.

Calculators provided by GMAC are allowed here. Own calculators or smartphones are not permitted. These two parts are assessed separately.

However, the relevant assessment for most universities results from the Mathematics and language part of the GMAT, so the last two sections. Here you have 75 minutes for multiple-choice questions.

In the "Quantitative Section", your mathematical, logical and quantitative skills and knowledge are tested. The “Verbal Section” is about your reading and grammar comprehension.

Although the entire GMAT test is held in English, unlike the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) not a pure language test, but primarily serves to measure your analytical and logical skills.

You have one between each part of the exam 8-minute break.

GMAT test Germany and test centers in Austria and Switzerland

The GMAT test helps applicants from different countries and universities with different entry requirements to compare with each other, which is why not only students from abroad, but also local students have to take the test.

The international importance of the test is evident Also in Germany, for example for students who want to do their Master of Management at the University of Mannheim.

The test is standardized and can be taken in various certified test centers, in Germany these are Test centers in the following cities:

  • Berlin
  • Dusseldorf
  • Frankfurt
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart

In Austria there is a test center in Vienna, in Switzerland in Lausanne, St. Gallen and Zurich. For the GMAT registration you should at least two months be taken into account.

GMAT test costs: Financial expenditure depending on the use

This test is not cheap: The fun costs $ 250, so about 190 euros. But that's still the lesser effort: Depending on how well you want to pass this test and the business school to which you are applying, you have different options.

There are various courses related to the GMAT test commercial providerswho specialize in preparing for the test. For a one-day crash course, you can expect another 200 euros, for 7-day courses around 1,200 euros are due.

Ultimately, it is one too Question of personal learning style and the individual circumstances, how you decide: If you take the GMAT test while you work, you may find it difficult to motivate yourself. Some people generally find it easier to learn in groups, others appreciate the flexible time management possible for self-study.

The official homepage of the GMAT test has a free manual available on its website that every candidate should work through before taking the test. There is also the opportunity to prepare free software to download. You can find the link here.

If you fail, you can repeat the test after six weeks at the earliest, but only a maximum of five times a year. The results of the test will be determined automatically and communicated to the test centers. It is also important that the results of the previous tests are reported upon completion.

In some countries, such as Japan or Korea, the test is taken up to twelve times - until the result is correct. There are also schools that may purify your applicants from Reasons of prestige have the test repeated.

This is how the assessment in the GMAT takes place

In the math and language part of the test, points are simply awarded - from 0 to 800. Universities that offer the Require GMAT when applying, usually define a minimum number of points beforehand. In order to be admitted to the top business schools in the USA and Europe, results of more than 650 points are generally required, in some schools even well over 700 points.

Universities in German-speaking countries that support the GMAT for master’s programs demanding, are satisfied with less. Here, the entry requirement is more likely to be around 500 to 650 points.

However, in all cases, with a good to very good GMAT, you can often put less strong grades from a Bachelor's degree into perspective. This is the case at many business schools and universities GMAT score of the students as a secret seal of quality. A high score can therefore significantly increase the chances of success of an application.

Your GMAT test result will be sent by GMAC to the schools you specify. Experts recommend that Wait for the result of the test and then specify the schools. While this can potentially result in additional fees, it prevents schools from automatically receiving the low test result.

GMAT preparation: the quantitative part

Tasks that come up again and again in the GMAT deal with mastering Divisibility rules. You have to quickly estimate whether a large number is divisible by three, eleven or thirteen, for example.

The fast one is also essential for anyone who wants to achieve a high score Prime factorization large numbers. Not only because prime numbers are often dealt with directly in certain questions, but the prime factorization also helps to reduce and calculate fractions with large numbers more quickly.

Of course, this also means being able to memorize prime numbers up to a certain level. The absolute minimum here is the range from two to 23. For the best possible test result, however, you should also select the region further above learn by heart.

GMAT preparation: the verbal part

In contrast to the Math test should be at Language test must be clearly differentiated between the individual question types in preparation. Below are two pointers for the areas Critical reasoning and Reading comprehension.

Many US students train critical reasoning with preparatory questions from the LSAT, the Law School Admission Test. Because, as expected, a lot of emphasis is placed on this in the admission test for future lawyers critical analyzing laid by arguments.

The problems surveyed there are often much more difficult than the topics surveyed in the GMAT. So an ideal one preparation, especially in the last phase of a good learning strategy for a top score.

In addition, has - both for Critical reasoning, but much more for Reading Comprehension - proven, beforehand that quick reading and understanding to train on complex English texts. With the help of major American newspapers, for example.

Recommended here are the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or the American Financial Timesbecause the English style used in the GMAT "Standard Written English“Which this newspaper corresponds to.

Especially if you have more than six months until the planned GMAT appointment, you should use the time through which regular reading these readings to improve his understanding of the English text.

GMAT test: tip and example

Do a so-called Bug diary. In it you write down every question that was answered incorrectly and of course how it was corrected. The reason: the number of GMAT questions is limited and with every mistake you avoid, they go away white spots in your training plan.

You also have the opportunity HERE to register GMAT test example to work through.

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