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XKCD explains the Instagram problem - karateka makers the difference to the 1984 original

The newly released Instagram version 3.4.0 (AppStore link) is currently eliminating the bad app store ratings that the photo sharing service has captured after the hotly debated change in its terms and conditions. In the meantime, Instagram has reconsidered its users and tries to downplay the legitimate criticism of the suggested photo sale as a misunderstanding and a standard passage misinterpreted by users, but initial collateral damage can already be complained about.

For example, the popular photo magazine “National Geographic” has frozen its official account in protest about the terms of use.

Circumstances that bring us to the webcomic "XKCD". Using the example of Instagram, this explains the core problem of free web offers on four small picture boards. You don't really have to remember much more.

The mini commercial by karateka maker Jordan Mechner is not quite as serious and remarkably astonishingly informative. Yesterday - ifun.de reported - the new iPhone version of his 20-year-old game "Karateka“(AppStore link) released in the App Store and describes the differences between the two titles in an entertaining 69 seconds.

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