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factro vs. Smartsheet - A comparison

Management tools are there many. Do you finally have the feeling that you have found something suitable? But it turns out that it is not ideal for your team? You want to start right away - without a long training period - and are looking for an intuitive one Alternative to Smartsheet? Here she is!


Smartsheet as one Mixture of project management software and spreadsheet program is unbelievable to be set up flexibly and individually, but must first be understood in its diversity before it can be used optimally.


The collaboration toolfactro is for both simple Task management as well as for complex ones Multi-project management suitable.

In different views - from the Table and the Kanban board to the work breakdown structure and Gantt chart - Projects are structured with the associated packages and tasks, filtered according to their status, grouped or individually sorted.

We look at the two tools - Smartsheet and factro - a little more precisely, with a focus on the following points:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Project views
  3. Performance recording and calendar
  4. Customer service
  5. templates
  6. Data security
  7. Guest user

1. Ease of use

Smartsheet is definitely not a program for users who want their project management software to be as simple as possible. "-Network winner

Smartsheets Offers tables concept many possibilities. As a user, you can register your individual project management tool assemble it yourself from individual components. This is what makes the software special diverse and functional, but is not the right one for every user. Because one advantage of management programs is that you, the user, are one use structural scaffolding can to get to organize.

At factro for example, do you have this scaffolding to help you. The tool is simple and self-explanatory. So, as a user, you need no lead time or introduction time in the company and can factro take over directly in the practice.

2. Project views

Either Smartsheet as well as factro form projects or tasks in individually selectable views from. Both tools sometimes use different names for similar representations.

Spreadsheet view vs. table

The Spreadsheet view - Standard view of Smartsheet - is with the table of factro comparable.

The Spreadsheet view forms the Basis for all further views in SmartSheet. Comparable to a blank sheet in Excel it has the same functions (including formulas) and is perfect individually designed.
When creating a new table, you can either use the templates of Smartsheet use them, adapt them if necessary or create your table from scratch. The filling with content as well as the design is entirely up to you.

The table at factro does not have to be created separately, but results from all tasks created in the tool and lists them cross-project and clear on. Are at a glance

  • Urgency (through a colored "traffic light" system),
  • Status,
  • Due Date,
  • current exhaustion of time resources,
  • progress


Will you be in the Smartsheet-Templates not what you are looking for? Do you find it difficult to design your own? The Table view of factro offers a comprehensive overview of all tasks - completely easy and intuitive.

Card view vs. Kanban board

The Map view of Smartsheet resembles one Kanban boardas it is with factro is to be found.

At Smartsheet the table content or the tasks are carried out by individual so-called Lanes structured. However, this does not have to happen according to the status of the tasks, as is usual with a Kanban board. Here, too, you are back as a user completely free and can sort your table according to different categories like Status, responsible person or date organize. Also leaves Smartsheet You too Labeling, adding new lanes and simply moving maps via Drag and drop.

A difficulty can be found there at the Link to the table surrender. If categories do not match, tasks cannot be classified correctly in the card view and must be moved manually.

At factro As already mentioned, the tasks can be found in one according to their status Kanban board, divided into "Planned", "active", "review" and "finished". Perfect for your daily business you have Cross-project always in view of what needs to be done. The individual status can be found in factro can be changed by changing the status in the task itself or using Drag and drop move in their columns.

Gantt chart

Visualize Gantt charts temporal processes. So let yourself be Plan and control projects in even more detail.

Most diagrams and programs work with this Predecessor / successor relationships and milestones. In this way, tasks that are mutually dependent are linked to one another Correct planning even with subsequent Change of dates to guarantee. Milestones mark important ones "Stopovers".

Basically, how the Gantt charts in both tools (Smartsheet and factro) similar. A The difference lies in the handling.

Smartsheet once again gives you a lot of freedom. You can Display existing tables as Gantt (only if start and end dates are defined), use one of the templates or create and adapt the diagram yourself from scratch.

Similar to the Kanban Board delivers you factro a Gantt chart from your existing data. With a few simple clicks you can Insert milestones and dependencies. Here's how to use a Gantt chart factro create.

Work breakdown structure at factro

In addition to Table, Kanban and Gantt chart offers factro in contrast to Smartsheet yet another very helpful view - the Work breakdown structure.

Complex, confusing projects can be represented in a single graphic and such a thing rough, superordinate overview give. Ideal for planning.

The Main difference to Smartsheet in connection with project views is the following: On the one hand, a project can be added to factro in every view created become. On the other hand, you can with a simple click change the display. So look at your project different perspectives with different focuses - as you need it right now.

3. Performance recording and calendar

factro makes it easy for you To record, bill and ultimately export time expenditure on a project, person and task basis. By booked time per individual task can Easily monitored costs become. factro forms Target, actual, remaining and delta expenses from which optimally as Basis for the entire planning and control of resources can be used.

  • Target effort: estimated time required in working hours
  • Actual effort: actual working hours
  • Remaining effort: Adjustment / assessment of the performer
  • Delta effort: Difference between planned and actual effort

The personal appointments, which result from the effort, are at factro in one calendar displayed. The dates are created by the recorded performance in various tasks. The factro Calendar shows you, for example, the Process of an entire working daywhen all services have been recorded.

The calendar at Smartsheet on the other hand is one further view, in which tasks are arranged in time. The calendar only allows one look at the respective worksheet, so that there is no cross-project calendar view. A Performance recording or resource planning can be created by yourself using templates.

4. Customer service

Because of the almost unlimited possibilities Smartsheet often not self-explanatory. However, when the program starts, the user gets a few clear explanatory videos made available. When using templates, sub-areas are explained.

If you have serious problems or questions during the test phase, there is a "Individual" or "Business" users but only one Email support. One personal customer service by phone offers Smartsheet only from the highest upgrade, which is subject to a fee "Enterprise" at.

factro Users - whether newbies or factro Professionals - it stands free customer service available immediately after registration. That means: yes from the free Basic Cloud you can get personal advice. Not only by phone, email or via the contact form. factro offers you one Live chat to quickly answer urgent questions.

5. Project templates

factro Users ready-to-use project templates available in the Best Practice Store. Experts and specialist authors provide you with ready-made guides on topics such as quality management, digitization of sales and marketing or data security. It includes all tasks for implementing a topic - with detailed descriptions, checklists and templates - that can be flexibly adapted to your needs.

Templates themselves can be saved in factro Generate all users from existing tasks or projects at any time. So must recurring processes not be recreated every time. In this way, you not only save time, but can also establish standards.

At Smartsheet find each other templates in the Solutions Center. Similar to Excel Proposals can be selected for various focal points.

6. Data security

Smartsheet, headquartered in Washington, attaches great importance to Data security. According to its own information, the tool hosts at Equinix and AWS locationsthat are AICPA SOC 1 tested and ISO 27001 certified. However, it is not possible to find out the exact server location where all data is backed up.

factro on the other hand - 100% made in Germany - saves its data in German data centers in Frankfurt and Nuremberg, which is certified according to the standards ISO / IEC 27001 and DIN EN ISO 9001 and approved for order-related data processing is. The Encryption of data transmission between the data center and the end device takes place via the secure SSL procedure.

You can find out more about the GDPR here at factro.

7. Free guest users at factro

At factro can be used within a project or individual tasks unlimited guest users for free be integrated. If external employees, customers, suppliers or other partners doesn’t matter.

Depending on the assigned rights (Read or edit rights) guest users have their own dashboard and can collaborate on tasks by adding comments, ticking off checklists, or changing the status of the task. So can important stakeholders are involved in a project and cooperation becomes easy and transparent.

Smartsheet offers no guest users at.

Conclusion: factro as a Smartsheet alternative - functional diversity with easy handling

Smartsheet is a extremely flexible tool with many options, could get on your nerves if you are pressed for time if you are not completely familiar with it.

With factro you don't need any lead times or training. The tool is simple and self-explanatory, but still offers you extensive functions, such as

  • task and project-related views
  • detailed performance recording
  • Comment functions
  • numerous project and task details

This is why factro an optimal alternative for Smartsheet.

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