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Writing a thesis in 6 steps

A thesis is an independently written scientific piece of work that you write in school or during your school education.

It is written from year 9 at the earliest, but mostly only in upper school (year 11 or 12). The thesis should introduce you to scientific work in the university.

You can usually write your thesis in a subject of your choice. This then replaces an exam.

The length of a thesis is approx. 10–12 pages.

Write your thesis step by step

In this article, we'll show you how to write a successful thesis in just 6 steps.

Write a thesis:

  1. Find a topic
  2. Create the outline
  3. Compose the written part
  4. Quote correctly
  5. Have your thesis proofread
  6. The declaration of independence

Step 1: find a topic

First you have to decide in which subject you want to write your thesis. Then you can find a specific topic.

The aim of a specialist thesis is to answer a specific question based on the selected topic. As soon as you have found a topic, you can define the research question and the title of your thesis.

You can use the research question or a modified or shortened version in your title.

It is important that you are interested in the selected topic so that writing your thesis is as easy as possible. You can z. B. choose currently discussed topics for your thesis.

Example: Subjects of specialist work

You can usually write your thesis in a subject of your choice, as long as you have written evidence of it in the upper school.

Writing a thesis in another language, e.g. B. in English or Spanish is possible. This way you improve your language skills at the same time.

Take a look at the following topics of a thesis in biology and for budding educators to get inspiration for writing your own thesis.

Example: Subject of the biology thesis