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Boredom during your internship? 7 SOS tips for under-challenged interns

  1. Reasons for boredom during an internship
  2. What can you do against boredom at the internship?
  3. 1. Ask for a conversation
  4. 2. The framework
  5. 3. Don't feel like it? Concentration!
  6. 4. Diet
  7. 5. Finding a meaningful occupation
  8. 6. Write internship report
  9. 7. Learn for school / university

Tick, tock, tick, tock ... although the second hand on the clock is moving, you have the feeling that time has stood still. Because it feels like you've been sitting at your desk for hours, waiting to go home. But the clock just doesn't play along. Those who have nothing to do usually suffer more than those who can hardly save themselves from work. Unfortunately, many interns know the feeling of having to do their time in a company completely useless and without any task. If the internship becomes a test of patience, nobody benefits - neither you nor the company that advertised the internship. Nevertheless, the “boreout” phenomenon continues to affect many interns. We'll tell you how to best deal with it and what tips you can use to free yourself from this messy situation.

Reasons for boredom during an internship

There can be many reasons for boredom during an internship. The company is ill-prepared and may just really have nothing for you to do. This is the most obvious reason, but the reasons for boredom during an internship can also be completely different. Boredom can also be the result of being under-challenged, demotivated, listless, overtired or a negative attitude. For example, anyone who feels uncomfortable in the company because they don't get on so well with their colleagues projects this negative feeling onto their work. The result: You are not really interested in the work you are supposed to do and you therefore don't see any point in the activity. This in turn results in: boredom. So: Before you demonize your employer, listen inside and find out what causes your boredom really is.

What can you do against boredom at the internship?

We have put together a few SOS tips for you that can help you get bored during your internship. Just give it a try and make the most of your time in a company! But be careful: Before you start thinking about yourself, you should always ask your supervisor, your colleagues or a supervisor whether they still have a job for you! Because: Perhaps a colleague has an exciting task that he would like to show you, but is waiting for you to finish your other things and doesn't even know that you actually have nothing to do. If you just do private things during work hours, even though there is actually a lot of work left for you, there can be a lot of trouble. Therefore: Before you use the following SOS tips against boredom during your internship, ask the company beforehand whether you can help somewhere!

1. Ask for a conversation

If you are not sufficiently busy, a conversation with your supervisor or supervisor may help first. Explain to them that you started the internship to learn something and to get to know a profession and an industry. At this point you shouldn't complain, but give constructive feedback! Say what you want and what you would like to learn. This way you get closer to your goal than if you give a lecture about how badly everything is organized and that you are very disappointed with your tasks. Try to find a solution together with your supervisor or supervisor. A little tip: Write down together which activities and tasks you will learn from now on or at least in which areas you can help in the future.

2. The framework

Are you doing an internship where you sit in the office all day? Then you could suffer from a sedentary lifestyle. And what is the air like in the office? If the room climate is poor, it makes you tired and it is much harder to concentrate. Or don't you feel like part of the team yet? Are you still used to getting up early and working long hours? These and many other causes can be the reason for your dissatisfaction with the internship. So: open the window and take a deep breath, get up in between and move around, take a lunch break with colleagues and get to know them, go to bed early and have a good breakfast! Improve the framework conditions, then the world may look a lot better again and you no longer feel so underchallenged.

3. Don't feel like it? Concentration!

Boredom is often confused with listlessness. If you are given tasks, but for some reason do not like them, then you feel listless, bored and under-challenged when completing these tasks. There may be a reason for this too. It is usually the case that one does not understand the purpose of the activity. For this reason, the task is regarded as a kind of occupational therapy and is accordingly motivated to work. But have you ever wondered why you were assigned this task? Maybe they want to introduce you to a much bigger task first and check how reliably you do your work? So always do your best and also perform these supposedly "bad" tasks with the utmost care, because this is the only way you can qualify for "better" jobs. Additional tip: Ask what higher purpose your work serves. If you know the meaning, you get to work with a completely different attitude and motivation!

4. Diet

Yes, it may sound strange, but what we eat has a huge impact on our wellbeing. If you get yourself a kebab, french fries, or a greasy pizza during your lunch break, your body will be busy digesting this "heavy food" for the rest of the day. Fatigue, poor concentration and: boredom as a result are pre-programmed. Hopefully after lunch you will be full of energy with a salad, yoghurt or soup and you will find something to do yourself full of energy.

5. Finding a meaningful occupation

In every company there are tasks. So there is actually always something to do. If you are not given any tasks, then get creative yourself: What could you do? What information could you gather that would be useful to your employer? Or: Is there a folder that new employees receive when they are instructed? Are you allowed to look at this one? Work steps and processes are explained there. In this way you can get to know job-related knowledge at least in theory. Also ask for information material that will be distributed to your business customers or other information that relates to the company and the work in it. In this way you can continue your education a little and still get a few insights into the work in your internship company. Another plus point: You show your motivation and willingness to learn. Maybe you will get more to do from now on?

6. Write internship report

The best thing to do against boredom in the internship company is: Write your internship report! Because then you do not need to be annoyed that you are not given meaningful activities, but can become active yourself. The good thing: the end of the working day comes much faster when you are busy. Another positive side effect: you don't have to do anything at home! Your internship report will be ready at some point and you can enjoy your free time while your friends are still working on your reports on the weekend. Sure, you'd much rather have learned something in your internship, but hey, when life gives you lemons, don't be mad, make soda out of them! But remember: Before you start working on your internship report, ask several times whether nobody really has a job for you. Only then is it ok if you look for something to do yourself!

7. Learn for school / university

If you weren't in the internship company right now, then you would definitely be in school or university by now. And what would you have done there? Learned! So why not bring documents with you just in case, and crap for an upcoming test? But there is nothing to do? The next exam is bound to come! Create summaries and index cards from your documents as preparation for exams. When your friends are stressed about studying, you can relax and refer to your summaries and go through them in peace. So: think about it later and learn! If there really isn't anything to do for school or college, then consider starting your career. Bring career magazines or check the internet. In this way, the internship is guaranteed not just to be a waste of time!

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