Is it worth Windows 10 S.

Windows Windows 10 S - What is it?


Microsoft launched Windows 10 S in June 2018. This operating system was specially developed for educational institutions, but can also be used by people who are not technically well-tested. If you want to learn more about Microsoft's newest operating system, then read on.

Faster, safer and easier

One advantage of Windows in S mode is its fast performance. The operating system has relatively few requirements: 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage are enough to get it running. This is due to the fact that Microsoft has cleaned up a bit with the S version and only allows specially tested software. Windows 10 S also runs smoothly on older devices. The S version is safer than other Windows 10 versions because only Microsoft Store apps are allowed. There is no danger from viruses from third-party software. In addition, Microsoft apps are programmed to be more energy-efficient, which means that the PC can run longer.

Restriction on Windows Store apps

As already mentioned, Windows 10 only allows Windows Store apps in S mode. This ensures a higher level of security, because Microsoft checks all apps for malware. However, you are limited to the apps approved by Microsoft. If you only use your PC for surfing the web and for office tasks, that shouldn't be a problem for you. This is exactly why Windows 10 S is ideal for working in educational institutions. Thanks to Microsoft's restrictions, the highest level of security is always required.

There's no getting around Edge

Edge has been Microsoft's standard browser since Windows 10 and replaces Internet Explorer. Edge is also available as the standard browser in the S version. But unlike in Windows 10 Home and Pro, you cannot use any other browser in the S version. Because other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox are not allowed in the store and therefore not allowed on PCs with Windows 10 S.

Use alternative email providers

The included email software works properly but prohibits the import of alternative email providers. All that remains is to fall back on Microsoft Edge. The e-mail providers can of course be used here via the corresponding websites.

Can drivers be installed?

But if you cannot install software that has not been approved by Microsoft, what about drivers? Well, Microsoft thinks that if users have hardware that is not older than three years, the appropriate driver should also be available from Windows Update. If you have an older device, for example a printer, you can print with Windows 10 S, but you cannot use any other manufacturer features. However, you may have to expect that your hardware cannot be used with Windows 10 S if Windows does not offer a suitable driver.

How do you get Windows 10 S?

Notebooks, such as the Surface Go, are offered with pre-installed Windows 10 S, which cost the equivalent of less than € 300. These are offered as an inexpensive alternative to the Surface Laptop or Surface Pro, which are quite expensive with an initial price of € 1049. You also have the option of upgrading from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro if the S versions don't appeal to you. You can easily download Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft Store for € 50.