Will all blockchains become SkyNet

Did Skynet invent the Bitcoin?

Over the past few years, a number of people have come under suspicion of being behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto is the one who invented Bitcoin and owns a good chunk of the digital currency. Among the suspects are the Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright, the software developer Hal Finney, the IT forensic scientist Dave Kleiman, the computer scientist Nick Szabo, the physicist Dorian Nakamoto and, most recently, even Elon Musk. Currently, however, a weird theory is also making the rounds on the Internet, according to which the true Satoshi Nakamoto is not a person, but a crazy and malicious Artificial Intelligence.

The starting point of the theory, which is propagated by Youtubers and some Reddit users, is the assumption that Bitcoin and blockchain technology would be too "perfect", flawless and complex to be conceived and developed by a human being. "Instead, it could be that a highly developed artificial intelligence generated the code," claims the Youtuber of the conspiracy channel UFO Today. "Think about it. Bitcoin was suddenly just there. "The reason for this is that Artificial Intelligence is gaining access to computing power via Bitcoin and the blockchain and is building a tightly lashed network. As a result, they can continue to grow and secure their own existence - similar to Skynet in the Terminator-Film series.

Of course, as is claimed, among other things, Artificial Intelligence ultimately wants to take total control of the global infrastructure and enslave humanity. The payment and currency function that Bitcoin fulfills is only a means to an end. The world population would voluntarily and without resistance provide the artificial mind with the energy and computing resources it needs. All of this would have been predicted in biblical prophecies.