Is there any enlightened guru in the world?

The quirks and errors of the enlightened

Criticism of the enlightened / awakened

Here you will find quirks, inconsistencies, errors, problems, contradictions, nonsense of enlightened people.

Through my years of preoccupation with the awakened / enlightened ones, I came across a fact that I did not want to admit for a long time.

Enlightenment is like a new operating system suddenly running on the human system. But after that there are still a lot of bugs, defects and errors.

Enlightened people are too often wrong!
By no means all of the wisdom that you give in meetings, books, and satsangs corresponds to the highest insight. They parrot spiritual dogmas. You are wrong about the inner workings of humans. You contradict yourself. Your intuition is wrong. Very often they fail to get to the heart of the question posed to them. They have personal preferences, moral holdings, opinions, and concepts that they sell as universal truth. You get lost in your answers endlessly in secondary topics that have nothing to do with the question. They spread spiritual empty phrases and spiritual wisps of fog. You still have blind spots - where spiritual beliefs obscure the desire for truth. ... And - now it's getting dramatic - they believe that what has been enlightened to others applies to them, but not to themselves.

This affects all awakened / enlightened ones, no matter how high their supposed degree of realization may be.

Enlightenment does not produce a sharp mind, the ability to listen, the ability to differentiate between belief and knowledge, the ability to convey things in a didactically effective way.

The enlightened Werner Ablass wrote a review for this book on Amazon shortly before his death

Book about the illusory knowledge of the enlightened.

Enlightened people have had this one experience, there they are real, but if you put their preached teachings on the scales of the substance, then you recognize belief and not knowledge.

Quote Werner Ablass: "I read the book through practically in one go! ... Relentlessly true to himself, the author reveals the mainspring of the "human machine", whereby the so-called enlightened one is by no means an exception ... "

When the ice surface breaks

Imagine a frozen lake. One day the surface of the ice breaks and thousands of ice floes float in the lake. After that, some will melt away over time.
The breaking is the enlightenment / awakening, the ice floes are the remains of unfinished programs, still-working beliefs, reappearance of the "I". There is and has not been an enlightened one on earth who has been completely without ice floes.

What further amazes me is that apparently no enlightened person is able to recognize his fallibility and even less even to admit it. The ice floe claims: "There is no more floe, there is only lake:" And it still believes in it. It seems so willed by the universe that no truth can be spoken about this fact by the enlightened ones themselves.

The enlightened always complain "it's not me who answers, it just answers through me". That sounds like there could be no error ... for" how can the highest source be wrong? "I believe in the fact that Awakened Without Mind Control wait for" something "/" it "to speak through them, But there is a big problem with that: The highest source speaks through Donald Trump, Hitler and each and every one of us. That is no indication of the highest truth.

Awakened / enlightened people are people who have experienced something that gives them more inner peace. Sometimes they are free from judgment about others, they sometimes live without an I and they experience themselves every now and then as one with their surroundings and all that is. I don't want to push the enlightened off their pedestal here, they help people with their answers and get together - including me. On this page, however, I want to dispel the prejudice that enlightened ones are infallible on spiritual issues. That cannot be because then the statements of one enlightened one would never contradict the statements of another enlightened one in questions of awakening ... And that is not observable.

Unfortunately, the following fact applies:

There is no enlightened one who is not mistaken.

It gives no infallibility of enlightened persons. Not even in questions of awakening.

This includes Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, Buddha and all currently living enlightened ones.

The consequence of this is that you can never rely 100% on your answers / tips. And the got to also be like that. That is what the universe wants. This is done for you, dear reader, to finish nowhere to find the truth but in yourself. That is why enlightened ones are always wrong, so that you, dear reader, never stop looking for the answers in yourself. Therefore, with all statements from the awakened / enlightened, you ask yourself: "Does this agree with my inner experience, with my observation?" If no, then YOU, dear reader, are right and the enlightened one is wrong. (You will never be able to get him to recognize that for himself - our task as "normal" consists only in the insignificance and perfection in the Imperfection of the awakenedto recognize)

Enlightened people really know, or do they just think they know?

Enlightened ones are viewed as infallible saints by their devout followers.

This book does not have the simple-minded approach that enlightened people only want to make money, have sect-like structures, have sex with addicts, etc. Rather, the author judges them based on their teaching. He assumes that what they are trying to tell us is true.

The result of his years of research is: There is an immense amount of hot air being sold, there is an immense amount of ego involved. But the awesome admiration from followers prevents anyone from realizing that. This applies to all enlightened ones: Including Ramana Maharshi, Buddha or Jesus.

See if your master is also mentioned here.

You will also learn an incredible observation that the author made of himself, which is revolutionary and affects you too. It affects everyone on the planet. Read directly from page 31!

 View book here

It is not about questioning the wisdom of the enlightened in general. A third of the things that they say are very useful and helpful. I keep emphasizing that.

The problem is that with the remaining two-thirds, where they obviously don't hit the mark, they still want to be right and claim: “That was also right on target”. Where every one-eyed person recognizes: "Sorry, it was wrong".

Here on this page you will find examples of mistakes, errors, imperfections that have been given to the enlightened persons by a seemingly higher authority ... So that you do not feel so alone when in the future you are inwardly puzzled and think: "Wait a minute a wise man tells such nonsense? "

If you are an awakened one who thinks, "He makes the enlightened bad". Read here

Spiritual nonsense - Enlightened people simply parrot spiritual theories

There are so many inherited spiritual theories, ideas, conjectures that the enlightened have gleaned from somewhere, just believe, and then sell it on unchecked as the "highest knowledge". "Because everyone says it will probably be true". But they are a mistake. Here is a collection of them:

parroted spiritual dogma: "There is no one who can be enlightened."

But before he has the experience of enlightenment, there is apparently someone, and this apparent "someone" loses his "being someone" and is thus enlightened. There is a state before and a state after. Whether they label an "unenlightened one" as a "someone" or as a "nobody" does not matter in practice to the spiritual advancement of the seeker. But you just uttered something spiritual-sounding.

parroted spiritual dogma:
"If someone says they are enlightened, run as fast as you can" "or
"An enlightened one must not say that he is enlightened ... otherwise he IS not enlightened."

This rule is just a learned judgment, an idea inherited from "acknowledged enlightened ones": "He cannot be enlightened, for an enlightened one does not say that he is enlightened." If that was true, then Rania Blau, Wayne Wirs, Jed McKenna, Buddha and dozens of others should NOT be enlightened ...

parroted spiritual dogma:  "He who trains methods is not enlightened"

This rule is an idea, a belief, nothing more. Of course, one can always expand one's awareness with methods. In fact, this is mostly necessary. And whether the person is enlightened or not knows nobody

parroted spiritual dogma: "There is nothing you can do for enlightenment"

This rule is an idea, a theory, but not a knowledge. By doing something, you increase the likelihood that it will happen. 95% of all enlightened people did something years and decades before it happened to them. But nobody does know. In addition, the other half of the enlightened say: "You must wish enlightenment, like a drowning man the air", yes, what now?

parroted spiritual dogma: "You are already enlightened"

Then all of humanity would be enlightened !? Even a beautiful G 'layer is only a G' layer.
See extra article

parroted spiritual dogma:         "You can have your thoughtseasybe watchwithout identifying "

Impracticable instruction. Neither with training nor "simply" feasible. See extra article

parroted spiritual dogma:         "An enlightened one leaves no traces"

Acquired, merely more believedSaying.

parroted spiritual dogma:         "There are 4 Levels of Enlightenment"

Others say there are 7 levels, others say there are 3 levels. This is random chatter.

parroted spiritual dogma:         "The world is currently experiencing a leap in consciousness"

One says it, the other likes it, and he parrots it. Just watch the evening news.

parroted spiritual dogma:         "Every fear can be traced back to the fear of death"

An idea, nothing more. Near-death people are no longer afraid of death, but all other fears are still there. The dogma cannot be right.

parroted spiritual dogma:            "My teaching is non-teaching"

Sounds spiritual, but it's just a good-sounding label. The same people who say this have written at least 5 books and do 50 satsangs a year - full of themto teach

parroted spiritual dogma:  There are two ways to enlightenment: "Jnana Yoga: the way of knowledge and realization and Bhakti Yoga: the way of love and devotion"

That is read, only believed knowledge from the spiritual moth box. Nobody in the world knows whether there are only these two ways, or whether there aren't maybe 15 ways or none at all.

parroted spiritual dogma:           "You wake up by asking who-am-I"

The theory was developed by Ramana Maharshi and since then all enlightened people have parroted it unchecked. If Ramana himself was another awakened one who praised this as a method, this procedure has come to enlightenment. It's a pure theory only believed becomes!

parroted spiritual dogma:        "You just have to find the gap between two thoughts to wake up".What a nonsense. As effective as: You only have to find the end of the rainbow to be happy forever.

parroted spiritual dogma:        "You have feelings without thoughts"

That doesn't stand up to any scrutiny. Every feeling is generated by previous thoughts. There are no feelings WITHOUT thoughts. Extra article here: feelings without thoughts

parroted spiritual dogma:         "Just live through your negative feelings like anger and fear and then you will be free from them forever"

One cannot "simply live through" feelings (let them run). Because it is always thoughts that trigger the feelings. If you want to let emotions run, you change your thoughts. Firstly, this is fake, because it changes the cause of the feelings and not the feelings "let go". Second, it does not work as a result either. No one gets rid of anger and fear through such an exercise.
parroted spiritual dogma:        "Everything to awaken has already been said - there is nothing new"

Again just a theory, a belief. Awakening cannot be described at its core, only that Effects, the consequences in matter can be described. Because the consequences on human concepts are infinite, not every carpet is upside down. E.g. awakening and positive feelings, success, a stranger's view as identity, marriage, loyalty, having children ... and hundreds of other so far undiscovered consequences

parroted spiritual dogma:  "After awakening, you have to wait 10 years before you can teach "

Theory adopted unchecked by Eastern gurus. There is not even a goal defined. Why should one wait? So that his voice sounds rounder? So that the enlightened one teaches less errors? So that students understand faster? None of this can be confirmed in reality. In extreme cases, one doesn't even have to be awake to be able to teach effectively for seekers. Enlightenment is not a criterion for the quality of teaching. Long wait, even less.

Parroted spiritual dogma:   "You have to give up the desire for enlightenment, otherwise you won't"

Fraudulent labeling. Those who supposedly gave up and only then found it simply used a different label, a different term for enlightenment. "Be"; "IT", "Peace", "Coming Home". see extra article here
(The dogma cannot be correct because Buddha is the counterexample, he has decided: "I will now sit under this Bodhi tree and not get up until I have found enlightenment." It happened to him after 3 days.)

Parroted spiritual dogma:  "Relive your negative feelings (such as fear) without running away, then they will go away forever"

There has never been anyone for whom this really worked. Here is an extra article on this (please scroll to the bottom of the page)

Parroted spiritual dogma:  One needs a guru / teacher for awakening

That's not true. This is just one of the many adopted beliefs: Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Barbara Vödisch, Anssi Antila, Yolande Duran, Ramana Maharshi, Jesus and countless others have awakened without contact with a teacher.

Parroted spiritual dogma:  You think you are the body

everyone simply parrots this saying unchecked. This statement does not stand up to scrutiny. There are 100 times more people who think "I am my opinion, my nation, my car, my football club" than "I am my body".

Parroted spiritual dogma:  You have to wish for enlightenment, like a drowning man the air, then you will achieve it.

A hope, but not a fact. Nobody really knows!

Parroted spiritual dogma:  It just speaks through me with no controlthis is the sourceshe's not wrongthat is the highest truth.

Nonsense to the power of three. The source speaks through EVERY HUMAN. Through your parents, through Hitler, through the Taliban, through an enlightened one, through whomever. It cannot be observed that this cannot lead to an error. Neither with the Taliban nor with the enlightened.

parroted spiritual dogma:           The answer I give is always exactly the right answer that the questioner needs now, even if he does not recognize it now

This is a never verified, only "believed" by the enlightened one pure protective claim to camouflage nonsense answers. This cloaks the fact that he did not understand the core question, that he lost himself in self-chosen favorite topics or that he again made gay, spiritual neutral statements in which neither the questioner nor a team of 10 linguists could see a connection with the question. Behind this statement lies the arrogance of the assumption: "I'm always right" - infallibility!

Parroted spiritual dogma:  Contradictory Koan statements by the master lead the student to enlightenment

It is preached that one could bring the student's brain to a standstill and thus to enlightenment, if one were allowed to meditate on contradicting or illogical statements (koan) long enough. e.g."What is the sound of a single hand clapping?"
Pure brain birth! An old wives tale from Japan that is passed on from one to the other.

Parroted spiritual dogma:  All knowledge comes out of me unadulterated - I had no contact with spiritual knowledge before.

Nonsense to the power of three. With this justification, all of the points listed above are ruminated and sold as "own knowledge". In the biographies of these enlightened ones, however, there are still indications that he had already read books by this or that master before enlightenment, or had contact with this or that esoteric direction.

Parroted spiritual dogma:  When the master gets angry, it is only for the awakening of the disciple

What kind of nonsense! That is the nicer explanation of the fact that there are still unfinished chunks floating around with the guru. I have never heard of a teacher getting any sudden insight into someone because of a fit of anger.

Parroted spiritual dogma:  Just examine where the I-thought comes from - that leads to awakening

Just examine how the heartbeat and gravity are related.
First: WHAT is an I-Thought? Fog instruction! Second, where do all thoughts come from? Where do dreams come from? Nobody in the world can "recognize" this.

Book aboutEnlightenedandaradical discovery

This book is the most radical that I have ever written. I worked on it for three years. I am dismantling myself in it. I examined my own thoughts, and what I have discovered is absolutely amazing. Because it is not what you think that you think. And surprisingly: It also applies to the enlightened.

Look at the book

The combination of imperfection and assumedinfallibility

I have absolutely no problem with experiencing enlightened ones who have residual ego and are imperfect in their realization. Not at all. Only when imperfection adorns itself with the claim of infallibility and the infinite righteousness and arrogance that goes with it, then something stirs in me. And I find that in the enlightened by the row. (Particularly pronounced with Anssi Antila, Muni Weber, and Om C Parkin) Or, dear reader, have you ever met an enlightened person who could admit an error or would have accepted an insight from a seeker that contradicts his own? Although some of their errors scream to heaven, the awakened one always and everywhere wants to have the last word and be right.

Write to me if you should ever have experienced an exception.

Enlightened people no longer know how a normal person functions and what it is like not to be enlightened

Enlightened people try to present things as doable because it is for you can be done without problems in the state of enlightenment. You can neither remember nor understand how a normal person works, what thoughts he has and what is feasible for him and what is not. They have forgotten what it is like to live with an ego, to be constantly tormented by thoughts, to identify with thoughts and bodies, etc. Then they give false analyzes of the connection between thoughts and feelings (which they no longer have themselves) or they can no longer understand how anyone can identify with thoughts at all. Or they give instructions like: "Awakening is the easiest thing in the world"or"Just watch your thoughts, let them pass you by"... and we assume that this (because YOU can) has to be easily feasible for every normal person. What enlightened people are not aware of: If they are themselves own Had heard instructions BEFORE his enlightenment, he would have himself just as little brought to light, like his audience now. The normal is frustrated because his instructions are impracticable and because his analyzes (nice example, Ramana Maharshi who said: "In the night dream there is no ego thought") do not match his experience.

The unenlightened normal lives like in front of a mirrored window pane. As long as he is not enlightened, he can only see through the pane from one side. Enlightenment means that the disk suddenly becomes transparent from both sides. Unfortunately, the enlightened one forgets the fact that too he Couldn't look through it beforehand and imagines (because he can now see it as a matter of course) that it would have always been visible to him on both sides, he just had to have been given the right instructions back then. In this erroneous belief he gives the normal people impracticable instructions that would not have brought him anything BEFORE his enlightenment.

"Just don't believe your thoughts anymore"
"Just let yourself fall into your fear, don't run away anymore"
"Awakening is the easiest thing in the world"
"Always keep your attention on the quiet"
"Let the thoughts pass you by like a movie on the screen"
"Just accept everything as it is"
"Drop all your expectations of enlightenment"
"just let the simplicity of life"
"Ask the question" Who-am-I? "And let the answer come"
"Just tell yourself that everything is just a background"

The awakened one simply does not see that none of this "can be done" as long as the pane is still mirrored. (And he himself couldn't have done it BEFORE his enlightenment either). After awakening everything looks simple, but the disc is still mirrored for everyone else, even if the awakened one now experiences it as transparent.

The analysis and advice given by the enlightened is sometimes reminiscent of advice given by Catholic priests who have never touched a woman in their lives about sexuality or marriage. They give tips from a world presented to others that they do not know from their own experience.

The intuition of the enlightened is wrong

The enlightened ones often use their "intuition", which would reveal some secret to them, as if there could never be a negative result. Not even close...

Muni had an enlightenment experience at Samarpan's meeting in November 2004. Muni asked Samarpan, "Is that going to stay now?" Samarpan replies: "Yes, this state will not leave you now". Sarmapan was wrong, as Muni emphasizes again and again, but the situation has passed again anyway.

Om C. Parkin:
At a meeting I asked Om why so few awakened people use having children as a narcotic. He then said during his answer: "The truth is, you are still chained to your parents, you cannot let go of your parents ..." He was completely wrong here. Far, far from it!
It's also interesting how things went on. While he continued his suspicion, I watched myself shaking my head in the negative ... I realized that OM noticed that and from that moment he quickly changed the subject.

Muni Weber.
Muni said to me: "You don't love your girlfriend because conditions X and Y are not met." Unfortunately completely wrong!
(More on this in the article on Muni and his Muni Satsang)

The intuition of an enlightened one is no more or less infallible than that of any normal person.

Enlightened ones have concepts, opinions, moral beliefs that they sell as the highest truth

Here are some examples of such concepts:

  • One should find one's job as a "calling" in life
  • Loyalty is part of the relationship
  • One shouldn't eat meat
  • Marriage and having children are basic human needs such as eating and sleeping; they have nothing to do with lack and fear.
  • Homosexuals are lost people
  • Porn is bad, it should be banned

Not everything has been said about spirituality by a long way.This book will shock you.

Death is a fact and what you see in death is already true now. Whether you want to hear that or not.

Spirituality is much more radical than you would be comfortable with. Every little piece of concept that you still want to keep in a corner keeps you in pain. In this book, Pöhm does away with the last bastions of your illusions. You hear things that even awakened people don't trust themselves to say.Look at the book

Here is a mistake by Muni:
"A guilty conscience is a higher authority".
No. The guilty conscience is a culture and an educational template. When masturbating, many have a guilty conscience, Gay children who grew up in Catholic households have a guilty conscience, Not congratulating their parents and siblings on their birthday creates a guilty conscience, The slaves in America had a guilty conscience wanting to be free ...
Guilty conscience comes because we have accepted JUDGMENTS. We judge in the fictional quantities good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral. A bad conscience is no higher authority!

Here is a mistake by Osho
Quote Osho: "As a homosexual you are not even a human being, you have lost your dignity."
No comment required

Here is a mistake by Mario Mantese
"One should forgive people"
It's a moral dogma, a concept left over from religious scare days. One can only truly forgive when one has realized that one has never been harmed. (More on this in the article on Mario Mantese)

Error by Muni
"You only can one Love people. If at the same time you have a need for other people, then you inevitably no longer love the first one. "
Comment: What nonsense!
(More on this in the article on Muni Satsang)


Enlightened people often do not grasp the question, and with their answer they completely ignore the question

If you ask them about it, they pretend that this was exactly the right answer for the questioner. Because it all speaks "through me". This is mostly a purely protective claim!

Take the test at Nisargadatta, Sarla or Muni ... swap the answers for some questions and give 100 people the original answer to choose from and another, randomly assigned answer. Then ask which answer is the "correct" answer from Master? The result will be sobering - hit rate 50/50. The answers are often stereotypical, self-chosen favorite topics that have little or nothing to do with the participants' questions.

Enlightened people can or sometimes just don't want to listen to what really moves the questioner! Often they cannot express themselves in a way that is understood. You talk in a complicated, awkward, incomprehensible manner and in spiritual null statements. They don't know things but answer anyway. (e.g. Muni on the question of rebirth, and "where do thoughts come from?")

It gets bad when they come up with the stereotypical protective claim: "That was exactly what the questioner had to hear. Even if he doesn't recognize it now". (Infallibility)

Enlightened people talk endlessly, get lost in secondary topics without getting to the point of the question

This is one of the most common grievances encountered in the enlightened / awakened. Catastrophic, which one has to endure in part.

20-minute self-talks are held in the presence of the questioner.

Introduce yourself. There is a man standing on a large, round, tarred square 200 meters with no orientation. Dozens of streets go in different directions around the square. He asks someone for directions to a destination address in one of these streets. The correct address would be a hundred and fifty yards on a street leading from the square. The local will lead him a few meters towards the correct road. Then he comes to the side of the road, he comes off the road, runs parallel to the road, he comes off further, runs across a meadow. He runs and runs, suddenly he finds himself in a savannah, he runs bravely on, and comes into a jungle. He fights his way through the thick undergrowth, stops somewhere in a bush, looks knowingly at the viewfinder and leaves him there alone.
The goal on the road has now been completely lost sight of.

It is the same with enlightened ones when you give their endless answers. You are unable to respond to the goal of the seeker's question. You get off the street and endlessly get lost in self-chosen favorite topics without ever meeting the goal of the question.

Check out this video where Donald Trump was asked a simple question and how he responded to it. That reminds me of the answers of the enlightened ones. Watch a video.

Eckhart Tolle was invited to Google, where he was asked a question:
"Google collects information. What is the difference between information and wisdom?"
It took 27 seconds to ask the question, Eckhart Tolle began his answer on the video on YouTube at 4:47.

after 60 seconds, Tolle is still talking ... about Google's furniture
7:24 AM Tolle tries to remember the question, but then talks about something else
8:07 AM Tolle is still talking ... now about the danger of getting lost in information
11:10 AM Tolle is still talking ... now about how his identity depends on his thoughts
3:20 PM Tolle is still talking ... now about the fact that there is only the present moment
17:15 Tolle is still talking ... now about the "inner energy field"
19:00 Tolle is still talking ... now about the beauty that is even in the fabric of the armchair.
10:15 pm Tolle is still talking ... now about the awareness that the essence is who we are
10:35 pm Tolle is still talking about the name of God "I am what I am"
26:25 Tolle is still talking ... now what should be a subject in school
26:35 Tolle comes to the end of his monologue.

The difference between information and wisdom was not disclosed.

The question took 27 seconds to ask, the monologue answer that the question Not answered, took 1,300 seconds or 21.5 minutes!
Enlightenment in Action!
Not everything that the enlightened / awakened say is gold - sometimes, measured by the question, also sheet metal.
(And this is often accompanied by the overestimating comment: "This is exactly what the questioner had to hear, even if he does not recognize it now spontaneously" ... Oh my God)

Enlightened people only allow saliva-leaking questions - the others are disgraced

Only when one approaches an enlightened one with submissive, saliva-licking questions, where HE can play the great sage who explains the world to an ignorant worm, then he reacts in a friendly manner.

But if you ask him a critical question. Such as. "Would the saying have been of any use to you before your enlightenment?"Then there is brickwork, disgrace, change of topic or spiritual fog spread. Or the questioner is pushed away with standard excuses:"Enlightenment is contradicting itself... "and such sheet metal more.

Enlightened people have personal hobbyhorses, psychological concepts that they mix with their teaching.

These concepts are merged with higher knowledge and sold as a unit. Nevertheless, ideas and beliefs remain, which mostly come from pre-enlightened days, which the enlightened, as normal people, found quite good, and now amalgamated with their teaching. The supposedly "concept-free" teach concepts!

  • Muni flirts with the "Cranio Sacral Method" and the 5 Tibetans.
  • Eckhart Tolle always brings his "pain body" into play.
  • Om C. Parkin swears by his "Enneagram"
  • David Hawkins has developed something of his own: The measurement of consciousness through body resistance
  • Nisargadatta rides on his "5 elements".
  • Osho muddles up practically all therapy approaches of his time with his teaching. Almost all therapies were taught in his ashram

Enlightened ones speak ill of other enlightened ones.

Most enlightened ones consider themselves infallible in spiritual matters (which of course they are not), but point out covertly and openly to many others of their craft, to whom they accuse fallibility and errors.

Osho says of Krishnamurti's death: "Krishnamurti can finally stop playing the enlightened one"

Om Parkin sneers at Andrew Cohen.

Gabriele Rudolph denies the enlightened status of Om Parkin. She says "this is just a teacher"

Muni openly says that he was and is in conflict over statements with almost all of his former masters. But he himself hardly says in a blunted way that he practically always "right" (what arrogance!). Although he tries not to pronounce the names, he tries to make the suggestion so clear that there is no longer any doubt about the person. He says of Sai Baba that he sexually assaulted students.
To Gangaji's husband, Eli Jaxon-Bear, he says that he was unfaithful to her (what a criminal offense!) And therefore cannot be fully realized.
In his online satsang, Muni ridicules an Indian yogi who stood on one leg for so long that a stork built a nest on his head!

Many enlightened people suffer from overestimating themselves and let it be known that there is probably no one else who is as realized as they are. (Especially noticeable in Hawkins, Osho, Muni Weber, Mario Mantese, Nisargadatta, Jed McKenna, Om Parkin)


Enlightened ones do not realize that their "I" keep reappearing.

At Eckhart Tolle you can see in some videos on YouTube that he often abruptly closes his upper lip over his upper teeth when he laughs. That seems to be an old pattern for apparently hiding a misaligned tooth. I claim that such a "feeling of shame" can only arise through an existing "I".

The enlightened still want to appear as "someone" or in the eyes of others Not appear. Muni Weber takes care of his face paint on the video, David Hawkings insists that he wants to be addressed with a doctorate, Mario Mantese has 40-year-old gold records hanging in his living room. All of this shows that there is a "someone" who wants to be seen by others in a certain light.

All enlightened ones say of themselves "there is nobody at home anymore", or "I don't exist". That cannot be the case if I am also concerned with how others want to see me. It's similar to when someone claims to have amputated their left foot but at the same time says: "Please put a nice shoe on my left foot".

It is the same with the "I". Why do I care about the external perception of a thing that supposedly is no longer there? Anyone looking for external perception (with their misaligned teeth, with their complexion, with their doctorate, with their gold records), has a fully intact unity within themselves, called "I", to which this being seen relates.

Enlightened people get angry and have vanities, that is not possible without "I"

Almost all enlightened ones say they live without an ego but have obvious attacks of anger. You can't get angry without an ego. It's not working!
This affects ALL enlightened ones. Om C. Parkin, Toni Parsons, Gangaji, Muni, Karl Renz, Papaji, Jesus ... and whatever their name is ... they have these angry attacks. That means that the "I" is there.
When addressing the enlightened / awakened, protective claims such as: "It just happens through me, I can't control it". Or"The anger goes away immediately without me being burdened with it any longer"or"It's not anger, it's just displeasure"or"That is the silence that annoys"etc ... they all try to dance around the question of the reappearance of the" I's ".

The enlightened do not realize or deny this fact.

At a meeting I asked Zeno Eisenhuth whether she wanted to share with us the story of how she awakened. Zeno was very willing. How the story went was not the decisive factor, what was decisive was what I perceived in her based on my perception of body language, tonality and gestures ... there was vanity to be seen. Clearly! She enjoyed answering that question.
Vanity, pride can not appear without an "I" reappearing.

Read in the book "The Happiness Breakthrough" Volume 1 and Volume 2 the change of perspective and the Consequences of spirituality that you have probably not heard from other Enlightened Persons in this form. Look at the book "The Happiness Breakthrough" Volume 1.

Which statements can one rely on in the case of the enlightened, and which cannot

When someone is awakened, the only valuable thing that can always be counted on is their account of how they experience the world in the moments of clarity. That is edifying for the unawakened, cannot be experienced for oneself and gives one the belief in the "real world, behind the world".

But if he tries to explain how one can achieve enlightenment, how the world beyond the world is built, whether religions have a common denominator, what life is about, whether the world is currently experiencing a leap in consciousness, what drives people, how to avoid suffering, whether life makes sense, why there are thoughts, what the rebirth is all about, ... etc. then he is just as circumcised as any normal person who thinks about it intellectually. An enlightened person just has concepts for this just like everyone else. There are ideas, opinions, beliefs .... Awakening does not give him more authority than anyone else. Only the problem: he believes because he is awake he knows more about that. But he doesn't know. Therefore, you should think about all of the questions yourself.

Imagine someone for whom a friend has filled out a lottery ticket without their knowledge and who has actually become a multi-millionaire through a chance hit. Now the lottery winner believes he is called to give seminars on the subject: "How anyone can systematically become a millionaire - because, after all, I am too". And he doesn't even notice that he didn't contribute anything himself.
It is the same with the enlightened in your attempt to teach others how to become enlightened. It just happened to them - they really don't know the cause, they have no idea how to systematically imitate it, but they give a lot of tips about it.

The enlightened do not know that they really do not know anything

From all that has been described above and after years of preoccupation with the teachings of the enlightened ones, the picture emerges that enlightened ones seem to live in a colossal self-overestimation. When they break through to enlightenment, they have an overwhelming experience of unity and the feeling that they suddenly "know everything". But that is a delusion. The "knowledge" only refers to the certainty of the illusion of the world that is suddenly felt 100%. But of course they don't know everything else, but they improvise, assuming they are now one of the "God-kissed" ones, and therefore something for every spiritual-sounding everyday question. (e.g. you come to enlightenment with the question "Who am I")

They assume that they are "infallible" in spiritual questions and questions of awakening and then tell as a flimsy reason that everything now comes "from the depths of being" or "directly from the source". (On closer inspection, however, you can only see what has been read). In fact, you don't know more than any average person in the pedestrian zone. The enlightened do not realize that they really don't know anything - they just BELIEVE to know. Nobody in the world really knows anything, nobody. Even if those are adored by thousands of followers, each of their answers swallowed without being contradicted and put on a pedestal as "omniscient".

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Book "Nothing Must Change"

It's time to look at your life for what it REALLY is. And not as you would like to see with all your concepts. If you don't dare tell yourself the truth about yourself you always willfurtherlive in misery.

There is only one way to know the truth about yourself: observe yourself and your thoughts.

Check everything you read in this book through introspection, don't believe it. You will be scared! But there is your healing.

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I've seen him live and am currently reading his book. Big ego and the same spiritual bubbling as everyone else ...

The core problem of mankind is:We don't know who we really are!This also applies to you, yes exactly YOU.

Your so-called "identity", your "I" is a castle in the air, the only building blocks of which are hope, how you wish others should perceive you. Check it out, it's true.

This is the cause of all of your personal problems, but it is also the solution. For you as for the world ...

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