What are the side effects of microwaves

Category I: Carcinogenic effects

The following effects of experimental microwave radiation on food were found by the forensic teams:

  • Production of d-nitrosodiethanolamine (a known carcinogen) in ready-made meat that has been heated sufficiently to ensure hygienic food consumption.
  • Destabilization of active biomolecular protein compounds.
  • Creation of a "binding effect" on radioactivity in the atmosphere, thereby a marked increase in the alpha and beta particle saturation of food.
  • Creation of carcinogens in the protein hydrolyzate compounds in milk and cereals.
  • Changes in the elementary nutrients that cause functional disorders in the digestive tract due to the unstable breakdown of food irradiated with microwaves.
  • Due to the chemical changes in the food, malfunctions in the lymphatic system have been observed. This degenerates the body's immune potential, which protects against certain forms of neoplasms (cancerous growths).
  • Ingesting food that had been exposed to microwaves produced increased numbers of cancer cells (cytomas) in the blood serum.
  • Microwave radiation causes a change in the breakdown of glucoside and galactoside elements in frozen fruits when they are thawed with microwaves.
  • Microwave radiation causes a change in the breakdown of plant alkaloids if raw, cooked or frozen vegetables are exposed to microwave radiation for even extremely short periods of time.
  • Carcinogenic free radicals were formed in certain molecular formations of trace elements in plant substances, especially in raw root vegetables.
  • In a statistically high number of people, food irradiated with microwaves produces cancerous growths in the stomach and digestive tract, as well as general degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues, with a gradual breakdown in the functions of the digestive and excretory systems.

Category II: Destruction of the nutritional value of food

Microwave irradiation produced a significant decrease in the nutritional value of all of the foods examined. Here are the most important findings:

  • Decrease in bio-availability (ability of the body to absorb and use a nutrient), vitamins of the B complex, vitamins C and E, essential minerals and fat-like substances in all foods.
  • Loss of 60-90% of vital energy in all foods tested.
  • Reduction in metabolic behavior and in the ability to integrate basic plant substances such as alkaloids (which occur in fruits and vegetables), glucosides and galactosides and nitrilosides.
  • Destruction of the nutritional value of protein in meat.
  • Marked acceleration of the structural disintegration of all food

Category III: Biological effects of exposure

Microwave radiation has also had an unforeseen negative impact on the general biological well-being of humans. This was only discovered when the Russians began to work with very advanced equipment and found that a person did not even have to ingest the microwave-irradiated food that the influence of the energy field itself was enough to produce such harmful side effects. Therefore, in 1976, the use of such microwave ovens in the Soviet Union was banned by a state law.

These are the effects listed:

  • Degradation of the "life energy field" in people who were exposed to the microwave ovens switched on, with long-lasting side effects on the human energy field.
  • Degeneration of the cellular potentials during the use of the device, especially in the blood and lymph serums.
  • Degeneration and destabilization of the ability to utilize nutrients activated by light energy.
  • Degeneration and destabilization of the intracellular membrane potentials, triggered by the transfer of the degradation processes from the digestive process to the blood serum
  • Degeneration and breakdown of the circuits of electrical nerve impulses within the connection potential in the cerebrum
  • Degeneration and breakdown of electrical nerve circuits and loss of energy field symmetry in the nerve centers both front and rear in the central and autonomic nervous system.
  • Loss of harmony and cycles of bioelectric forces in the ascending reticular activation system (the system that controls the functions of waking consciousness).
  • Cumulative long-term loss of vital energies of people, animals and plants, which are located within a radius of 500 m from the activated device.
  • Long-lasting deposition of magnetic "deposits" in the entire nervous and lymphatic system.
  • Destabilization and disruption of hormone production and the maintenance of hormone balance in men and women.
  • Significantly higher levels of brain wave disruption in the alpha, theta, and delta signal patterns in people exposed to microwave fields.
  • Due to the disturbances of the brain waves, negative psychological effects such as memory loss, poor concentration, suppressed emotional threshold, slowing down of the thought processes and sleep disorders were found, this in a statistically significantly higher percentage in individuals who were exposed to constant radiation from fields of microwave devices - both kitchen appliances and transmitters .

Forensic Research Notes:

The above 28 statements definitely do not suggest the use of microwave ovens. Since the decision of the Soviet Union in 1976 (see Introduction to Category III), today's scientific opinion with regard to the use of such devices has been clearly felt.

Due to the problematic, random magnetic deposition and connection to biological body systems (category III, 9), which ultimately affect the neurological systems, especially the brain and the neuroplexes (nerve centers), a long-lasting depolarization of the neuroelectric circuits in the tissues can occur. Because these effects can cause practically irreparable damage to the neuroelectrical integrity of the various components of the nervous system (T.R. Luria, Novosibirsk 1 975c), the ingestion of microwave-irradiated food is not advisable in all cases. The magnetic storage effect can make the psychoneural receptors in the brain more easily influenced by the psychological influence of artificial microwave frequency fields from radio and TV transmitters.

The theoretical possibility of psychotelemetric influencing (the ability to influence human behavior through radio signals with controlled frequencies) was presented by the Soviet researchers in Uralyera and Novosibirsk (Luria and Perov, 1974a, 1975c, 1976a). An unwanted, subconscious psychological energy field correspondence with switched on microwave devices can be the result.

This document was edited by William P. Kopp, A.R.E.C. Research operations, compiled.


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