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Crossover: The hybrid of the car world

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Crossover - what is the difference to SUVs?

The term crossover is used with different meanings in the automotive world. Translated the word means Crossing or transition and this is exactly how it is to be understood: Segments of differentCar types are combined in order to present a car that is more precisely tailored to the needs. Since SUVs are already a mixture of off-road vehicles and conventional sedans, they are also known as Crossover SUVs designated. In this article, however, we do not mean that version of the crossover, but the design, which is an additional Intermediate stage between traditional cars and the SUVs that have already been combined forms. Strictly speaking, it's not even its own model, just a model variation. The platform of one limousine is doing this with higher seats and a look that is similar to an off-road vehicle, but mostly without the actual off-road capability. As with most models now, almost all manufacturers can also be equipped with all-wheel drive.

Alternatively, crossovers are also called Soft roader or Crossover utility vehicles (CUVs).

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Are crossovers just a passing trend?

In addition to SUVs, the smaller soft roaders are also becoming more and more popular. Understandable, because after all, the advantages of the more traditional models are combined. Thus, compared to sedans and coupes, crossovers have a more variable and mostly larger interior space and a higher seating position. SUVs and crossovers enjoy a good reputation, especially with the older generation, as getting out of the car is much easier and more pleasant than with lower-lying variants. However, the high seat offers more than just protection for your back: you just have one better overview about road traffic.

In contrast to SUVs and off-road vehicles, the CUV does not contain heavy off-road technology, which means that the high fuel consumption and cumbersome handling, typical disadvantages of SUVs, are eliminated. Through the more compact design this intermediate form is also cheaper, but retains a certain amount of the “coolness factor”. The CUV is therefore made for those of us who may not find a use for off-road capabilities, but who still find the current one trendy optics want to enjoy.

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What are the most popular crossover models?

In the USA, almost every manufacturer now offers a crossover version of its models, but more and more crossover models are also coming onto the market in Germany.

Crossovers are neither particularly sleek nor the perfect dynamic, but that doesn't mean they aren't too fast could be. With the technology and engines, the Ford Puma also takes over the sporty Chrakater of its relative, the Fiesta. Whether as a hybrid or an ST version, the acceleration the little crossover leaves nothing to be desired.

Electromobility and Opel Mokka - the ideal couple? At least that's what the car manufacturer Opel thought and with the Opel Mokka-e is offering the Opel Mokka with a revised exterior and interior. And the changes are convincing - the vehicle looks much more modern, not least thanks to the electric drive. The engine pulls in well and is perfectly suited for that City CUV. But don't worry, if you don't want to buy an electric car, the Opel Mokka is also available as a gasoline or diesel engine.

The VW Tiguan is a clear favorite on the German market, both in the older, smaller generation and in the new and larger, but also slightly more expensive version.

The Jeep Renegade is that Significantly stronger SUV influence noticeable and that can also be seen off the road in the field. The equipment catalog also offers more options for Terrain support compared to the competition.

The Toyota C-HR refutes the fact that SUVs look clunky and boring: the angular body looks very much expressive and exciting. The hybrid drive is well suited for the city and short-distance drivers.

If the models mentioned so far are still too big for you, you might find a liking for the Suzuki Ignis micro-SUV. With a length of just once 3.70 meters it is clearly adapted to city life. It also impresses with its low purchase price and low fuel consumption.

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