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Kota Rajasthan to Nagpur

How to get by bus from Kota Rajasthan, bus to Nagpur

When you choose to take the bus to get to Nagpur from Kota Rajasthan, you are choosing a safe, convenient, and affordable option. The bus companies go to popular destinations several times a day, often around the clock every 30 or 60 minutes. On the other hand, there may only be one departure a day if you are traveling on less popular routes. The buses are divided into those without air conditioning, with air conditioning and premium buses.

It is best to reserve at least a few days in advance. Consult our list of bus companies that operate from Kota Rajasthan, Bus to Nagpur and with which you can book online. If you want to travel on weekends or around public holidays, we advise you to reserve your ticket much earlier as the demand is then much higher. This is due to both vacationers and urban workers returning to their homeland in the province.

How far is Kota Rajasthan, bus from Nagpur?

If you take the bus, the distance between Kota Rajasthan, Bus and Nagpur depends on which route is taken. Most providers choose the expressway or the toll roads. These are not necessarily the shortest route, but the fastest because there is less traffic and no traffic lights.

To head for certain islands that are not connected to the mainland by a bridge, the buses use a car ferry. The passengers usually have to leave the bus, but you can leave your luggage inside. The distance between the two ferry ports must be added to the road distance.

How long does it take to get the bus from Kota Rajasthan, Bus to Nagpur?

The estimated travel time from Kota Rajasthan, Bus to Nagpur is around 17h 15m. Note that taking the bus is slower than your own car or taxi. Depending on the departure time, the volume of traffic between Kota Rajasthan, bus and Nagpur can vary greatly. It is usually higher on weekdays between morning and afternoon than on weekends.

Another important factor for the travel time is the type of bus. Premium and VIP buses are usually faster as they use the freeways and stop less (if at all) along the way. Buses usually take a 10 to 30 minute break after a few hours of uninterrupted travel to allow passengers to go to the toilets and buy something to eat, and to give the escort and driver some rest.

Some premium buses have toilets on board and travel with two drivers. Nevertheless, there are usually a few breaks en route to eat something quickly or to refill petrol.

How much does it cost to travel by bus from Kota Rajasthan, bus to Nagpur?

The prices for the route from Kota Rajasthan, Bus to Nagpur vary depending on the chosen bus type. If you want a cheaper ticket, consider buses without air conditioning or ordinary buses. Premium and luxury buses are more expensive, but you can fall back on more comfort and additional services such as USB ports for charging your mobile phone, private entertainment systems and toilets on board.

Timetable from Kota Rajasthan, bus to Nagpur

In order to simplify your travel planning, we present the timetable with departure times in Kota Rajasthan, bus and arrival times in Nagpur.

Best rated provider on this route

The bus companies differ greatly in terms of quality and service. We advise you to do a little research on the internet before buying your ticket.

Of course, security is one of the most important things to consider. We encourage you to look at reviews of the general service quality of the bus companies on this route.

We ourselves only work with reliable and trustworthy bus providers. That's why we do what we can to offer you a selection of the best operators on every route.