Why can't renewable energies save the planet?

Save the earth - or would you prefer to find a new planet?

Nicole Weinhold

Why shouldn't we just be happy that we are the greatest, strongest, and greatest on planet earth? And - who knows - maybe in the whole universe. Man has managed to subjugate the earth. With the moon landing 50 years ago at the latest, it was clear that we are not just a part of creation, but that we have risen far above it. The view of the earth from space cast a spell over people: the blue planet, this beautiful, colorful ball.

That we are only a tiny part of the whole, that we are an insignificant marginal phenomenon in terms of both time and space - we don't want to hear that. It is nicer to say: We are the center and shape the earth according to our ideas. But the truth is that people on earth behave like a group of party tourists at Ballermann on Mallorca: eat, drink, throw up and the next day spread the big towel by the pool. The Mallorcina are fed up now. You don't feel like this plague anymore.

Islands sink into the sea

And at some point - this is how it currently looks - the earth will also recover from humans. Because as a tiny point on the timeline of our planet, we have changed it at such a rapid pace that it will be difficult for us in the next 100 years. We see destruction everywhere. Climate change, long ignored, is slowly starting to hurt. Islands are sinking into the sea, floods and droughts in Asia and Africa, the heat has long claimed their lives in Europe too. But instead of finally initiating the U-turn, the issue of climate protection is again held without result, important decisions are postponed.

People prefer to indulge in naive daydreams: The moon landing, that was something great back then. We need something like that again. And the one who brings this innocence back to us has to be a great politician.

20 billion for the moon landing

In any case, this is how US President Donald Trump calculates. NASA is expected to send astronauts to the moon by 2024. That should cost less than 20 billion US dollars. After all, learning curve, then President Kennedy gave NASA 25 billion. You let the dream taste a little. India has just launched a probe to the moon for 130 million euros.

Rare earths and precious metals

But of course, so cool, calculating business bosses and engineers like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, their moon flight programs are also about business. Bezos would like to mine rare earths and precious metals on the moon, and in the long term it should continue to Mars. There you could find a new home for people if planet earth is destroyed, that's the idea of ​​the heads of Amazon and Tesla.

Pathos about the moon landing

The whole thing would be funny or make you shake your head, depending on your mood, if it were not followed with such seriousness: Many billions of dollars are spent annually on space travel. While - and this is the key point - climate protection is skimpy and the brakes are applied. Does anyone really think that it could be more comfortable to live on Mars than on Earth? In any case, I can no longer see the pathos surrounding the moon landing. In my opinion, a big step for humanity would be if we stopped climate change.