How many women actually inject

Why more and more young women are being treated with Botox

There is a long list of topics that many people don't like to address - either because they don't dare or because talking about them is an unspoken taboo. Politics, religion, salaries, miscarriages - just a few examples.
From dyeing gray hair to visits to the solarium and cosmetic surgery, there seem to be a particularly large number of frowned upon topics in the beauty industry. Which is kind of ironic, because firstly you can often see at first glance when someone has had something done and secondly, the number of people who are no longer naturally beautiful is quite high. For example, one study shows that around 1,150,600 people in the United States were treated with Botox in 2017. In Germany there were 220,200 in the same year. And yet very few admit that they let themselves be injected. And even fewer people admit how young they actually were when they first got under the needle. Surprisingly, there are not that few 20-year-olds who have already helped. So reports American Society of Plastic Surgeons, demand among 20 to 29 year olds has risen by 23 percent in recent years. That sounds awesome at first, but don't forget that wrinkles and premature aging aren't the only reasons for botox - some also use it to treat migraines, excessive sweating, or depression.
In any case, I'm already looking forward to the day when a celebrity has his lips sprayed on and nobody talks about it. When no one insults a woman as superficial just because she had her breasts done. And when you don't have to worry about being asked on a second date because you showed your super smooth forehead. But unfortunately we are not there yet. To take a step in this direction, I asked nine women to tell me why they had botox injections in their 20s. Most of them are alive Not in a beauty or fashion bubble where appearance is the most important thing. And they all paid for the treatments with their own hard-earned money. You can find out how their families and friends reacted and what it costs to maintain the results in the slideshow.