Which is your favorite club in Singapore

Crazy about Schalke - royal blue Lim Ying

Schalke games in the middle of the night

Gelsenkirchen - Sometimes you have to have a little luck in life. Lim Ying had it in autumn 2008. She turned on the sports channel and saw a game by FC Schalke 04. "I was fascinated by the goals and the Schalke attacks," says the 16-year-old. Your whole family is crazy about football. "But I'm probably the craziest now," emphasizes the student.

After the television experience with the miners, Lim wanted to find out more about this distant club. While football is a big deal in Singapore, the Bundesliga is not the main one. Schalke is known to the people. "In our family I am a blue point among ManU fans", Lim sums up her preference for the Bundesliga.

But the teenager is impressed by the Schalke story. "That made the club even more interesting for me," explains Lim. She follows almost all games on television, mostly in the evening at 10.30pm or even in the middle of the night because of the seven-hour time difference. "I can remember all Schalke goals and highlights from this season."

Your favorite players in the beginning were Manuel Neuer, Raul and Jefferson Farfan. Julian Draxler and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar have now overtaken them. World champion Benedikt Höwedes is also very popular with Lim: "He's a great captain. I like that he's been with Schalke for so long and always plays with passion."

Dream of a home game at Schalke

It is a big dream for the student to be in the VELTINS-Arena one day. "I want to feel this incredible atmosphere. I've read so much about the great Schalke fans. It must be incredible," she said. But she also wants to be there live to take a close look at the stadium. Lim would like to become an architect. "I admire beautiful buildings. I would like to be involved in a great construction myself later. Preferably a football stadium."

Although she has never been to Germany, she is a fan of German cuisine. "I like the bratwurst best. We have a few German restaurants here in Singapore that I go to when I'm longing for a bratwurst again." The cuisine in Singapore is at its best. Typical of the shopping city is the Char Kway Teow dish - fried rice noodles with soy sauce, chilli and other ingredients.

Many cultures in a small space

There is a restaurant for every taste in Singapore. The city is international and unites all cultures in a small piece of earth south of Malaysia. "The large number of people from all parts of the world make Singapore a unique city. The integration works very well," reports Lim. Life in the Asian city-state is always at full throttle. "Everyone is always stressed, but that is part of an economically strong and efficient country."

The 16-year-old is an extraordinary girl. Lim plays soccer - which is extremely unusual in her culture. At school they play in mixed teams. Lim was in goal at the beginning, but now plays in attack or midfield. With good reason: "I have to admit that I don't have the best shot. My passes are quite good for that." Their loyalty to Royal Blue remains indestructible, regardless of the results: "My passion for Schalke is immortal. It doesn't matter what happens."