How are CS internships in YMCA Faridabad

How are CS internships in YMCA Faridabad?

Placement records from YMCA Faridabad is fine than other colleges or universities in Haryana. However, MCA students will not be accommodated at YMCA Faridabad with students from the Btech CE / IT branches.

There are many good companies that do not allow MCA students. These are







Lybrate, etc ..

So we cannot say that MCA students are placed together with students from Btech CE / IT.

and some companies also preferred btech students.

But from other colleges or universities, YMCA Faridabad is much better for MCA.

Many companies are here for MCA students like TCS, Amazon, Libsys, Josh Technology, Yamma, Opera Solutions, Codebrew, etc.

If you have the chance to gain admission to Btech in YMCA via the LEET exam then give it a try. MCA and Btech LEET each last 3 years.

If you only want to do MCA from Haryana, YMCA is your best bet.

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The internship at YMCA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY is much better than most colleges in Haryana.

Or in other words, I would say if someone clears the whole issue through the btech CE in ymca, he / she will definitely get a job off campus. This can vary depending on skills, opportunities, etc. .


Yashpal Ahlawat

Good ranking for CS / IT if you are eligible for placements (65% with no backlog for most organizations). Companies like Samsung and Amazon visit 10 to 20 engineers each year. TCS also needs almost 30–40 each from CS and IT. So there is a good chance of being placed twice.

The current ranking is very good. Most of my friends are double placed.

It's been going great year after year! Top-class companies are very happy to visit the university. Students are placed in Amazon, Adobe, Cadence Designs, Indian Navy, Sapient, Maruti Suzuki, Yamaha, and many more.

Yes, the website is not that interactive and does not make such a realization. : @


CS internships have gotten better over the past 2 years as a lot of big names and startups have gotten around to hiring students for decent packages (if paid packages are your criteria).

Names from Adobe, Amazon, Synopsys to KPMG have visited us. So there is a good way ahead of us.

Hope that helps.

MCA students are placed together with students from the CE / IT industries. So you have a decent placement record.

This article also highlights the YMCA's placement record.

Upcoming News - Approvals, Tests, Results, Datasheets - HTCampus

Also, YMCA is one of the top colleges for MCA in Haryana.

Best MCA Colleges in Faridabad - 2017 Rankings, Fees, Placements, Correspondence 2017 - Collegedunia

Placement records from YMCA Faridabad are okay. You can click by clicking Placement Record 2016-17

Very good, but compared to which college? Don't expect IIT or NIT packages. To make your decision easier, here are some links:

Placement record…

First I will give you a list of the companies that YMCA UST visit for IT, CS, MCA & M.TECH for internships.
TCS, Samsung, YAMAMA, Apps Cloud, Bits & Bridge, Infogain, Thoughtworks Newgen and many more.

Now when you want to be placed, choose Simple Formula. Improve your skills and get selected .

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