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Art is a trustworthy asset, said Bernd Fesel in the Simón-Bolívar-Saal of the Berlin State Library, where the second part of the performance took place, because the actual value of the acquired cultural asset is neither accurate before buying the ticket nor after attending a concert to appraise. In addition, its value can change in retrospect, both for the positive and the negative. "Trust is necessary for this music theater", so the artists in the program, "because the audience is presented with sounds that have passed, take place in other parts of the world or simply evade human anthropology."

The latter meant the wonderfully poetic bats ultrasound concert that John Cage would certainly have enjoyed. A surreal scene with the dying Karl Liebknecht and a silent trumpet solo in front of a balloon that slowly filled with gas and later rose high conjured up sounds from the past - an "exhausted" Mauricio Kagel sent his regards.

“The great eavesdropper speaks” was the name of another sentence from the concert of trust: a monologue performed by trombonist Daniel Ploeger about the chip in us turned out to be a current political theater.
But what was it all? Concert or musical theater production? Subtle concept cabaret in public space or simply the emperor's new clothes?

Rhetorical questions, of course everything together - Kreidler, Groninger and Knappe are only apparently the classic trio of composer, director and author, because in the one and a half hour performance they question everything that usually happens on the stage and concert podium.

The total work of art was carried by three artists who put their instrumental skills entirely at the service of the concept: the actor-trombonist Daniel Ploeger, the actor-percussionist Almut Lustig and the actor-tuba player Robin Hayward - three “complete musicians” whose horizon is not stops with fingering, playing technique and tariff thinking. It was a pleasure to accompany them in the production of trustworthy goods from the zoo to the concert hall.

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