Vermicomposting is good for dog poop


How long it takes for dog poop to break down depends on your dog's diet and climate. In colder regions, this fecal material could still be present about a year before natural decomposition. That doesn't mean you can't rush Mother Nature by composting dog poop. It's good for the environment and helps fertilize non-edible plants.

His total poop output could reach nearly 275 pounds a year. Credit: Jupiterimages / Comstock / Getty Images


Dogs are omnivores, which means they eat animal and plant material. If your dog primarily consumes meat, their poop will last longer than a dog that eats grain-filled foods. However, your dog's diet choices may not be good for their health due to fecal decay. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations on the best food for your pet based on their individual needs.

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As a conscientious dog owner, you always pick up dog waste when you go for a walk or when you clear the yard behind him. From an environmental point of view, using non-biodegradable plastic bags to collect the trash and then throw it in the trash doesn't help the problem. Buy collectible flushable poop bags and flush the dog's tail to the bathroom. It's a greener approach than spending a year decomposing - or even mummifying - in a landfill.


You can shovel the droppings into a digester, which breaks it down faster by adding special enzymes and water. Since you are adding feces, water, and enzymes on a regular basis, it can be difficult to say exactly how long it will take for the original "load" to break down. In warm weather this should take between two and three months. One caveat: don't install a stove in clay floors. The liquefied waste either cannot get back into the earth or takes a very long time. You also can't use this method if the ground is frozen because the droppings will simply freeze and won't be able to dissolve until the weather warms up.


You can compost dog poop along with other organic matter in your compost bin or heap. By rotating the decomposing matter regularly, the matter is broken down. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends adding a scoop of sawdust or other carbon source for every two scoops of dog poop. The USDA estimates that it takes between six and eight weeks for the compost to "boil" and break down sufficiently for use. While proper composting should destroy the pathogens found in meat eaters' diets, it is not recommended for use in kitchen gardens or around fruit trees. It's good for use in flower beds, potted plants, and as a landscaping mulch.

Worm farm

If you're interested in vermiculture or worm farming, dog poop can help feed your worms just as well as the scraps of food and other organic material you add to the worm containers. Mixing dog poop and vegetable waste means adding leaves or newspaper to the container as they provide carbon. Because the worms eat the feces, it does not disintegrate. A pound of red worms can eat up to half a pound of junk each day. Every day worms produce their own weight in the garbage, which you can use as fertilizer. As with compost, don't use dog manure on edible plants.

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