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Fiji Diary, Part 11: Fish for Lunch

In Fiji you always have fresh fish on the table. Even during the school break there are grilled sea creatures - with chips and cucumber

Eating in Fiji

This time I would like to tell you what we eat in Fiji and where we get the things from. Basically you have to say that the food is much easier here than in Germany. There is no cheese, no sausage or cold cuts, no fresh milk, no ready meals and no good yoghurts. The butter is also anything but tasty.

We mainly eat white bread because there is really no other. Then we eat a lot of fish, because mom goes fishing every week. So we don't need to buy that, and neither do we need the coconuts. We have them for free from our trees. So now we eat the way all Fijians eat.

Our normal weekend shopping consists of: onions, garlic, UHT milk, powdered milk, coffee, cocoa, canned meat, bag noodle soups, mackerel for the dogs, spaghetti and canned tomatoes, oat flakes, rice, sugar and flour. Sometimes there is also a chicken or sausage to fry. We mostly shop in the supermarket. It is almost in the middle of the city and is very small.

Still, I like him very much. You can just buy anything you need: food, diving flashlights, auto parts, drain pipes, cell phones, toys, T-shirts, school sandals, flip flops and trainers, stationery and phone cards. And the salespeople are really nice and never stressed, even though it's so tight.

bread and cake

We buy bread either in the "Hot Bread Kitchen" or at the "Lee Breadshop". Whole grain toast is not as good at Lee's bread shop as it is at "Hot Bread Kitchen", but it's cheaper at Lee. Lee also sells cakes and muffins (chocolate muffins, banana muffins, coconut rolls).

Lee is the last name of a Chinese family who have lived in Savusavu for a long time. They also have another shop where you can buy groceries, cigarettes, kerosene lamps, woks and so on. Even ice cream in a waffle. The people are very nice.

Fresh on the market:

You can buy lots of fresh things in the market. The market is pretty big. We always buy eggs, carrots, beans, lettuce, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and ginger. We often buy pineapples, melons, bananas and papaya when it comes to fruit. Then we also buy taro and cassava.

I don't like the cooked taro (sometimes called taro), only when mom makes chips out of it. These are thin fried taro strips. You can also buy all kinds of marine animals in the market: fish, shrimp, crab and lobster.

Pizza in the Copra Shed

Sometimes we feel like eating European food. Then, once a month, we go to the Captains Café in Coprashed to eat pizza. Yachts from all over the world are anchored there and tourists can eat and drink hamburgers, pizza, ice cream and fruit shakes. The pizzas are pretty tasty, but not as good as in Germany. The sellers are very nice too, but it's still quite expensive.

So here is an example of what Luisa and I eat on a normal school day:

Breakfast at 6:45 a.m. at home
Papaya, toasted bread, jam, scrambled eggs

Noon at noon at school
Mama cooks lunch for us and we take it with us, lunch fish, that's what we call all small fish, taro chips, cucumber slices

Afternoon Tea when we get home from school at 4:00 pm
1 Maggi Asian soup, sometimes also pancakes or biscuits or bananas

Dinner around 6:00 p.m.
Fried rice with beans, carrots and egg, seasoned with onions, garlic and ginger


My friend Raini is still here. We have already met twice and watched the video. Yesterday we were swimming together and then on our relaxation spot, a very large black lava stone in the sea, where we have our peace from the adults. I was very happy when you wrote to me about Raini.