Why is a doctor's coat half-sleeved


When I drove up the driveway to our bungalow on this rainy, gray morning, I had no idea that this day would change my life from the ground up. In a good mood, I parked my sports car in front of the house and hoped as I unlocked the door that my hated stepmother was not there. After the death of my father, she took over the management of the family business and, as chief chemist, supervised the employees in the associated laboratory. On the kitchen table I found a handwritten note from her, the contents of which said that two cleaning ladies had called in in the early afternoon to give our bungalow an extensive thorough cleaning. The two women came from Poland and did their job at real dumping prices. I just got back from university and wanted to meet up with some friends afterwards to plan the upcoming weekend. Of course, I didn't feel the slightest desire to supervise the two cleaning ladies and cursed the miserable greed of my hated stepmother. Since our housekeeper Doris had her day off today, I had no choice but to bite the sour apple and wait for the two women to arrive. It was around 1 p.m. when they drove up in a battered VW station wagon and paid their respects to me. The first was around 25 years old and had shoulder-length blonde hair, a curvaceous figure and a true angel face. Natascha, this is how the magical creature imagined, wore high-heeled, black leather boots, skin-tight, faded jeans, a white blouse, a long, sleeveless, unbuttoned, orange-colored nylon smock and a pair of arm-length, yellow rubber gloves. Martha, that was the name of the second person, was around 40 years old and had black hair in an old-fashioned bun, a delicate figure, and a tart, beautiful face with thin lips. The lady, who hid her eyes behind nickel glasses, was dressed in black ankle boots, gray flannel trousers, a red blouse, a long, half-sleeved, correctly buttoned, white professional smock and arm-length, poison-green rubber gloves. After I had shown the two ladies the premises of our bungalow, they took their cleaning utensils from their vehicle and immediately started their work. I retired to my room and surfed the internet a little.

2 p.m. The radio was on the news and the spokeswoman read a report from the police that reported a series of mysterious break-ins in several villas. Apparently 2 women scouted out the houses of wealthy people and then gave their accomplices the information they needed so that they could break in there safely. I didn't get the slightest suspicion and a little later went downstairs to get my cigarettes, which I had forgotten in the kitchen. On the way there, I passed the living room, where Martha was busy vacuuming the carpeting. After I got my cigarettes, I suddenly felt the need to talk a little with her beautiful colleague and started looking for her. I found her in my stepmother's study, where, to my utter horror, she was tampering with her wall safe. When she saw me, she turned around, frightened, and feverishly looked for an excuse for her strange behavior. I immediately remembered the news I had just heard and suspected that the two Polish women must be the people the police wanted. Determined, I went to the desk and picked up the phone. Natascha tried to prevent me and called for her colleague. It was only with great effort that I managed to hold the scratchy blonde by my neck. I was just about to dial the emergency number when I suddenly felt a hard object in my back. Slowly I turned around and looked into the muzzle of a small ladies pistol that Martha was threatening me with. While I automatically raised my hands, Natascha put the phone back on the cradle and asked in a desperate voice: "Damn, what should we do with the boy now?" Quiet think about how we should proceed ", she answered and said to me:" So, and you will now be a good boy and tell us where we can find some ropes or ropes with which we can tie you properly. "

To underline her demand, she now pressed the deadly barrel of her pistol to my forehead, so that I finally gave in and led the two ladies to the broom closet in the kitchen, where there were some white nylon ropes that our housekeeper kept for various gardening work. After I had handed over the bondage material to the two cleaning ladies, I was about to close the door again when the busty blonde noticed Doris' long, half-sleeved, pastel blue service uniform. A devilish smile was reflected on her lips and a terrible suspicion immediately germinated in me. Natascha wanted me to put on this smock. “No, you can't be serious,” I shouted in horror, to which Martha replied with a laugh: “Oh yes, little one. You will now undress yourself nicely and then put on this smock. ”With the pistol pointing at me, I had no choice but to obey her orders. While I was gritting my teeth, Natascha disappeared briefly and a little later returned to the kitchen with a long-haired, blonde wig, a pair of high-heeled, black leather boots, a red blouse, nylon stockings, a long, yellow pleated skirt, and a black leather corset. "I think if we feminize our prisoner, then we do it properly," replied the busty blonde with a laugh and ordered me to put on the nylon stockings that I had brought with me. Then Natascha put the leather corset around my waist, threaded the cord into the eyelets and then began tying it behind my back, not shrinking from pressing her knee into my back in order to be able to do her work perfectly. After she had carefully knotted the ends of the cord, I could hardly breathe, let alone put on the high-heeled, black leather boots that this mean beast was now handing me. Since these were at least one size too small, I naturally had considerable difficulty executing this command. Laughing, the two women now admired my tightly laced wasp waist and were royally amused at my angry face.

After I had put on my mother's long, yellow pleated skirt and red blouse, Natascha put the blonde wig on me and then handed me the pastel blue service uniform of our housekeeper. With trembling fingers I locked the many buttons on the coat and then witnessed Martha handing the gun over to her colleague and arming herself with one of the white nylon ropes. While Natascha was now holding me in check, the other cleaning lady turned her arms behind my back and began to tie my hands. Martha then carefully tied my elbows, upper arms and chest with more nylon ropes and, while she led me towards the living room, said to her colleague: "Come on, see if you can find something with which we can gag the fellow." When I got to the living room I had to lay my stomach on the leather couch and then watch helplessly as Martha fixed my ankles and legs above my knees. Then she attached another rope to the heels of my leather boots, pulled it through my upper body cuffs and then tightened it so tight that my legs were bent backwards. Only when I could touch the heels of my boots with my fingertips did she stop and knot the end of the rope with my wrists tied behind my back. Tied to a professional hog-tie, I was now lying helplessly on the leather couch and watched as Natascha approached me with some briefs and a roll of blue adhesive tape. “I hope you don't mind that I gag your underwear miss your mother ", she replied mockingly and added, while she politely asked me to open my mouth, explaining:" I think if you are already wearing women's clothes, you should also be able to experience what a woman smells like. "Of course I didn't dream of carrying out her order, but my refusal was of precious little use to me, because Natascha now quickly squeezed the wings of my nose together.

In order to get air I had to cease my resistance, which the sadistic blonde immediately shamelessly exploited to stuff my underwear into my now open mouth at lightning speed. Before I could spit out my extravagant gag again, Natascha armed herself with the roll of tape and sealed my lips with some wide strips so that I was condemned to remain silent. While Martha was now on the phone in Polish with a person I didn't know, her colleague opened the button placket on her orange nylon gown and took a seat next to me on the couch. Now she carefully laid my head in her lap and spoke soothingly to me while she gently stroked my hair. After Martha had finished the phone call, she lit a cigarette and, addressed to my address, said in a cool voice: “You are really outrageously lucky, little one. Since your bungalow is the last object on our list and we return to Poland afterwards, we will spare your life. However, we are under time pressure and therefore you will kindly tell us the combination number for your stepmother's wall safe. In your own interest, I advise you to give us the information you want, otherwise we will be forced to use very cruel methods to get you to speak. "Since I did not feel too much desire to be tortured by the two determined Polish women, I signaled my consent with a nod of the head, whereupon Martha gave her accomplice the signal to remove the gag. Since I abysmally detested my stepmother and secretly even rejoiced that she was robbed by the two cleaning ladies, I now named the desired combination. After Natascha had checked my information for accuracy, the two thieving magpies got to work and simply left me to my fate. In the meantime, I desperately tried to free myself from my bonds, but the ropes that held me captive were knotted so ingeniously that I had no chance at all. The rescue was not 20 cm away from me in the form of scissors, on the glass coffee table. But since I was tied up in a strict hog-tie on the sofa, it was out of reach for me. While my hostage-takers were calmly emptying the safe and loading the valuable paintings of our bungalow into their VW station wagon, I stopped my senseless attempts at liberation, covered in sweat.

Although I was in a dangerous situation, I had to admit that this inconspicuous Martha was a true expert in the field of various bondage techniques. While Natascha was now stealing my stepmother's valuable mink coats from my stepmother's wardrobe, Martha was specifically looking for valuable antiques in our house and loaded them into her van as well. Somehow I enjoyed my helpless situation and secretly wished that the two cleaning ladies would take me hostage. When they entered the room again a little later, wrapped in long black leather coats, I immediately made them my suggestion, which prompted Martha to make the mocking remark: “I almost think the boy likes the fact that we have tied him up in women's clothes and tied him up. Regarding your noble offer, we regret to reject it. Come on, Natascha, gag our prisoner again. ”“ But you can't just gag me… I couldn't get any further, because the busty blonde quickly stuffed my stepmother's worn panties into my mouth and then sealed my lips with a few wide ones Tape strips. After Martha had once again carefully checked the knot of the white nylon ropes that kept me tied, they kissed me goodbye on my gagged mouth and then left the room laughing. I heard the engine of the VW station wagon start, the vehicle leaving our property and then I was alone. Alone with my thoughts and new insights that I would never have thought possible. The circumstance about my newly won, submissive disposition kindled a contradicting world of emotions in me. On the one hand I was ashamed of it, but my dark side in me was enjoying this bizarre state. It excited me tied up, tied in a hog-tie, gagged and tucked into women's clothes on the leather couch. The hands of the wall clock seemed to move in slow motion when I suddenly remembered my arrogant stepmother, who could be home from the company at any moment. The thought that she or our housekeeper would discover me in this state embarrassed me deeply. An hour later the time had come. Fortunately for me, only Doris showed up at first, who untied me immediately and then notified the police and her employer. The police officers secured all possibly important clues and then asked me to accompany them to the police station in order to be able to record my testimony.

While I was giving the police a personal description and looking through the photo files of wanted criminals, my stepmother Veronika informed her insurance company about the break-in into her bungalow. The attractive lady with the shoulder-length, wavy hair and the curvaceous figure breathed a sigh of relief, because the stolen jewelry, the valuable paintings, net coats and antiques were well insured so that the damage was kept within limits. When the ice-cold businesswoman inspected her safe, she found to her boundless surprise that it had not been forcibly broken into, and she immediately had bad suspicions. Jens, her damn stepson had told the criminals the combination and maybe he was the real mastermind behind this theft. In her boundless rage, she sought revenge and decided to teach this spoiled kid a lesson he would never forget in his life. Suddenly the phone rang and after Veronika had picked up the receiver, Martha answered, who made her the suggestion to buy the stolen items back at a fair price. The unscrupulous lady sensed a good deal and agreed to accept the offer. After the two women had come to an agreement financially, Veronika learned some very interesting details from her interlocutor, regarding the bizarre passions of her stepson. Immediately after finishing the phone call, the businesswoman had her housekeeper come and tell her all the details about how Jens had met them when he was discovered. She told her that she had got the impression that he had almost shown himself a bit disappointed that she released him from his bonds.After the clerk had finished her explanations, a devilish smile was reflected on the discreetly made-up lips of the 34-year-old lady and her voice sounded ice cold when she replied: "Well, if this little fellow really feels like being dominated and humiliated, so it should be fine with me. "With these words Veronika turned to her housekeeper and said in a cool voice:" I can count on your active support in the enslavement of my stepson, Doris? It should not be their financial damage either, if I may expressly emphasize that. "

The 45-year-old woman with the short page hairstyle found herself in a conflict. She has been working for this family for 20 years. She had not learned a profession and did not want to lose her beautiful apartment, which was given to her free of charge. The salary was more than generous and she didn't like the prospect of having to start all over again. In addition, Jens was an arrogant snob who had always treated her like air. The prospect of being able to pay him home with the same coin was very tempting and therefore she replied in a firm voice: “Agreed, madam. May I find out what role I should play in this macabre event? ”“ Well, you will supervise Jens during my absence and instruct him in his new life as a maid. They will also be responsible for his restraint and, if necessary, gagging, "replied Veronika and added, while lighting a cigarette, with a dominant tone:" Please provide enough restraint material and then we need a suitable uniform for my stepson. “Doris immediately left her employer's office and collected the white nylon ropes that were still lying around, which she supplemented with hemp ropes taken from the cellar and a roll of extra-wide, silver-gray electrical tape. Then she went to her official apartment and looked in her closet for a suitable professional smock for her male trainee. After some thought, Doris finally decided on a long, half-sleeved, orange-colored waitress uniform with large, white buttons, which she wore at work in an American snack bar and which she had kept for nostalgic reasons for years. Since her employer's stepson obviously had a preference for dominant women in smocks, she put on a long, half-sleeved, white nylon smock, the cut of which resembled that of a nurse's uniform, and added a pair of high-heeled, black leather boots to her austere appearance.

Veronika had also styled herself accordingly for her new role as a merciless dominatrix. She had transformed from a tough business woman into an English governess and now wore high-heeled, black leather boots, arm-length leather gloves of the same color, a fire-red silk blouse and a two-piece, steel-gray business suit, consisting of a long, wide-swinging, buttoned skirt, and a sleeveless, unlocked vest. She had her shoulder-length, blonde hair pinned up to a strict-looking tower hairstyle and her right hand was playing with a riding crop made of braided leather. While she was now eagerly awaiting the arrival of her delinquent, I left the police station and was relieved that the details of my bondage by the two cleaning ladies had not been discussed. When I reached our bungalow it was already late in the evening and I was about to go to my room when the voice of my stepmother rang out, asking me to come into her study. I entered the room with mixed feelings, where Veronika immediately and mercilessly referred to the events during my imprisonment. When she told me about the phone conversation with Martha, I backed away, pale as a sheet, and looked anxiously at the riding crop in her hand. "As you now know, I am very well informed about your bizarre desires and you will surely understand that I will use this information ruthlessly against you." With these words, she rang a small, silver-plated bell and a little later our housekeeper entered with you The room was put in her dress and armed with a number of ropes. "Come on, take off your clothes, slave," ordered my stepmother, underscoring her demand with a few painful blows of the whip. After I had got rid of my clothes, I had to slip into the dress that Doris had held up and watched with shining eyes as the housekeeper now fastened the large, white buttons on the orange service uniform. Then she tied my hands behind my back with a rope and ordered me to bend over my stepmother's desk. After Doris had fixed my upper body to the table top with a few more ropes, she spread my legs apart and tied my ankles individually to the side struts of the furniture.

After that, Veronika took up line-up, took her riding crop far back and gave me a series of salted blows. When my screams of pain got on her nerves, she instructed her assistant to gag me. Doris immediately stuffed her yellow rubber gloves into my mouth and sealed my lips with a few strips of duct tape. After my stepmother had finished my punishment, she threw the riding crop on the leather couch exhausted and ordered Doris in a tired voice: "Come on, take the boy to the basement and lock him in the boiler room" Before Veronika left the room, she turned again to me and said with a dominant tone of voice: "From now on you have been relegated to my personal maid and will carry out my every command without repeating it. In my absence you will report to our housekeeper, who will raise you to be a perfect maid. "After Doris had freed me from the desk of torment, she put the ropes in the side pocket of her white nylon coat and led me with her hands tied behind her back. and gagged down to the basement. When I arrived in the boiler room, my trainer carefully tied my upper arms, elbows and chest and then forced me to sit down on a concrete plinth with gentle force. Then Doris tied my upper body to the water pipes with a long rope and then devoted herself to my legs by tying my ankles and legs above the knees. After our domestic servant had tied the end of the rope to an iron ring embedded in the floor, she slowly unbuttoned her white professional smock, under which she was completely naked, and pressed her breasts so tightly into my face that I could hardly breathe. Then she gave me two resounding slaps in the face and replied with a mocking tone: “So, after I've tied them up properly, all I can do is wish you a good night's sleep, my lord. Tomorrow the seriousness of life will begin for you and I promise you that I will be a particularly strict teacher. "

I was alone trying to come to terms with the events of that extraordinary day. The prospect of being dominated by my stepmother and our housekeeper in the future certainly had its special charm. My intended role as a male maid also excited me too much. In a fit of lust I pulled the ropes that held me captive and was amazed to find that Doris also knew how to tie someone up. The knots were taut and did not allow any freedom of movement. The yellow rubber gloves that our housekeeper had gagged into my mouth and secured with a few broad strips of tape were pleasantly soft and quite fulfilled their intended use. I felt my orange service uniform with the large, white buttons as a special, cruel humiliation and yet I felt a sexual passion I had never known. The pale glow of the moon fell through the small window of the boiler room and lit up my dark dungeon a little. In the middle of my thoughts I heard steps approaching my prison and a little later the heavy iron door was unlocked. Then the overhead lights came on and my stepmother walked into the room. Veronika had changed clothes again in the meantime and was now wearing black high heels, a rose-colored silk blouse, a tailored, calf-length, slit-through, buttoned, gray glencheck skirt and an elegant, crisp white doctor's coat, the fastening strip of which she now properly buttoned . "I have to admit that you are much more sympathetic to me when you are bound and gagged, my dear Jens," replied Veronika with an amused tone and, while she carefully checked the knot of my chains, added mockingly: "By the way, I met this Martha beforehand and bought back the stolen items from her for a proud amount. Since you voluntarily betrayed the combination of my wall safe to the two thieving magpies, you will work off the damage as a housemaid with me. I also reserve the right to lend you to my friends for a certain fee, whom you then have to serve as a pleasure object. So, and now I'll take the liberty of using you as a human lab rat. We are currently working on a new face cream in the company and you will be given the honor of trying it out to find out about its skin tolerance. "

With this announcement, my stepmother put on a pair of transparent latex gloves and took a plastic box and a wooden spatula from the side pocket of her white work coat. With this she spread a greenish substance on my face with a grin and then watched my reaction eagerly. The as yet untested cosmetic article initially looked pleasantly cool on my skin, but then the side effects set in in the form of slight itching. After Veronika had made some notes about this fact, she wiped the substance off my face with a handkerchief and said in a hateful voice: “Oh, it looks like we have to refine the recipe again in the laboratory. I can assume that you will be available to us for further tests, right? "Since I was gagged, I gave a violent groan, which led my stepmother to the ironic remark:" Fine, I knew I did I can rely on your valued cooperation. So, and now you have to excuse me, as I'm going to have a little party tonight in honor of your solemn capture. ”With these words, she switched off the overhead lights and locked the door of my dungeon behind her. While an hour later music was playing over me and laughing women's voices rang out, I was sitting neatly tied up and gagged in the boiler room. I was well aware that a very hard time awaited me, but this played a subordinate role for me. I had recognized my true purpose and was ready to face this new challenge.